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  1. Ranger sport

    Size of heater for fish trap guide?

    Thanks for the replies. I was leaning towards the big buddy. I would rather have too much heat then not enough. And with only a $30.00 difference in price. Do you guys use the propane bottles or 20lb cylinder.
  2. Ranger sport

    Size of heater for fish trap guide?

    Should I buy the buddy heater or the big buddy? What do you guys have?
  3. Ranger sport

    Propane lantern not working!

    I did try a new bottle and it still was flickering. I think it must need to be cleaned.
  4. Ranger sport

    Propane lantern not working!

    I have a old century lantern that you attach to the propane bottle. I have not used it in a few years. I tried to lite it and it just flickers like it is not getting enough propane to it. Could it be rust in the lines or dirt? Can you clean them? The mantles are in good shape.
  5. Ranger sport

    Angler goes through the ice on Coon Lake in East Bethel!

    If the sheriff has ever used a airboat on thin ice, he would know that the weight of the airboat would break through the ice and create waves under the ice that would break any ice that the waves hit. Lack of training? At least everyone is safe!!
  6. Ranger sport

    Fishing Disney?

    We also hired a guide on Toho. It was all about bobber fishing with the biggest shiners we could find. The largest bass we caught was 6lbs. There are some pigs in that lake!
  7. Ranger sport

    2 cycle oil for your augers

    I also use Amsoil. It wont smoke as much!!
  8. Ranger sport


    I agree with 18 inch crappie. Timberline or Elk are great shingles. They will look great on your house!
  9. Ranger sport

    Verado Vs Optimax

    I bought a new E-Tec about a month and a half ago and so far I love it. This motor is quiet,don't smoke,starts with the turn of a key and is very snappy.
  10. Ranger sport

    Black spots on bass

    Thanks Fever. They came from a lake in Victoria.
  11. Ranger sport

    Black spots on bass

    I caught two largemouth bass on Sunday that had big black spots on them. Has anyone seen this before? Is this a disease or something?
  12. Did anyone here who won the Minnetonka classic on saturday? And what the weight was.
  13. Ranger sport

    Guides' Rules

    I just wanted to know if you guides check for a fishing license before you take a client out fishing? Can a guide get a fine if his clients don't have a license?
  14. When would be a good time to get a look at it? Where in the St. cloud area do you live? If you would like to e-mail me with your location and phone # that would be great.([email protected])
  15. Is it a 4 stroke? Is it shaft driven? What did you use it for? Trail rideing,towing? Is it a true 4 wheel drive? (do all 4 wheels turn)