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  1. papadarv

    New 8 X 16 Shack Build

    Camera are great. Shielded wire or wireless I use both. rl-sd good info on shielded, wireless I use 5.8ghz drone trans/rcvr effective and inexpensive all 12v run multiple devices, TV, monitors, tablet, smart phone. Forced Air Furcace - only way to go. Ventless has CO issue and will put 4 gallons of water/moisture inside your house for every 20# of propane burned. If you go ventless bring a torch the following morning as the door will most likely be froze shut. I have a 6.5 x 12 WH, 19,000 BTU Suburban vented furnace well insulated took 9 min to heat from 8 deg to 70 deg. You will probably need to go to 25,000 minimum. My cealing at 82" and air duct to center of house & 4" round to door no ceiling fans. Have balanced temp all areas of house. On my next build I will add a second floor 2" and have a 12 x 2" channel from furnace to back of house with 8 x 2 multi channels to sides to duct heat. Fill other area with additional insulation. I don't sleep in mine so no bunks and no range hood. I would go all 12v lighting. Smaller flexible stranded wire, no A/C interference. Lights available equivelent to 75 watt only white, not yellow. You can get remote dimmers for about $12. I made mine 4 years ago putting 50 50 bright white strips in RV lights. Bottom lighting pic before I put the new Suburban furnace in.
  2. papadarv

    Fish House Camera

    A 12v camera with light available from Tomtop out of China $70 with 65 ft cable on reel. Its color HD resolution 1000tvl better than 720p used by Marcum & Aquavu HD units. (Except latest Marcum 1020p latest camera $650). Only drawback, it takes 20 to 30 days and $6 shiping. Link to Tomtop camera. They off a lot of camera options so you may want to da a bit of searching. https://m.tomtop.com/p-y3578-15.html?currency=USD&Warehouse=CN&aid=gplausyly&mid=10000018477&utm_source=SEM&utm_medium=Google Adwords&utm_campaign=TT_PLA_YLY&utm_content=2945&gclid=Cj0KCQiAxs3gBRDGARIsAO4tqq3wBcNnVRFIUf2QknDLs18FF6NrhJ9raJW9BAdaowvDD1gw08q_abwaAilBEALw_wcB Pic simple wire diagram. And how to configure cable on camera to get Horz. view
  3. papadarv

    Garmin Gps

    Gave the Lakemaster chip to my son, he has the E-trex 30x using it in the BWCA as it runs on AA batteries. Uses BaseCamp to create BWCA routes.
  4. papadarv

    Garmin Gps

    Last lakemaster chip that works in Garmin GPS is the 2011 chip. That's when Lakemaster sold out to Johnson Outdoors along with Huminbird. You can get Lakemaster on a phone app called FishSmart. Lake price range $10 to $30 per lake.
  5. papadarv

    Flasher Lunch Bag

    Nice set up. Husky also makes a lunch bag that seems to work well for ice fishing electronics. I reinforced the top lid to support my tablet and put a switch, 12v outlet & 3 port phone charger to one side. I like the extra storage on back for cables and 2 water holders for my chargers. Use the 9ah 12v lead acid battery for power. Has carry handle when closed.
  6. papadarv

    Plan Your Success

    Was not me but might be something worth looking at next summer. Nice alteranitive to charging my batteries and 86 the generator.
  7. papadarv

    Plan Your Success

    My success planning starts in March after the ice season close. I get great satisifaction out of building, modifing, creating, inventing new to me ice fishng stuff bridging the gap in anticipation to the start of the next seasons. Pretty and fancy not real important, functional counts. Over time i built my very light weight wheel house, a 1080p rotating wireless camera, a $10 modified auger that will compete with K drill and many others. My latest just finiahed endeavor was petting a 65gb sim chip micro 1080p camer on my Li/Ion headlight making hands free high res. video recording up to 4 hours on my 6ah battery set. Catching fish is secondary. Doesn't get much better.
  8. papadarv

    Kdrill/pistol Bit Flighting Question.

    Leech, correct. I modified my 8" Mora Strikemaster blades per pic. I had a single centered point like the one on my 10" Eskimo. Didn't work well. Found a design that solves add on center point challange. The point of the center point is off set 1/4". I put this point on 3 bits. All work.great.
  9. papadarv

    Kdrill/pistol Bit Flighting Question.

    I agree, the K-Drill does seem to bind and bog down needing frequent clearing. I use Mora Strikemaster, and Eskimo bits. Buddies use ION all work well with better ice shaving dispersing. I did some research on auger flights looking for an alternative to build an auger. Acquired some grain auger flights 7” pitch. Note the design has 5/6 flight, no gap when stacked. (Labeled Grain in pic). I included pics of the K-Drill, Pistol, Nils & Mora Hand Strikemaster. K-drill & Pistol use poly flights with Hex shaft. Other 2 are welded steel to smaller steel shaft. Also note the K-drill has 6 flights with a gap between every 5/6th turn where Pistol has 3 flights & Nils 4 to achieve total lift distance. Also note the dia. Of the K-drill is much larger than the others reducing feed depth, (amount of room between shaft and pitch dia.). The Mora has 5.625 pitch height about same for Nils, looks like Pistol has close to 7” pitch with polished surface and K-Drill closer to 4.4”. The pitch on the Grain is also 7”. I believe the smaller pitch distance, open gaps between flights an smaller feed depth is creating the binding on the K-Drill
  10. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    Bummer, should have noted the digital temp controller I used on my furnace/fan set up. These things are awsome for running fans based on heat. Link to one of many sellers. You can set on/off temps anyware from -50 to +250. https://www.hsolist.com/itm/NEW-12V-24V-110V-220V-STC-1000-Digital-Temperature-Controller-Thermostat-w-NTC/153062796516?_trkparms=aid=555018&algo=PL.SIM&ao=2&asc=20160908110712&meid=f3c697819e004dacbbe13f5cc5040666&pid=100677&rk=2&rkt=30&sd=362433159234&itm=153062796516&_trksid=p2385738.c100677.m4598&redirect=mobile Pic of mine mounted and small probe sensor (silver thing attached to black wire). Price went up a bit, i only paid $4.96 with free shipping 4 years ago. Been thinking about attaching the probe to my underwater camera with 100 ft of wire & measure water temps.
  11. papadarv

    Ic Nuts

    I converted mine to 1 ton Reese 12v winch. Seems to work well with my light weight wheel house.
  12. papadarv

    New Build 8x16

    I would go with DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel). You can find it on-line just a bit pricey unless ypu have a steel supplier nearby that can order it. http://www.aladdinsteel.com/products/dom_seamless_tubing/?gclid=CjwKCAjwwdTbBRAIEiwAYQf_E0tV3qM59rsqxJ1i9ao2mL2_KQ8HhbIdOj_i1FHOUOd9ycq8L9tY0BoCQbIQAvD_BwE#top 1/16, .062 could produce a lot of shift depending on the lenght of your pivot arm. I like .020 max and grove the solid in a level wind criscross pattern for grease distribution. Being steel on steel grease often. During summer also and drop/raise house several times.
  13. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    Been running 4 years. The temp at the fan is under 120 F. about the same as the hot air duct on a home furnace. I ues a flashlight through the end duct cap checking rotation perodicitly. Still working with my new 19k Suburban install.
  14. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    I think about 40 cfm per fan 120 for all 3. Simular to this one. Got them 4 years ago. https://www.jameco.com/z/AD0712HS-D73-ADDA-Corporation-12VDC-Sleeve-Brushless-Fan-32-17-CFM-70x70x15-mm_2232930.html?CID=GOOG&gclid=CjwKCAiA_ZTfBRBjEiwAN6YG4TPp5M-paHQEydLDe-J-tkkqjWtoJyEhByaSb5P2GBO27m9bIfruURoCiL0QAvD_BwE They are mounted inside my 2x12" duct going from heater 1/2 way to back of hoese.You can see the control switch under the fan area.
  15. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    On my 12k I used 3 computer fans to move air across my heat chamber to heat house. 200 ma ea. or .6 amp total. Very small drain on 2 parallel deep cycle. Still use the computer fans on my new suburban set up with switch to turn off when not needed. They move a lot of air on so little power drain. If your 4 lights are iridescent I would replace them with LED`s.