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  1. fresh sliced maters are good on them too!!
  2. it's called cincinnati chile when you use noddle's.. had it the first time many years ago...
  3. had about 50 swans on the lake this morning!!!
  4. so leech, you are just splitting them right? or are you taking the backbone out?? and they look great!!!! enjoy!!!
  5. agreed with the others!! stay strong!!
  6. good luck!! and they are great smoked!!
  7. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/guy-fieri/dry-aged-prime-rib-roast-recipe-2012137 here is something for ya!!! should be good eats!!
  8. I have just left in the sealed bag it comes in and leave in the fridge for a couple weeks or more.. just turned it over every 2 or 3 days... turns out good that way... never done it your way.. let us know how it turns out... it has me wondering....
  9. this is what I'm asking about..
  10. interesting on the cheese... let us know... never heard of that...
  11. ok how much broth to how much rice I like that!!!! and Glenn I agree with ya there!!!
  12. what do you do with the left over broth??
  13. I love wild rice too!! looks like mushrooms for sure in it.. our family recipe calls for lots of butter, onion and celery...
  14. I'm thinking it will be small, but who knows!! just glad to see it too!!!
  15. decoy show in Alex Oct 23rd 9 to 4!!! just got the notice!!!
  16. if yer around some one making it be carefull!!!! as Glenn says it can take yer breath away!!!
  17. oh yes more than once too!!!
  18. must be hitting all of us!! and over 19 years here for me...
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