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  1. Haha both are over priced. I have piles of both. Neither out fish jigging spoons but they sometimes have there days. But the ulta light ripping rap or Lindy darter run a a buck or so less and do as well in my opinion.
  2. Guessing a welding shop should be able to fix you up. You need a coupler but the shaft on your auger I believe is smaller than the shaft on the nils. Might be a little machining involved.
  3. I know they will do allot of customization. So I bet that they can get it done for you.
  4. I have a Lodge and I think they are finished off much better than IC. But they are alot more $$$$. For the cost savings it's probably ok to go with the IC likely my next one will be. One thing to keep in mind with the Salem Ice Cabin you have to fully unhook from the tow vehicle for it to lower to the ice. They are nice looking houses but for me this would be a reason not to get one. I do alot of day trips with mine and that would be a pain.
  5. You should have no problems that that hit of the IR buttons won't clear up.
  6. iffwalleyes

    Rod cases

    Thumbs up for the ice innovation case. Only case I have had that has managed to not have a rod broken. I can care everything in it. It is huge though but it protects my equipment better than anything else I have found.
  7. I have a 6 was too lat last winter to get a 7 ordered from Reeds. I like it but my buddies 7 is far less crunched when running 3 items on the displace.
  8. I'll give a plug for Duratracs. Get a set of 10 plies and they will last over 60000 on a half ton. I have a pair that are ready to be replaced on a Chevy heavy duty and have gotten around 50000. They are great in snow and ice and in my opinion the road noise is not bad. But then again I am hard of hearing .
  9. As far as depth finders they are pretty much the same. Really boils down to if you want a unit that has both camera and depth finder. Both units would be solid unis.
  10. This is for sure going to be a hot topic for us North Dakota's on the surface sure it seems great. Oil money for outdoor programs that sounds wonderful. However 150 million a year is a bit extreme. First off there is already a program called the outdoor heritage fund that is made for this purpose. It doesn't have anywhere near as much money in it but there is a program to help outdoor conversation programs within the State. Every 6 month they take applications and a board of directors determine if it meets the intend of the program. My local wildlife club just recently received a grant through this program to rehabilitate a small earthen dam that has been damaged by years of high water. The program works. The other thing is 150 million is a ridiculous amount of money to use up every year. I also don't like the out of state ties to this measure as well. ND is a state that has reserves so special interest groups are flocking trying to get their agenda cover in ND and if it ends up in legal fight ND has the money to defend. Measure #1 is the same way. Both bills are not good as far as I am concerned and my vote will reflect that.
  11. I really like it I don't feel they are a gimmick either. The cushion part where the pin goes through is a solid piece of metal not just sidewalls of a square tube. The slap that your are describing I do not notice with towing my fishhouse. Prior to this hitch which I have had along time now and with I smaller fishhouse every time you stop and took off you could feel the hitch wiggle. If for sure isn't a must have but it doesn't hurt I guess.
  12. Reese makes some receivers that are completely welded. I have a 0 drop triple ball that I can rotate around it is slick and I don't have slap. I do have a cushion hitch 2" drop that I use for towing my fish house prior to having this style I would see alot of slap as well. I am betting you found your problem now though. Be thankful you found it now. That could have been ugly heading down the road if something loosened up more.
  13. I hear you man not going to get in a [PoorWordUsage] match with you . .
  14. The soft ware updates do just fix minor programming issues. Just like updates on phones and apps. All digital sonar does it. My 10 year old Lowrance units on my boat had updates on them in 2006 even. Of course I updated them at that time and then my unit would read the bottom just a digital depth reading. Promptly there after a new version of software came out to fix the glitch they had created. The updates are not meant to completely change the unit functions. DTRO is spot on it is a complete Chevy VS Ford deal here. I personally have owned an old Vex FL 8 still have it. At the time I upgraded to a flasher with a zoom I had an option of a Vexilar FL 18 and nearly bought it but this new company Marcum had just introduced a LX 3 and the adjust zoom caught my eye and it was slightly cheaper at the time. I figured what the heck I would give it a shot as it gave me a handful of more options for the money. That unit was awesome other than at the time Marcum had a bad run on transducers which probably could have shut them down before they got going. Instead their customer service at the time (2005) was awesome about it. They provided new transducers and fixed the problem at no cost. That same unit is still being used by one of my buddies. I then upgraded to an LX 5 as it had again some more features the super fine line and dual beam transducers were pretty cool. I still have this unit and regularly use it still. Vexilar came out with the FL 12 and 20 during this time period and the flat screens were pretty neat. But I had found that I used the adjustable zoom alot when I fished. So, I never change to one of them. Around 2010 the Hummingbirds were coming out and I got a Ice 55. I loved the unit's display and digital read out and auto depth features. I like that the Zoom wasn't a split screen but was inline however I didn't like that it didn't separate the targets as well as my older Marcum LX 5. Which was why last year I started looking again. The FLX 28 nearly got me. I had a buddy that had gotten one and I thought it looked pretty nice. Then I fished with a buddy that had gotten an LX7 the minute I saw that unit I knew I wanted one. I like the ability to customize it how I wanted if I wanted a flash or graph or vertical I could make this unit do it. All graphs can do this really. I like the fact I can have the history of what has happened with the graph as it scrolls past. I picked up an LX 6 as I was a little late in the game last year and the LX 7 were sold out. I sold the Humminbird to another friend who was looking for that unit. The thing about all the units I have had and ran with is not one of them allowed me to catch more fish more than the next. They all told me fish were there. Most everyone here will agree with that. I personally am waiting for a Marcum RT9 to show up at my door soon. Is it worth the money to me it is. It is all relative and a personal decision. With my job the majority of my time spent fishing involve frozen lakes not open water. I put my focus on equipment that gives me what I want. Obviously the RT9 isn't going to make me a better fisherman than I was with an FL 8 even though I would like to think it will haha. Whatever decision that you make it should be comfortable. If you want a great entry level unit and want to buy one for a lifetime the FL 8 will be hard to bet. But there are several other good options out there. I know this my 83 year old dad has no interest in fishing with anything other than two bobber lines. On a given weekend with him he will probably keep up just fine in the fish count. The biggest thing though with my flashers we don't stay put if we aren't seeing anything or if the fish seem turned off we move. That is the huge difference how I have fishing now compared to when I was a kid. Back then in December we took the house dropped it in a spot and we had days when fishing was good and days where nothing happened other than some minnow drown and then in Feb. we took the house off. Those days were still fun but they are sure more fun now with all the cool stuff we have to use.
  15. I'll give you that the air bags on a truck probably won't matter as far as getting stuck. Yes Tires are most important. My point is a 20'+ fishhouse is going to be alot of work for a half ton pickup. If you always fish a place that has plowed roads and never jump off trail and break your own track I suppose that would be fine. I like to be able to off road to where I want to fish. I know I had a half ton with a smaller fishhouse and it would get tossed around on the interstate terrible. I got my first 3/4 ton and that went away. I have better ground clearance with a 3/4 ton. Now a Ford Raptor might might be the ultimate icefishing pickup and that is a half ton. I stand by my statement that 1/2 tons are built for going to church
  16. Loose cables are a must think about it 5/8" pin in the leaf springs and 1/4" cable what makes sense for a house to ride on. i always loosen my cables so the winch is locked with play in the springs. Also when trailing a trailer should always be level. if you have too short or to long of a drop it will trailer weird. The other thing is people are pushing 1/2 tons harder than they are meant to be pushed. half tons are fancy trucks that are meant for driving to church and not towing. i'll be honest i see companies advertising there 21' house is half ton trailer able i say talk maybe down the road but on the lake you will be stuck i don't care if you have air bags i will be pulling you out with my d-max.
  17. Man you guys did it again. That is so awesome I think you must be part elk man. It is fun every fall to read your adventures. I hope you pull your tags next year again.
  18. Man I was pulling for you. I thought you were going to make it happen. Awesome memories. I know I didn't fill a tag in MT a few years ago and was upset at the time. But I won't trade the time or memories for nothing now. Other than the longing to get back out there.
  19. Best bang for the buck is the Marcum Vx 1 pretty much the same price as a fl 8 but had comparable features to a FL18. Nothing wrong with the vexilar at all solid units for sure. Still have a fl8 myself for others when they come fishing with me. That said if you keep your eyes peeled a used Marcum lx 5 can often be found at a reasonable price. I still have my LX5 that I got in 2005 and runs as good as the day I got it. I had a Humminbird 55 for 3 season loved the big display and digital depth read out and line the inline zoom. But didn't like that the zoom didn't do a great job of separating the targets but more just acted as a magnify glass.
  20. Guys until the Feds step in the CRP program is going no where. Last winter in our wildlife club this was a big discussion. It's not always that Farmers are taking the land out of CRP. The guys I spoke with are not farmer but still had farmland from the families. They actually wanted to re-enroll their CRP but were told they could not do it cause there wasn't money to pay them anything anymore. The NRCS is short on funding in a bad way. Other guys were told that if they wanted to re-enroll they would have to break the grond and reseed the CRP which I understand as it would allow for perhaps thicker stands of CRP. However it is hard for someone to turn land and then pass up putting in a cash crop that will provide more income for them. CRP payments have gone unchanged for awhile I believe they for sure have not kept up with other crops. As far as the non resident license deal it kind of stinks. We used to have a crew of 11 guys get together and hunts. Several college friends right now those days are gone as not enough of us residents can draw tags to hunt together with. I didn't get a tag for two year and this year I did draw one but will end up hunting a different area because I don't have as many to hunt with. I personally having been a former MN resident am luck as I bought a lifetime license there prior to leaving MN. So even my years I don't drawn a ND tag I have the ability to at least get out. I wish ND would do something similar but with the lottery system that is in place and shortage of tags for residents I don't see it happening.
  21. I'd guess in the 150's. I shot a 171 gross a couple years back that had G'2 measuring 11" I had quite a bit of deduct so he netted 151. Nice wide but not super tall. Either way a very nice animal good luck crossing paths with him.
  22. CaptainMuskey relax we get it the Lowrance is awesome and you get it for $2100. However this post is about the Marcum RT-9. I don't know why you care so much about this issue. I get it you think it is over price etc. So far on this thread you have felt the need to argue about everything on a unit that is just coming out and not many people have had their hand on it or know what all it can do. If you felt that buying the Lowrance was best for you perfect that awesome you like what you have I am really happy for you enough said.
  23. Ok here is what I say. I have a 6.5"X14 with 3' V. I like that it tracks decently down the road. That said my next house will be a 8X16 of some version. My reason for this is my beds in my house are 70' long once you factor wall thickness of a 6.5' wide house I am 75" tall I get shoehorned in there pretty tight. That is why I like the idea of a 8' house. Spray foam walls are a must. You'll be amazed how little propane you burn. The other thing rubber flooring with spray foam floor is the way to go. I removed my carpet this summer and did this to my house. The problem I had was all last winter my floor was wet. I had a heck of a time getting it dried out. I decided that a rubber floor and a mop would be a easier time of keeping things clean. But if you want to use it as a camper then the carpet is nice. If you aren't going to use it as an enclosed trailer don't get the rear door as they have a tendancey to be drafty making the house cooler. Also a house this size isn't going to be pulled by a ATV well anyhow. I would get a bathroom in it even if it is just the seat over the bucket. The RV editions are nice as you can have water then. Personally I would probably get an Ice Castle 17' RV edition if it were me without a rear door. An oven is nice make sure to have a microwave.
  24. I agree easy two day run time on my LX 6 never saw that with a mechanical flasher highly doubt that they are going to be that terrible. I know one thing and it has been mentioned here by many. This is what alot of us has asked for and then some for ice fishing. It give me the ability to use my ice depth finder year round. I ice fish all winter but I am in the boat probably 6 times a summer. I know the way I want to set it up right now with out a camera I will have about 1750 into it. I will be able to use it for both season. I don't knock the Lowrance touch one bit but that is still more I don't know were they are 2100 either. I don't have the high end stuff on my boat but it works this will supplement what I already have. The tablet thing is a bonus for me. I think it is awesome that it can be used as a tablet but that is not the reason I would be buy it either. I honestly will be buying it cause I have loved every Marcum I have ever owe and each one gets better than the one before. Plus I can watch you tube and play angry bird and hill climb
  25. Well that's why everyone can make there own decisions on technology. But I think if I held onto my vexilar fl8 a couple more years I could probably resell for the cost of a fl 28. Since a vexilar has pretty much not changed since Dave Genz first introduced us to these. Sure there are a couple cool things they do. Great unit but very little different than cool cases but hey they must be getting ready to come out with something big. Well I have been waiting and have not seen it. If it comes I'll buy it love cool depth finders best part there is always someone looking to buy one.
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