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  1. Nope. It has been going on long enough to avoid that.
  2. We have a 6 year old Frigidare gas range and the ignitors on the top burners seem to be controlled by a ghost. Sometimes one doesn't work, sometimes another. Any ideas? Thanks for your time. Tom
  3. https://www.twincities.com/2019/01/22/zebra-mussels-wakeboard-boats-umn-study-livewells-mn/
  4. I took part in a tourney out west last Saturday. At the bar during the pay out I was surprised at the number of young people involved. There seemed to be at least 25% of the crowd that looked under 25 and one table full that clearly were under 21 (no beers). Is this typical? I keep reading about the increased age of hunters so I wonder if the coyote thing is an oddity.
  5. A friend was out today and hooked a couple northern and had a decent muskie on. He was concerned about the hook type and positioning when using large sucker minnows. He is C&R and wants to limit the risk to the fish. Can you share some ideas please. Thanks for your time. Tom
  6. The ant moat idea seems interesting. Go to a second had store or a Goodwill type of place and see if you can find a Bundt pan. Use that and see how things work out.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Ends up the batteries were too low to allow the backlight to work. I have been using it plugged in in the truck and so I never thought about the batteries.
  8. BobT I remember when you got yours. I use the Basecamp software and was hoping I could update it. The backlight doesn't work and so it is hard to use. Maybe I need to check and see if there is a way to get it to work.
  9. Thanks for the info. I still use a flip phone and about the only use it gets is when the alarm goes off to remind me to take my meds. The article was useful. I was always wondering how a phone would know where you are if you are out of range of cell towers. Anyone have any info on how well the phone works as a GPS device? I was on a trip to DC and we took the back roads home. My companion had an IPad and an IPhone that he had bought together along with their mapping software. We managed to get turned around about 3 times and I was ready to toss them out the window. Could have been operator error but it was very frustrating. No place West Virginia at 10 p.m. is a heck of a time for a rig that tells you to turn down a road that dead ends in a ravine 75 feet later.
  10. I am starting to consider getting a new handheld GPS. I have a Garmin 78s and it is at least 5 years old. I like Garmin products and have the Basecamp software. I would like to buy something that is a relatively new product so that it has some life in terms of support. The touch screen, bue tooth and music and all that other stuff isn't important - I want a rig to show me where I am and let me figure out how to get someplace else. Seems like the Etrex, Oregon and Montana are names I recognize from a search at least 2 years ago. What's new?
  11. That's what I had to do to get the tire off. Not the type of thing you're likely to have handy when you get a flat away from home.
  12. I had to change a tire on my wife's car last week and found that the lug nuts were on so tight that the impact hammer wouldn't loosen them at all. Granted it's a relatively cheap impact hammer but I wonder why I had to use a long half inch hinge handle and a piece of pipe to get them loose. A tire shop had worked on the tires a year ago and man they must have really hammered those babies down. Is there some torque setting that is out there recommending something like this? Why? I've driven for 50 years and I've never had a wheel fall off. There's no way anyone could have changed that tire using the standard equipment you carry in the trunk.
  13. I noticed that my neighbor's sewer vent pipe had what looked to be a snow cone on it. I told him and he went up and broke it up. He also told me he saw the same thing on mine. No way am I going up on the roof at my age. Any ideas on how to deal with this? Our situation can't be that unique. Northern suburbs is the location. Thanks for your time. Tom
  14. Crops are out, sloughs are frozen. Did very well on private ground in the Ortonville area this past weekend.
  15. C'mon, we've spent a lot of time coming up with solutions. Pull out the credit card, buy some of the stuff, and tell us how it works.
  16. I just checked Amazon and you can get one for $16. Another place indicated that a block heater takes up to 1500 watts and the one I checked on Amazon is good for up to 1800 watts. Looks like it would work as far as I can tell. So much for my business opportunity.
  17. How about putting it on some sort of timer so that it only goes on an hour or so before you normally use it and shuts off after a couple of hours. Or maybe there is some sort of gizmo that would allow you to turn it on with your phone. Might be a business opportunity to develop and app for that.
  18. I just checked and hay is going for between $35 and $55 a round bale out there. I don't think that includes transportation costs. That clearly is much more than the rate paid for the conservation programs. You have to remember that folks that raise stock have tens of thousands of dollars invested in their animals and have spent years working up the genetics to their specifications. It would have a dramatic impact on a rancher to have to sell off the entire herd because there wasn't enough feed. I am sure that emergency conditions were present in much of North and South Dakota this year. What I am wondering is what impact it will have next season on bird numbers. With the reduction in wintering habitat things aren't likely to get better.
  19. Bald Eagle skimmed over on Saturday. Today after the relatively light snow there are many areas where the cracks look like water came up through and discolored the ice. At least that what I think happened. Since there was only an inch or so of snow I am surprised that it pushed the ice down and let water come up. Anyone else have an explanation?
  20. One possible problem with this method is that if you have thermopane windows you don't get moisture unless things really get out of whack. The best way to keep track is to buy a thermometer that has a humidity setting on it. You can get them for $10 or so. Also it isn't a 'set it once and you're good to go'. The colder it is outside the lower the setting should be on your humidifier. Cold air holds less moisture and the furnace runs more often. If you don't change the setting and don't pay attention you could create a problem. Best way to learn how to do this stuff is to do the Google and check out a couple of the links that come up.
  21. The one I have only runs when the furnace is on. In the summer I turn off the water that goes to it and turn down the humidistat. There are no moving parts in mine. In the winter a solenoid opens the water line and water trickles over a filter like thing. Unless your rig is really old I suspect it works about the same way. Be sure to keep the humidity in the house to the proper level. You can get all sorts of guidance on line.
  22. Over the past week, and particularly on Friday and Saturday there were a lot - hundreds - of divers and mallards on Bald Eagle in Ramsey County. Oddly also many dozens of seagulls on Saturday. I think the season has ended state wide hasn't it.
  23. A pond needs work beyond just setting it up. The big issue is creating a balance between the types of fish, and then providing them with enough material to eat. You can find info about how many fish per acre by type of fish, how much they need for feed, how many you need to harvest each year. Then there is the question of freeze out.
  24. Checked it out and it is a nice deer. Glad you had a chance to get out and take a crack at it. I hope you enjoy the backstraps and the memories you created. Be well.
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