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  1. snuck out for quick sundown hunt yesterday with the intention that since it was halloween and the late vikings game would reduce the crowds out in the fields. It was still grand central station out in rural SD. I had to drive to several WIA's before I could find any that didnt have a vehicle at it. Basically picked the first one I could find that was not occupied before the sun went down just to get some miles on the dog. Been pretty slow or hit or miss for me but I havent been hunting what I would call prime areas. I have yet to make it west or North of Mitchell. Seeing birds every place I walk but all hens. Roosters have been hard to come by but man there are hunters everywhere. Talked to one farmer and he said its 20+ vehicles a day almost every day on the land he had enrolled into public WIA. Good to see people getting outdoors but I am looking forward to all the fair weather hunters being done for the year. No tailgate pics but the young pup is getting those running wild birds figured out:
  2. Did you poke your eggs before you boiled them? Not sure if anybody left here knows what that's reference to lol LINKY
  3. any of you guys ever tried the cheater method with your wild rice and throw it in an instapot? I rinse the rice off and then add 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water or broth in the instapot. I just do a manual cook for 30 mins and then let it release naturally. I cook white rice the same way even though there is a rice mode. The instapot cook time is roughly about the same as boiling in a pot but at least you don't have to tend to it and babysit it. You just set the timer and do other stuff. Results may very on the rice so may need some adjustments.
  4. Cheap bacon? I didn't know such a thing still existed? lol Nice work on the fatty I still have yet to do one myself. You may have inspired me to try one now.
  5. I haven't been out much yet. Wont make it out this weekend, I have Monday off for a full day dedicated to rooster chasing though. Been pretty wet here now all of the sudden, which isn't going to help with harvest and getting crops out unfortunately. Forecaset next week looks like more moisture. Yuck
  6. I think I have mowed my yard more times in September and October this year than I did in April, May, June, July and August combined. Just need a good hard frost to and hopefully that's the end of mowing for year soon. If I recall correctly we had snow about this time last year.
  7. Gonna be a good season, started off well for my first day out:
  8. The Minnesota Twins alienating half of their fan base with that Bally Sports North deal and having a terrible season has made ditching cable even easier lol
  9. I ended up using the Menards stuff I posted skus for above. I didn’t have many bad pieces. Out of 18 bundles I maybe had 4 bad individual pieces. I got a wild hair to put it up on 2 walls of my home office and it turned out great. Did a 75% gray and 25% Jacobean for stain. Now just need to get my outdoor photos and canvases back on the walls.
  10. if anyone is curious here are the menards skus I found in case you needed them: 3-9/16" x 8' Unfinished V-Groove/Beaded Reversible Wall Plank (14 sq. ft/pkg) Model Number: JK01MS07 Menards ® SKU: 5013521 is $19.57 3-9/16" x 8' Unfinished Rustic Beaded Wall Plank (14 sq. ft/pkg) is $12.98 Model Number: FFP22ES09 Menards ® SKU: 5013500
  11. That’s why I made sure to give you credit and linked back to your original thread lol have you done any recent house builds or can you give long term feedback on the last big one you did? This stuff appears to be out of stock every where locally for me. I went to Lowe’s and menards tonight and got some sku numbers will have to keep an eye on it Appreciate everyone’s input thanks
  12. Thanks this will save me some running around. I hear you on the Lowes thing, my theory on menards is they sell cheap $hit cheap lol I typical buy most of my building materials from the local lumber yard.
  13. does anyone know if menards or any other big box stores still carries the packages of 5/16 tongue and groove? Something similar to this pic I got from an old thread here: linky I can find the individual boards online but not the packages where they are all bundled together. Was going to try to start pricing out a project but cant find anything online. With the cost of lumber lately I am afraid to even know what those packages are going for now days. Just a couple years ago they were only like $15 a pack.
  14. the next glitter boat race may have just got a little bit more interesting lol Not sure what this is lol:
  15. You need gear and a lot of it, we hired a guide. It’s a pretty challenging climb up and down, the routes are long, strenuous, and can take hours to complete. we had 1 day of practice and training and another entire day to climb:
  16. I have climbed to the top, I’ll have to find some pics from that adventure
  17. Habitat works, he found a bonus rooster pheasant in my back yard last night hiding in my rows of dogwoods right outside my back door. When he locked up on point I figured it was some tweetty bird and it ended up being a rooster lol
  18. Perks of working from home, firing up the Weber for lunch:
  19. this x100 I do the same thing with my electric smoker
  20. Picked this up about a month ago. finally had a free night to cook on it this evening. Went with the premium model. I was going to get the master touch but didn’t think I would use any of the extra features it has. only complaint so far is I wish it was taller lol
  21. these stupid birds outsmart me in the hills and prairie and then I come home and they bring traffic to a stand still on the interstate ?? Almost had turkey pancakes for breakfast on my way to the lake this morning
  22. This thread is making me want to smoke some brisket now:
  23. If I had bought a Weber charcoal grill years ago I’m convinced I wouldn’t need to be buying another one now because the original would still be going strong. I bought a big Weber gas grill on Black Friday a couple years ago and it’s head and shoulders above any of the big box store gas/charcoal grills I have owned the last 15-20 years. None of those lasted more than a few years before they started falling apart. This threads got me craving some meat grilled over charcoal. Probably pull the trigger soon. Now I just need this rain to go away.
  24. yeah I think I would prefer it not to blow ashes all over the food so that feature is probably worth it. I also now see the premium comes with a thermometer and the original basic does not.
  25. I’m looking to buy a new charcoal grill. At this point I’m pretty much set on the 22” Weber kettle. Anything else I should consider? I’m not interested in a big green egg or anything similar. Just a basic charcoal grill for grilling only. I won’t be doing any smoking it will be primarily used for poultry, burgers, brats and steaks when I feel like using charcoal. Also is the premium kettle version for $165ish worth it compared to the basic kettle $120ish? I think the ash catcher is about the only difference?
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