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  1. I have rented a machine from the save big money store. I ran the hose in the attic while the wife fed the hopper. Was very easy job to do ourselves. But we did it for new construction in a garage attic. Only downside was the machine was super heavy so I would account for that. I dont think the order of that vs your roof matters unless your roof leaks? Are you losing insulation or is it just settling? Do you have soffit baffles installed?
  2. I just got this video in a an email from angling buzz email a couple weeks ago:
  3. Joined the Weber crew after some Black Friday shopping. Ended up with the Genisis 310 model, looking forward to using it now that I got it all assembled today.
  4. Hunting is improving. Still lots of corn in and still really wet everywhere. Had a big scare with thin ice that I hope to never repeat. Flushed a bird over my dog on point right on the edge of a slough. He chose to fly over the water but once he hit the wind he just stopped and I couldn’t pass an easy shot up. It was one shot and he folded up and feathers everywhere and didn’t land far from the edge. I knew it wasn’t gonna be a runner, and dog went right in after it. This was in thick cattails and I couldn’t see the retrieve. He ended up going through the ice. Thought he would free himself but he couldn’t get out and started yelping. I had to use the butt of my gun to break the ice to get out to him. Ended up in freezing cold water over my waist. When I got to him he was still yelping but also had the bird! The prey drive in these dogs is just unreal. After a change of clothes kept hunting and ended up with our limit and ended our day early. 3rd bird was a dandy who thought he could out smart a veteran GSP, see the tail feather pic
  5. any recent reports or pics? I had what quite possibly was the slowest weekend of hunting that I can remember here in SD. Got to Huron area just as sun was starting to go down on Friday. Literally had just enough time to get one walk in before dark. Had dog go on point and missed 2 roosters that got up right at my feet. I got excited at the chance for a double, and whiffed on the first bird only to get distracted by the 2nd bird and whiffed on my next shot also. The salt on the wound was that those were the only roosters I would see for the rest of the weekend. Just absolutely awful conditions out that way, its really wet and lots of crops in. The weather was perfect on Saturday, maybe could have used a little more wind. I was up early and started to put on some miles in the truck scouting out areas. Its wet EVERYWHERE, I have never seen anything like it. Between roads being closed, washed out flooded etc, its just a rat race trying to get to places. By 9:30 there were trucks starting to stake out areas so I just found a go to area that I have done well on in the past that had no one on it. Walked the entire area where I could and never flushed a bird or saw any get out a head of us. Tried to stay on high ground only to paint myself into a corner in land locked areas and not able to keep going so had to back track many times where I had already walked or get wet. This was the story of the day. I hunted 10am to sundown and it was brutal. Lots of hunters out early in the day so it was hard to find places to walk that didn't have anyone already on them. With lots of places flooded out its really concentrating hunters to areas that are still walkable. So then I went back to areas that weren't accessible via road. Sometime this meant parking and a long walk through mud and water a long the road just to go get to the WIA. I was hoping getting off the beaten path would produce some birds but it didn't. Later in the afternoon I finally ran into a few hens but that was it. Just as I finished walking that area they started to combine the field next to it. I stayed and watched to see if they kicked out any birds and a few got pushed out but they went to land I couldn't walk. Other than a few hens it was slow didn't see a rooster in gun range the entire day. Even going the gravel roads the I wasn't seeing much. Pretty tough pill to swallow hunting from 10am to 6pm and didnt get a bird but I guess thats why they call it hunting lol. I put on a lot of miles on foot and was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, soaked wet and defeated. Sunday was a washout and I didnt feel like hunting in the rain so I chose not to go out. I think I am gonna give it a rest for a couple weeks for some crops to come out and the water to hopefully freeze. I know there are birds out there they just have the upper hand right now. Unless we get some snow I dont see myself heading out any time soon. Talked to a few guys at the gas station and restaurants in town and everyone said it was really slow for them also.
  6. any idea on finish weight or do you plan to get it on a scale?
  7. Based on schedule I don't think you can say much about the gophers yet. They were gifted a win against an FCS team. Barely beat Fresno St in OT. Had a close game against Georgia southern at home? I get it they beat who they had scheduled, its a great start credit to them. But it doesn't move the needle for me. Go get a win against Penn St or Iowa and then I might start buying what Fleck is selling.
  8. where are weekend tail gate shots? I stayed home and got yard work done. Saturday was a little too warm for me to run the dog but chased a hot blue gill bite instead via the Kayak I am heading West to Huron next weekend to chase roosters for 3 days though, anyone one else make it out and have any luck?
  9. Was only able to get out for a short hunt today but got 2 more:
  10. Did well in SD today got my limit in 25 minutes on my first walk today on public land:
  11. First walk of the year ended early. got my 3 birds on my first walk of the year. Not a bad way to start.
  12. The one I have pictured above came with a nice drawstring bag. The unit itself seems pretty durable and well made.
  13. Anyone make it out today? Kids birthday today so I didn’t make it out. My gsp and I will be out tomorrow and Monday and will probably need waders lol. I saw the MN Governor went to a game farm for the pheasant opener this morning? Maybe that shows the need to improve habitat for the birds?
  14. I have the same one you have pictured above. Other than using it to keep the phone charged I have never tried or needed to use it to jump a vehicle of any kind yet.
  15. Safe travels to you and good luck with your hunt. I90 west of Chamberlain was no travel advised as of this morning. Hopefully conditions improve before you get that far but that can be nasty stretch of road with any snow and a lot of wind.
  16. Well SD resident opener is this Sat, Sun and Monday on public land. Seeing some beans starting to come out and harvested in some areas but still pretty wet in others to get any equipment in the fields. This weather coming is just going set them all back even further. More rain and lots of snow in some spots in the forecast. Could be an interesting weekend of hunting. I don't plan to venture too far from Sioux Falls. Will get out for some quick hunts, just to get out and I am not expecting much for results in the areas around here. Focus will be more for getting the dog and myself some miles in the field as we are both not in prime shape yet. Its wet everywhere, might be a combo of waders and snow shoes to get to some spots lol
  17. He is a winner off the field though :
  18. That's a sign of young ball players not ready for big games and big situations. Hopefully a good growing opportunity and they can learn from the experience and its not a problem the next post season. I attended the game last night, really wanted to experience a good atmosphere with a sellout crowd into the game. It was no where near that. Way too quiet for what a playoff game should deliver. Bases loaded and the lack of interest or enthusiasm wasn't there at all. Granted the team didn't give them much to cheer for but I left disappointed I expected better. It was a fun year, totally exceeded my expectations but that's a hard way to end the season for sure. Lots of good to look for in 2020: - hopefully a healthy Buxton - Arraez huge surprise - could see debut of Kirilloff and Lewis - Graterol in starting rotation - Polonco, Kepler and Garver upcoming all stars - Cruz back - Sano back and putting together a complete season For sure Cron, Schoop, Castro, Odo, and Gibson will be gone. Will be interesting to see what happens with Rosario. I think bullpen is serviceable but would like to see some pitching moves happen in the offseason for starters and relievers.
  19. rundrave

    Vikings 2019

    I am guessing the $200k in fines and then realizing that the Vikings could have voided $40 million of his guaranteed money for missing practice will hopefully put any more drama to rest.
  20. Getting closer been running my dog every day when time permits, but up until just recently the heat has been hard to get some good miles in so resorted to a lot of water work instead. Looking forward to cooler temps but now we are in a wet pattern again. Saw a lot of cover crops plowed under in the last couple weeks in the fields that were too wet to plant this spring. Going to be a late harvest, not seeing any beans or any crops coming out yet. With this wet pattern may have to wait for a good frost now. I am seeing birds here and there but haven't been doing any walks in prime bird number areas. Not sure what I will get out of this 12 year old dog this year but hes still got a long nose that's for sure:
  21. Time to get some guys rested and healthy. Looks like we will be taking on the Yankees in the ALDS. Would love to see the Twins finally get past the first round and I think their chances are better going up against the Yankees than Houston. I think the Twins have the offense to put up runs but I don't have any confidence in any of our starters right now. I still want to see them go for the home run record. I know its somewhat meaningless but since we are competing with the Yankees for the record I would like to see them keep hitting some bombas We bought tickets for the Kansas City games this weekend a long time ago, meeting a large group of family on Friday and will make a long weekend of it and come back Monday. Now debating to drive up for a ALDS game also on the 7th. I told the wife lets skip the ALDS but if they make the ALCS then I would splurge and get tickets for that instead. Somebody pinch me, the Twins will be playing meaningful baseball in October!
  22. What a great day of baseball! Didn’t see that coming! First game had some pucker factor lol and the 2nd game was a great comeback and absolute dagger.
  23. Going to need the starters to step it up. I don’t feel good about things and this division is far from decided. Rosario really needs to snap out of his slump and get it going again. I also didn’t like Rocco’s decision to leave Garver on the bench as the potential tying run for the at bat in the 8th. Not sure what he was saving him for? Especially when you have the chance in that spot and don’t know if you will get one in the 9th.
  24. rundrave

    Vikings 2019

    The other thing to keep in mind is I think this Kubiak system is going to highlight Dalvin Cooks skills more than it will highlight Cousins. I could care less how much it costs per play etc, just win.
  25. rundrave

    Vikings 2019

    I wouldn't get too caught up in one game, its a small sample size. The way the game started out and getting up early and with the defense getting turnovers there was no need to dial anything up. Diggs was questionable to even play prior to the game. I don't know what more you want him to do in a blowout that wouldn't risk injuring him further? Run the clock, and get out of there with no injuries and move on. If we all we see is dink and dunk and Cousins under pressure scrambling for his life at Green Bay then I would get worried. Hard to call anything pizz poor after one game that was a beat down right out of the gate.
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