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Genie garage door openerModel 3342 issue


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My Genie model 3342 garage door opener has no power.  I have checked the breaker and there was no problem. Then used an extension cord that I checked and when I plugged in the opener and still no power to the unit.  The switch on the wall doesn't light up, the lights on the unit don't lite and there is nothing going on.  I have checked the manual and I see no reference to a reset button.   Any ideas what could be wrong?  The rig is maybe 6 or 7 years old.


Thanks for your time.



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Well I gave up trying to get it to work and so I started to take it down.  Of course the bracket used to hold the torsion bar doesn't have a hole to allow the pin to come out.  Not sure that I want to start screwing around with the mounting piece of the torsion bar.  I think I have to call someone it.  Hurts to do it but getting to old to take chances with this sort of stuff.   Thanks for the input.

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There might be a fuse on the board?


2 hours ago, Tom7227 said:

Well I gave up trying to get it to work and so I started to take it down.  Of course the bracket used to hold the torsion bar doesn't have a hole to allow the pin to come out.  Not sure that I want to start screwing around with the mounting piece of the torsion bar.  I think I have to call someone it.  Hurts to do it but getting to old to take chances with this sort of stuff.   Thanks for the input.


Can you post some pictures of what you are talking about? It should be pretty easy take the unit down.

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If you can find a "direct replacement" for your opener try this. I have done this twice over the years replacing my Craftsman openers.


1) Unplug the power cord.

2) Pull the manual cord handle and release the garage door to close it.

3) Tie a rope around the chain rail and support it to a rafter a foot or two from the opener motor. "to hold it up in place when you unbolt it from the motor"

4) Back the chain tension off to loosen it and take it off the drive sprocket on top of the motor.

5) Unbolt the rail from the top of the drive motor and let it hang on the rope.

6) Unbolt the drive motor from the support brackets its mounted to and take it down.

7) Bolt the new motor up to the supports.


Then reverse all the steps 5-1 to install the new one.

Again this will work if you can find a direct replacement and can use the same chain and rail setup already in place.


Good Luck. ?


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My 10 year old Craftsman died last fall. Bit of research found craftsman, genie, chamberlain all use the same chain rail system. Menards Chamberlain offered WiFi at a reasonable price (11% - $135). It attached directly to the rail with no mods. I did use all movable parts on 2 garage doors. 

Now if I think I forgot to close the garage door I pull over and use my smartphone to check. I also installed a $45 WiFi WYZE security camera with audio from Home Depot. It pings my phone when motion activated. If I see UPS, FedEx etc. pulling in my drive to deliver a package, I open the garage door, tell them to put in garage than shut the door after delivered. Past January I was on Ottertail fishing, UPS pulled into my drive to deliver a package. From my Wheel House, lines in the water, opened garage door, package now safe inside until I returned home 3 days later. Technology is really cool.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Another reply from the DNR Capt.  Sounds like their a bit afraid to dig in and get what the need to prosecute.   Mr. Beeeped-out  😉 I do want to thank you for your time in researching and sending us the information.  The second video in particular involves the CBoyz near Cormorant Village in Becker County.  If you watch many of their videos they are full of violations.  We have met with the County Attorney’s Office and we have been told that unless we can provide a date/time of the actual event they will decline to prosecute.  We have identified many of the players in these videos but only have a date/time of the video release and not the actual date and time.  We have also made contact with them and taken enforcement action in many of their videos.  They are not afraid to film our officers in action.  In addition the first video was a year or two old if I recall.  I will not disagree that when looking at the video there is areas of concern but unless we can observe the damage and be able to testify in court that the wetland was damaged we would likely not be successful in prosecution.  We will continue to monitor their activity and if observed causing damage we will be taking enforcement action.  We appreciate and share your concerns.  If you have any additional information please forward to us.  Capt. Seefeldt   These Jackwads!    
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    • Watch the two videos below and see what you think?  Wet land destruction or not?   I saw these clowns on Youtube and sent it in to the MN DNR and this was there reply and mind back to them.   May help to read the Wet land use description on the DNR web page as well.     Read bottom-up.     To: Vollbrecht, Brice (DNR) Cc: Seefeldt, Phillip (DNR)  "Well you are the experts paid to protect our wet lands.  If you didn’t see any objectional wet land damage in either of the two videos I forwarded.   Then I guess I must have been mistaken what wetland and Wild rice bed damaged must be?  Just a question if there registered to operate in a public water area, do they have to use a boat launch like every other water craft or just fly off through the reeds like they did in the video?  Keep doing a great job guys!  May be I buy one.  Thanks for your time.  Steve"          Sent from Mail for Windows From: Vollbrecht, Brice (DNR) Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2022 3:53 PM To: [email protected] Cc: Seefeldt, Phillip (DNR) Subject: Sherp Complaint Steve: I got an email sent to me through the info center regarding a wetland complaint you had sent in about a year ago.  I also saw the email you attempt to send Captain Seefeldt.  Just wanted to let you know the Captain was not  ignoring you, it looks like you misspelled his name in the original email you sent.   This spring after the snow/ice melted and things started to green up, one of our enforcement pilots flew around the area where the farm is located.  The pilot was unable to locate any areas of concern where the Sherp may have caused damage to the wetland.  The pilot also flew over other wetland areas close to the farm, but did not observe any damage. The Sherp is dual registered which would allow it to operate in a public water area.  If the other wetland/lake where they drove down the road is private property we have not received any complaints from landowners down there for trespass.   I have included the Captain in this email.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact either one of us. Thank you Conservation Officer Brice Vollbrecht, Bemidji #1 Station MN DNR Enforcement (Cell)-218-760-1798
    • 👍👍 yessirree.........mayhaps even from your back yard!!!!!!!!!!🤭🤗
    • Bambi-O's & garlic bread  
    • Well, there's no trees in South Dakota..............So  🤭
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