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Cabelas Vacuum Sealer - No Foods Get Spoiled

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Why You Need A Cabelas Vacuum Sealer

Using a vacuum sealer to store food and liquid is a perfect solution for keeping them fresh. You would be saved from the hassle of throwing food that has gone bad after some days. However, getting an efficient vacuum sealer is essential as many vacuum sealers are available. 
Therefore, we would recommend Cabelas vacuum sealer as it would be the only one you would want to get. It is one of the strongest and commercial-grade vacuum sealers available in the market. Understanding more about this product would help you know more about it.
The vacuum seal done by this sealer remains strong and then can be used for many purposes and in many ways. We will talk about them so you get to know in what other ways you can use the vacuum-sealed bags. Mentioned below are some purposes that are best provided by this vacuum sealer.

1. Sous Vide
Sous vide is one of the best methods for low-temperature cooking and is also known as long-time cooking. It is done by placing the food in a vacuum-sealed bag and letting it bathe at a controlled temperature. Every household uses this method and keeps the food fresh and delicious. 
A strong vacuum seal is very critical as the bag needs to be at a hot temperature. The hot temperature makes the sealed bag loosen and open up. That is why Cabelas vacuum sealer is known as the best food vacuum sealer for sous vide as it provides the most robust seal to your vacuum bag.

Read more: The Best Food Vacuum Sealer Reviews: https://groups.google.com/g/vacuumsealerjournal/c/bCmVE4hRkhM
2. Easy To Vacuum Seal Ziploc Bags
Vacuum sealing a Ziploc bag can be difficult due to Ziploc making it challenging to create a strong vacuum and tightly pack the bag. Therefore, many people avoid using Ziploc bags to vacuum seal their food and liquids. 
However, using the Cabelas vacuum sealer, you can easily vacuum seal a Ziploc bag and make it last for months. The durability of the vacuum created is more extended than anyone would expect. This is why it is known as the best vacuum sealer for Ziploc bags, and it makes it easier to use.

Read more: The Best Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Review: https://www.reddit.com/r/vacuumsealerjournal/comments/rhlz1v/the_best_food_saver_vacuum_sealer_review_tested/
3. Large Sealing
A normal household vacuum sealer won't let you vacuum seal large bags. However, this commercial-grade vacuum sealer fits perfectly in your kitchen and would provide options more than a regular vacuum sealer. 
It doesn't matter how many large bags you seal, there would be no waiting time between times, and it would be a continuous process.
Final Words
Many other vacuum sealer reviews consumer reports have rated it as the top commercial grade vacuum sealer. Mentioned above are just some of the everyday purposes this vacuum sealer fulfills. However, there are multiple other purposes that you can achieve by using the best vacuum sealer.

Read more: The Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews — Best Reviews Guide: https://www.patreon.com/posts/62508838
Filled with multiple features and made with high quality, the Cabelas is one of the top vacuum sealer manufacturers. It would be your best and one-time investment that you would want to do. 

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2 hours ago, Wanderer said:

Ok, ok… what other forum?  I don’t think I’ve seen anything from them on FM in a long while.  TJ last logged in 4/21/21.


Yes not as much, but Del does post on another site from time to time.  

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Thanks for the biased advertisement on a true P.O.S. product Its nothing more than a foodsaver brand sealer wrapped in stainless & overpriced at 300.00 as are the bags. I quit using them after losing too much venison to freeer burn & found plastic wrap & butcher paper much more effective. A buddy of mine didn't take the advice and bought the same 15" model which was on the table at his last yard sale.

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The Food Saver bags have gotten a lot cheaper over the years.  I still use them because that’s what I have but when my sealer burns out I’ll upgrade to something more commercial quality.


They’re doing OK for now but I keep an eye on things when I go in the freezer and use anything where the bag fails.

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i have a food savor also. i dont use it alot but mine is probably the bottom end of the quality savers. when mine quits on me i'll probably get one thats a bit better!!


question........do you guys reuse the bags???? i try to, i tend to cut or use the bigger size to start out with so i can reuse them. yea i'm a tight azz!!!!🤭 i've bought non food saver bags with just as good luck.


i'm kinda old school using  the meat/butcher paper. with fish its always in a 1/2 gallon milk jug with water!!!!!!

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