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  1. We have officially launched a new Willmar area walleye league. It will be on Monday nights and most likely run 12 weeks on 12 different area lakes. Season will start mid-May 2017. It will be a 3 fish limit consisting of walleye only. Entry fees will be 100% paid back to the league anglers. We are currently putting together the league rules package and will have more details coming soon. If you or know of anyone interested in fishing this league, have them search "West Central Walleye League" on Facebook and "Like" or "Share" our page. This will be our first season and we would like to get a rough estimate on how many people are interested, so make sure sure to like the page to keep up with future details. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks! -Jesse
  2. I had the exact thing happen to mine last week. Sent the cracked one in and in less than a week I received my new pro-view at no cost. I hope I like the pro view over the tri-beam.
  3. Haha! I painted it the way that my customer requested it to be. This one I believe was about a 20" X 36" or so. Like I wrote above, I have more of my work (mostly fishing oriented) on-line. Just go on facebook, if you have it, and search Three Pines Design. Like my page if you wish. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. That one probably took me about 24-30 total hours to do.
  5. Not for sale...or I should say it is already sold. It was a custom piece. There is no real sign out there like that. Its just what he wanted I have more work on my facebook site. I take ideas that people have and paint them. Pretty cool stuff. I do a lot of paintings on oars.
  6. Just completed this one. I think it turned out pretty sweet with Spicer in the background. I have more work shown if you have facebook, just search: Three Pines Design
  7. Here is my 40" pike replica from Artistic Anglers. They do amazing work. I also have a largemouth done by them. The pictures really don't do any justice for how good it really is.
  8. I'm looking at a local lake with a lot of mid-lake humps, bars, and reefs. Trying to decide where to go to search for walleyes. When you guys fish humps and bars, would you rather fish an outside turn or inside turn? I know you want to find the steepest break from that structure, but don't know if inside or outside it better? I've had mixed results so far this winter. Thanks for any input.
  9. Here's a sample of some of the arkwork I have been working on recently. Thanks for looking - Jesse [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  10. LEECH21

    Bass Photos

    Nice one! I'm jealous!
  11. Do you guys recommend a different brand of anchors? I watched the video on the Clam HSOforum and saw the ones that come with are a screw in style. I really don't want to lug around my cordless drill on the ice.
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