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  1. I had an FL-18, one of the first out. Yep, had to send it in for the software update because it wouldn't hold bottom. Nobody ever mentions that... Sold it after I used a first generation LX-3. Had to get a new ducer that first year for the LX-3. No doubt, all companies have issues from time to time - both companies did a great job in terms of quick turnaround and great customer service. Haven't owned a Humminbird, but hear their customer service is good too. The reason I fish the Marcum is because of what's BEHIND the display, not how bright and flat the screen is. I look at a Humminbird or a Vex, and I see blobby displays and mushy gain adjustments. I look at my Marcum and it's all crisp, clear, and the gain adjustment is much more precise, the IR is better, etc. I'm amped to see the LX-7. Won't buy one the first year, there are other things I need more than a new sonar - but I sure can't wait to try one out :-)
  2. I dunno - looks like a sore back to me.
  3. I've owned the Vexilars and Marcums - and have fished with the Humminbirds. Honestly I just don't get the appeal of the Humminbird - I was really disappointed in the display, gain control, and a whole host of other issues. With Vex - I just don't think they've actually really improved their technology yet, to me the FL-22 just isn't anywhere near the LX-5 on a variety of areas. I have not seen the LX-7 yet, I'm sure it will be pretty insane. It all comes down to personal preference - all three brands have their loyal followers, for different reasons. Then there are the guys that are happier looking at a standard graph type display like you can get with a Lowrance unit. Try them both, them buy one, and go fishing.
  4. GPS over imaging and RUN from Lowrance. That's my 0.02....
  5. Just pulled the trigger on the 6" Nils hand auger - couldn't resist! Also have a new pair of ice spikes like the Kahtoolas but without the ridiculous price tag. After I fell late ice last year and tore my rotator cuff on landing, I decided a new pair of spikes was in order!!!
  6. Sharkbites are the amateurs best friend!!!!
  7. I used to build rods on St. Croix fly rod tips. I had trouble with the higher modulus graphite tips - say SCIV and above. They would shatter on the hookset or when fighting a fish. Lower modulus blanks were fine and as far as I know there are still a bunch I built out there catching fish. Now I build only on solid graphite or solid fiberglass (custom hand ground) blanks, as you can get a much better action from a solid blank than you can a hollow blank.
  8. I have the garmin Colorado 400. they don't make it anymore, replaced by the Oregon series. Identical units except the Oregon is touch screen, Colorado is pushbutton. I didn't want touch screen so I searched out a new Colorado on a popular auction site. Colorado takes SD, Oregon takes MicroSD. Also, you cannot use a Lowrance chip in a Garmin or vice-versa. Both have somewhat proprietary file conventions so they won't work in each other's unit.
  9. It would appear that your H2O is destined for the same fate as many many (many) before it. You can fix this with the following steps: 1) Place H20 unit in trash (remove and recycle batteries first) 2) Buy a Garmin problem solved. Not trying to be a smart you know what, but I had the same issues, and for a mere 150 bucks Lowrance will look at the unit. Whoopee. Got a Garmin, and it is SOOOO much nicer than the Lowrance ever was.
  10. Hmm, I guess how big a perch I would mount would really depend on how much I had to drink... Wait. Nevermind.......
  11. I thought a company in Ishpeming, Michigan (UP) had bought the rights to make the Revolution bag????? The are even shown that way in an ad in the In-Fish Ice Guide......
  12. yep, lots of memory in the 3 pound I tried. Not happy. Going all P Line, Suffix, and trying the Vicious line too....
  13. Wirsbo ProPex is the gold standard in Pex tubing, the only other brand that is close is Rehau. Wirsbo and the whole Pex tubing thing orginated in Europe and has been in use for over 20 years. My new house is plumbed entirely in Wirsbo (I rejected bids from plumbers that would not use Wirsbo), and I love the stuff. I'm not a plumber, but an engineer - so I do (way too much!) research on things. If the Wirsbo leaked, it was 99.9 percent likely poor installation. Also - on the freezing/thawing front, pex is actually far less likely than copper to break/leak, due to it having some elasticity to withstand the pressure of water freezing and expanding. Seriously, I'd pick pex, and particularly Wirsbo or Rehau, over copper any day of the week.
  14. I have a Colorado 400T - this GPS is identical in it's 'guts' to the Oregon 400T, but it is not a touch screen. I've found it to be the most accurate handheld GPS I've ever used - definitely 10' accuracy. When you can store and return to waypoints on either side of a crib, you know you are doing OK :-)
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