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  1. Well I made it through the winter and never got stuck but just got a flat on the 4th and after a plug job I am not risking it any more I am down to 3/32nds and need to get some new tires sooner rather than later. Any mileage updates or performance in snow/offroad updates from anyone that's runs some miles up on some tires?
  2. I was fishing the outside edge of that mess and then while measuring and getting a weight I drifted into it. No fancy spot locks on the kayak fish finder lol
  3. Been a long goal of mine to crack 10” and this guy came up just short at 9 3/4”. Still a respectable blue gill for this area. Odd coloring I thought also was more black and white and no blue or orange. I broke 9” on a few fish today that all were released.
  4. Well I got an email from Stub Hub over night they finally reimbursed me for a coupon worth 120% of my original orders. Not a bad deal I guess but I have to use the coupon on StubHub by 12/31/2021. Hopefully this covid stuff passes and I will have some events to purchase tickets to in the future.
  5. I may have to look into that, I will be in Dells soon, might just have to bring a big cooler along for the trip lol.
  6. Play ball! Baseball is back. Now I just need to see what the schedule is going to look like. I am curious to see what will happen with tickets to games I already bought that were never officially canceled. We bought tickets to a few specific games via stub hub like the Morneau bobblehead game where they were going to induct him to the Twins Hall of Fame. Will that still happen this year? And if so against who and when and do my tickets still get me in that game.
  7. Havent tried it myself but there are lots of recipes out there: https://www.meatchurch.com/blogs/recipes/brisket-burnt-ends I may give this a go but I have had a hard time finding the small flat briskets lately. Just have a family of 4 and a big packer is way to much for us
  8. Costco one of the few places that hasnt jacked up prices around here on any meat or poultry.
  9. First attempt at pork belly burnt ends. Cubed and rubbed and then smoked at 275 until internal temp hit 195. Sprayed them down with apple juice every 45mins and then smoked another hour or so in sauce. Left a few out in a separate pan in just apple juice to see how they would be and they ended up a little dry but edible. The sauced ones were basically meat candy will definitely try it again.
  10. Had my 9 yr Twins with and they had never seen one before. I tried to explain what that old ornery smelly thing was capable of and to not get close. Those things can jump and come at you quick. They are very deceiving when it comes to speed.
  11. Ran into this guy on the bike trail today:
  12. My take is we had a really good winter with not a lot of snow. Spring nesting and hatching season was also really good to the birds. Lots of unplanted fields last year allowed for more habitat and nesting areas this year. I think its going to be a good year compared to the last few. I am getting a first year rookie GSP ready, really looking forward to fall.
  13. I think you would be happy with either my best suggestion is buy the biggest screen you can afford. I wouldn't go anything smaller than 7" if wanting SI regardless of brand. I have it on a Helix 5" and its hard to get the same experience you get on larger screens. I use mine on a kayak and then swap tranducers in the winter and take it straight to the ice. I like some of the Garmin maps that others upload on smaller bodies of water that I cant get on other chips. Especially on smaller bodies of water here in SD. Otherwise I think in terms of the graph they are very similar with maybe a slight edge to the Helix on the SI stuff on the new units. But Garmin puts out a nice product also. I dont experience any lag with my helix units (G1, G2). With that said it took some effort to get them set up and working great. There is a bit of a learning curve with these newer units. Everything from fishing mode, noise filter, and turning off auto depth range all made a difference. I spent about 20 mins last winter at an ice show here in Sioux Falls with Brian Brosdahl at the Humminbird booth. He was really helpful getting mine dialed in and helped me with all the questions I had. He went completely out of his way to help answer every question I had. To get it all there done in person with the unit in my hand top notch. Super cool guy BTW nothing but good words to say about him after that experience. On the ice I set mine up to use the 2d element when not using the si/di transducer. I dont think you have to use ice fishing mode, however. Ice fishing mode increases the sensitivity and updates the circular flasher view but that's all it does. I am ready to upgrade but my gen1, gen2 helix stuff still work great. I have used the gen3 first hand the new features are great. But then I hesitate to buy anything I just have a feeling there is going to be some new stuff coming out like panoptix that will change the game and come down in price and become more affordable.
  14. Had a rain delay this morning so got started a little late. But this pork shoulder turned out great:
  15. might not be a bad idea! Could also wrap in bacon? Not sure who it was on here that I got that idea from @bobberineyes maybe? Someone on here always had pics of bacon wrapped taters in foil on gas grill. I supposed the same would work in the smoker just dont wrap in foil? May be on to something here......
  16. A flyer I got in the paper for fleet farm has 2 12lb bags of kingsford for 11.99. When I pull up the website it for sku# 101172850 it says its $14.99? I cant find the same sale flyer I received in the paper online. Its a good 30min drive from my home, and I have already been burned by their website saying something is in stock and getting there and its completely out so I will not venture over there just for that. Home depot didnt have any flyers on their website but I see a 16lb bag of kingsford is $9.76. Not sure if thats a sale price but they also have a 2 pack of 16lb kingsford for $25.98 lol Lowes didnt have any thing either. I will keep looking maybe someone will come through with a surprise deal. Would be nice to be able to stock up on something if possible.
  17. I dont put minnows on spinners just leaches and crawlers and I use bottom bouncers. Its not uncommon for us to go over 2mph either. I only use minnows for pitching or vetical jigging. If your a podcast guy Jason Mitchell just did a really good podcast about this. Search for JMO Podcast episode 22 "Trolling Walleyes Early"
  18. anyone seeing any charcoal sales this week or coming up for holiday weekend? This is when I usually try to stock up on deals. I still have a few bags left over from last year but was hoping to score some more deals but not seeing anything yet this year?
  19. No possession limit on them in SD come take them all! They are really looked down on around here. They are in many of the lakes around here and plentiful.
  20. Shrimp and tuna steaks. Also had some steamed broccoli on the side:
  21. Did some big meaty baby backs with 2-2-1 today turned out much better.
  22. These were taken from my home this evening:
  23. rundrave

    2020 Draft

    was a good start to the draft last night for the Vikings with the WR and CB. Hope to see them get some O-line guys now with the next few picks. Maybe even Winfield JR? Best part of the night was Packers pick: Aaron Rodgers "We need some weapons from this draft" Packers "best we can do is draft your replacement"
  24. rundrave

    New pup

    That was the intention I had also. The dog I just put down was 12 and I could have hunted him tomorrow. He never slowed down physically, didn't have any arthritis etc. No signs of slowing down and then just out of the blue he had some health issues show up. I made the mistake of not staggering my last 2 far enough apart. I ran 2 GSP's for many years and then went down to one this last couple of years. I really wish I had 2 again but I know I need to spread them out further this time.
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