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  1. Grilling usually ends by mid November. Trying to grill a steak, chicken etc. on my deck at 8 deg. nearly impossible. Wife found a smokeless grilling machine called a foodi, couple hundred dollars, that grills, bake, roast, air crisp and dehydrated. Yesterday grilled a couple Tenderloin, med well for wife, med for me. Brushed steaks with mixture of seasoning and Olive Oil, Plugged the small meat thermometer into wife's steak, started machine, meat temp 54 deg. At 74 deg temp added my steak. Perfect outstanding steak as was the roast 1/2 chicken and Air Crisp walleye. Dehydrated a fresh pineapple and going to do some jersey on Friday. No smoke in house and super easy cleaning.
  2. Don’t knock it till you tried it. Boil them in Sprite or 7up. Like Lobster “great way to eat LOTS of Butter”
  3. Yes; ILLEGAL in Minnesota. MN only state in the ice belt states whare they are illegal and quite expensive if you get caught using one. Dont expect anything to change soon.¹ Governor Walz appointed Commissioner Strommen to lead the DNR in January 2019, first female to have that job.
  4. Picked up the K-Drill last night at the Hard Water Expo. Ready for Ice. Turns out all augers have the same size shaft, designed around the age old gas auger. Turns out the adapters I made 4 years ago fit the K-Drill. Auger to the Ion quick release to my chuckles drill adapter to my 2804 Milwaukee 1200 ip drill. Sweet.
  5. Blaine Hard Water Expo starts tomorrow Friday 11/19. Canceled last year due to Covid. I plan on tomorrow to pick up a new K-Drill and a few other items.
  6. I do. Progress has been really slow. 4 days week to Lab, infusion, treatment really cuts into build time. With low internal oxygen level fatigue slows one down a bit.
  7. Built my 6.5 x 12' in 2011 using a 1979 6.5 x 8 pop-up camper frame and added 4 ft to back end and front V with new iron. Acheived 10 years use this past January when the new iron rusted out inside to outside. Wife said she was going to torch it due to all the time I spend in it. At 77 decided it was too much effort for me to rebuild so I put it on hsolist for a couple hundred less than my 2011 build cost hopping some younger person may see value to rebuild. I did a minimal weld fix on the broken wheel assembly and broken spring and included a 19k BTU Suburban furnace, 1000 watt generator, and several other items. 2 hours after posting a younger man showed up and bought the wheelhouse offering asking price even after telling him to make an offer. Great to see it back on the ice this season.
  8. Burning hot smellny Fart Bombs - that's why there called "iceholes" only eaten while on the ice.
  9. Flock of Geese taking a stroll down the street in front of my house. Much safer than the fields and near by lakes.
  10. Looking for means to attach aluminum sheeting to a DIY wheelhouse without screws or saftners. I did see a post on using some kind of double faced tape or adhesive. Would also like to know if anyone have tried this on Marine Board HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Plastic if area for sealing is cleaned.
  11. Blue Brid checking out my WYZE Cam Pan
  12. Rembering those that served to keep us free. A few pics from days gone by
  13. My 10 year old Craftsman died last fall. Bit of research found craftsman, genie, chamberlain all use the same chain rail system. Menards Chamberlain offered WiFi at a reasonable price (11% - $135). It attached directly to the rail with no mods. I did use all movable parts on 2 garage doors. Now if I think I forgot to close the garage door I pull over and use my smartphone to check. I also installed a $45 WiFi WYZE security camera with audio from Home Depot. It pings my phone when motion activated. If I see UPS, FedEx etc. pulling in my drive to deliver a package, I open the garage door, tell them to put in garage than shut the door after delivered. Past January I was on Ottertail fishing, UPS pulled into my drive to deliver a package. From my Wheel House, lines in the water, opened garage door, package now safe inside until I returned home 3 days later. Technology is really cool.
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