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    Caught a

    Up on Bay Lake we were fishing off the dock/ on the bottom and one of the poles started screaming as I seth the hook. An adult loon surfaced and after about 150ft or so of line came out it broke. We tried to use the boat to find it but couldn't it. At our current cabin we have 3 adolescent loons that have been swimming the shore line for the past couple of weeks. But luckily they have opted to stay away from the boat while I'm trolling.
  2. The Chemist

    Dish Network & Fox Dispute!

    I am trying to find a way to dump my Dish. Losing FSN was bad enough, as it is one of the most watched channels in my house. I like Minnesota sports and tend to watch whatever is on. Also the fishing shows. Problem comes in a I am in a 24 month contract that I signed on after I got my HD TV. Customer service is crappy to say the least, there is an e-mail to which you can send your message to the CEO. Will be sending one in the next couple of days!
  3. The Chemist

    Storm Check/ Damage reports.

    The kids and I were at the cabin on Rice Lake in Eden Valley. The second storm came up quick as the storm came from behind a tree line while we were out on the lake. Started to see some lightning strikes so packed it in. And as I pulled the last anchor saw a flash then a crack and then boom. A huge bolt under a mile away. High tailed it to the cabin and was able to get the kids in and to the basement. Had 2" of rain in ~ 20 minutes. Luckily avoided damage (unfortunately, it would've been nice to take a few trees to the cabin.)
  4. I was working holes I had between 10ft and 40ft north from where I was set-up. I was bumping from hole to hole and was able to follow them. I have never had them bite that fast and that light. I was only able to detect bites with the pole I had a spring bobber on and most time they were lifting the bait.
  5. Well I have made it back home. And now looking all of the messages that I submitted from Friday and Saturday didn't post. DiDn't have a problem last year. Oh well. Borch, Dtro, Bob and everyone else, thanks for proving why this get together has been going on for the past 8 yrs. Dtro- you should have opted to stay. 6:15-7 the cats were going, got 25 in total largest was 25". Ended up bringing home a 21", 2-23" and the 25". The school then left for about 20min and but came back, so it seemed, I was getting bites but no sets. Then finally I got one. Pull it up 11" crappie. Switched to smaller minnows and pulled in another. By that time the school had moved on. Hopefully the chain doesn't melt too much this week, so I can take my boys out.
  6. Borch I will filet, at least it won't be as cold as last year! I will have 3 or 4 knives. Yes keep cats, just in case. Bait shops are all along the way, there are 3 in cold spring (right before you cross the river, and the 2 gas stations (SA and the one across the street) there also is one in Richmond at the gas station across from Richmond marine and RM also has bait if they are open. As I am heading up either Thurs or Fri, I will have a bunch. I will see if anyone has any spearing decoys for cut bait.
  7. Well I will be there, up to 25. Current plan is to get up to the cabin either late Thursday/early friday grab my gear and head out on Friday morning. Fish until night, then back as early as I can on Saturday morning.
  8. I need some suggestions as to places that work on Polaris 4-wheelers. (Basically I think it needs a tune-up.) I am looking for something in the NW suburbs preferably. I had someone lined up but I can't get a straight answer as to how long it's going to take. e-mail me your suggestions: [email protected] com . Thanks in advance.
  9. Excellent post! My mother has the unfortunate luck to have been born on May 14th, thus Mother's Day, her birthday and the opener would be at the same time. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for Mother's Day as I won't be fishing that weekend. Any suggestions would help. On top of the fact that my mom is an RN working 3rd shift 5-6 days every 2 weeks (I know it doesn't sound like much), 2 of those days being weekends. But being over 70 to me is quite amazing but not as much as she has been daycare provider for the past 9yrs after my first was born. Both of my parents were there for me when I was fighting for custody of my kids but mom has been there to help me: whether it is driving my boys to and from school every day. Making sure the kids work on homework and usually helping them until I pick them up.
  10. Well, I must say .....It had been along time... 3 yrs is too long to wet aline and see some familiar faces also to meet some new ones. Saturday night I saw something I had never seen in all the time I've fished cats. They were coming in between 6-10 ft and then going down to 14-15ft where my jig was and biting. after missing 6 I put on ice busters and the next one I watched go down lifted the bobber and bang a 26in cat. Ended the night with a 26, 2 22in. and a 20in. Also released some 14in. Right after the last group left the vex lit up like a x-mas tree from 10-15ft but never found out what it was. Dtro- thanks for coordinating everything, Borch and Icehawk- thanks for cooking As I ended up pulling off Sunday afternoon and I had went around to inspect I didn't see garbage laying around. Great job all....
  11. Looking forward to tomorrow/Saturday, it's been 3 years, too long of a time not to ice cats or any fish for that matter, dtro: you have mail.
  12. I am hoping to be on the ice by 8 tomorrow. As for saturday, I will be out there real early. I will have my permanent that can be used as a wind break. dtro I'm gonna send you an e-mail w/ my phone #, I don't have access to internet up at the cabin. I can give reports from tomorrow.
  13. I am planning on heading up to the cabin after bowling on Thursday night. Friday morning if all goes well I am going(ice is okay) to take the permanent out there and spend the day fishing. It can be used as a wind break I will be fishing out of my portable most of the time. I plan on being out there all weekend.
  14. I so much want to make it. The last time I even wetted a line through the ice was Cool Cats 2006.
  15. The Chemist

    Kitchen tile removal and then what?

    There's no substitue for doing it right the first time. Amen to that! I've been putting in hardwood floors in my brothers new house and I can see the advantages of things done right and not cutting corners. This house of mine has probably had every corner cut from top to bottom. 1. The tile in the kitchen 2. The water heater is vented down 3. The basement shower has one of 2 problems - either not vented properly or trap isn't right. 4. Electrical wiring in the attic was laying exposed in the attic. 5. Has returns on the outside walls and vents on the inside walls. 6. Front room does not have heat or AC and doens't appear to be insulated properly. 7. There are 3 new style of windows, different manufacturers. And 2 old style windows. One of the new windows was pinched into the opening so it can only be opened a couple of inches.