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  1. Just ordered a Bowtech Experience. Shot a bunch of them including the 360 but that was a little too harsh for me with a 30" draw. I like the Hoyts too especially the Faktor. Shot some Bears and they are great bows too. Just coming from a Destroyer I decided to stick with bowtech for mostly the ease of yoke tuning. Had the Destroyer shooting bare shaft bullet holes so I expect the same from this one. I hope they get it in within the next couple days...
  2. Primos "can" and primos grunt calls... perfect combo IMO....
  3. That's awesome Jeff! Lucky 7 year old! for sure. Congrats to everyone else as well! I was able to shoot this deer the 16th. I had him on camera in august in velvet and hadn't seen him all season either in person or camera, just goes to show that they will come around eventually. Same thing as last season, had him in August and didn't see him again until the day I shot him. Passed a ton of immature bucks through bow season and the first weekend of shotgun and the patience finally paid off again... I spotted him working a ridge about 120 yards out and grunted at him to get his attention and hit the can call and he came on a string, shot him at 20 yards as he was still coming. Pretty exciting.... not sure who all uses the "can" or who has luck with it, but this is the 3rd buck I have shot out of this tree in the last 3 years and the 5th out of 6 years that I have called to my tree with the grunt/can combo.
  4. A few of the decent ones... got a few other marginal ones too. Hoping for a few of the big boys I know are still around....
  5. Busnell Trophy Cam no questions asked. We have 12 of them between the three of us. I have had two submerge last June when we had all that rain. It was taking pictures underwater for three days and had pictures of wood ducks as the water receded. I thought for sure they would be fried so I am sold. FYI i bought 3 primos last year, and they all went back... junk.
  6. Im in Scoot's camp regarding Rages... I have shot several deer and had all passthrough's and all quick recovery. FOr me it's not at all about how they fly but a confidnece thing. I don't like to leave anything to chance. Not sure if anyone here shot the QAD Exodus last year but man what a head. I smoked a deer at 30 yards, bounced it off some rocks on the other side and it looks like new yet. Dull yes, but a blade change and we're back in the game, head looks like new, these things seem bulletproof. Can't wait to let a couple rip again in a few months! Oh yeah.... they fly great too!
  7. Honestly, it's not about the broadheads, it's about how you tune your bow. A perfectly tuned bow will shoot just about any broadhead the same as a field tip. I can shoot rage's, grizz tricks, exodus, etc and they all hit the same spot as my field tips. But that is only after rest tuning, paper tuning, bare shaft paper tune and walk back tune. It's alot of monkeying around but will worth it... If you can, try to learn how to tune you bow. There is alot of info online on how to tune like above. You can bring it in, but from my experience, it's not the same as doing yourself. Now, this might be a tad overboard for some, but me and a couple buddies bought a bow press a few years ago and it has been one of the best archery investments I have made. Good luck!
  8. I think the real lesson there is not to apply it over a painted surface, as it won't bond... I would always recommed Redgard instead of poly. If you like Redgard you will love Hydroban, made by Laticrete. Mapei has a good product as well. The key is to apply it to the proper mill thickness (measured wet) to assure you get the performance you want...
  9. Same here, heading up Wed. after work until Sunday, looks like decent weather, as long as we can get around! We'll see what happens....
  10. Is there anywhere around Devils to buy frozen smelt or herring? Or is it best to order some online? THanks!
  11. Mostly the tag issue was what I was referring to along with low population and the oil extravaganza... don't get me wrong by any means, we might still try to draw tags, but I guess enthusiasm has somewhat diminished. Maybe wrongfully so... Maybe I need to be talked back into it. Less tags might mean less pressure too. Only so many days on the calender too...
  12. Aside from the usual MN plans, we got permission on a farm down in LaCrosse WI that we need to scout out. Our plan is to hunt MN up till the gun opener then jump the border and hunt WI till their gun opener. That and a couple park hunt app's. Keep telling myself I am gonna go out of state, but every time I check my camera's I ask myself why. Maybe if I get lucky and tag out early I will go somewhere else. Would really like to try W. ND for spot n stalk but that seems like it's getting darn near impossible to do with all the problems....
  13. Well, whatever he is doing is working, your all talking about him... Can't stand the phony sh** he dealing out either.
  14. Yeah that's about right... It's a year long deal for alot of us isn't it?
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