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  1. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    Been running 4 years. The temp at the fan is under 120 F. about the same as the hot air duct on a home furnace. I ues a flashlight through the end duct cap checking rotation perodicitly. Still working with my new 19k Suburban install.
  2. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    I think about 40 cfm per fan 120 for all 3. Simular to this one. Got them 4 years ago. https://www.jameco.com/z/AD0712HS-D73-ADDA-Corporation-12VDC-Sleeve-Brushless-Fan-32-17-CFM-70x70x15-mm_2232930.html?CID=GOOG&gclid=CjwKCAiA_ZTfBRBjEiwAN6YG4TPp5M-paHQEydLDe-J-tkkqjWtoJyEhByaSb5P2GBO27m9bIfruURoCiL0QAvD_BwE They are mounted inside my 2x12" duct going from heater 1/2 way to back of hoese.You can see the control switch under the fan area.
  3. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    On my 12k I used 3 computer fans to move air across my heat chamber to heat house. 200 ma ea. or .6 amp total. Very small drain on 2 parallel deep cycle. Still use the computer fans on my new suburban set up with switch to turn off when not needed. They move a lot of air on so little power drain. If your 4 lights are iridescent I would replace them with LED`s.
  4. papadarv

    Empire Dv 215 Help

    Your DV215 heater is 15,000 BTU direct vent. Unlike ventless, direct vent has about an 80% effency so your effective heating is about 12,000 BTU. Once your house is warm walls, table, storage space, all the inside solid material, it has ability to maintain temp even at -20. The flame in your video is normal for 15k. I had a 12k BTU forced air in my 6.5 x 12 non sleeper well sealed & insulated cycled 4 to 5 times per hr. at -20 at 70 inside. It took about an hour to heat from 0 to 70 below 0 so I used my 15k sunflower for 10 to 15 min to help pre heat. Also use electric space heat running overnight before I go fishing. Pic is my 12k burner at 12.8k. 15k has longer burn bar. Now I installed a new 19k Surburban forced air. Today heated to 70 in about 7 min.
  5. papadarv

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Telsa announced production of the new higher ah 21700 ion battery in Jan 2017, Samsung a week later. Took a while for Milwaukee & DeWalt to design, retool drill package. DeWalt released the new 3ah in March 2018 followed by the 12ah flex volt in April 2018. Mikwaukee came out with the 12ah in May 2018. Milwaukee & DeWalt only use Samsung Li ION battery cells. Telsa is used by electric bicycle manufactures.
  6. papadarv

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    To the drill buffs, 15ah & 20ah on the horizon. Samsun's new 50E 21700 cell already in use in the new (single row, wider cell) 3ah 20v DeWalt battery. You might want to start saving as the battery price point could be in the $350 to $400 range for big ampers. Bit pricey for a tool only drill, battery, Nills or K-drill 8 incher. Oh wait, I could get a Propane both Nills and K-drills, 8 pack of 1# fuel and still have enough left over for Steak & Lobster for 4 at LOW late ice.
  7. papadarv

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    I'm with Leech running gas over 14" ice in my hole hoppen Wheel House. I do use a Mwlk Mud Mixer on early ice. I have 4 custom 6, 7 & 8 inch + a 10 Eskimo I no longer use. My average set-up time from picking a spot drilling 6 holes in 30" ice, slushing, air tight banking and line in the water is 4 min 40 seconds. I use a Walker 4000 flex tube sending exhaust out the door or window. New hop move time storing gear raising house & in truck moving under 1 min. At 75 I perfer comfort fishing in short sleve shirt and tennis shoes. My auger arrangement.
  8. Have and use the Marcum ShowDown for years still use it. Small compact runs on AA batt. in hub or 12v in WH. Also like wireless using the Lowrance Fishhunter pro and sight fishing with camera. View Fishhunter & camera in same package. IPS_2018-01-
  9. papadarv

    Hand Winch Covers

    @rl_sd initally i fused each winch at 10 amp. Ran it up/down about 5 times. Put another 250# in house simulate another person. Poped 1 fuse on 3rd cycle. So amp draw is just under 10 amp. Now fused to 15 amp. Need to know house total weight is just under 1,000 #. Spec states 23 amp on 1000# dead lift so my load per winch is below 1,000#. I use 2 parallel auto batts. Ran it up/down a dozen times still had some battery left.
  10. papadarv

    Hand Winch Covers

    Replaced my winches with total covered 12V power winch. Small cable slot on wheel winches only opening. DIY house is at 1000# fully loaded so 1 ton winch works well.
  11. papadarv

    K-drill roll call and update

    Found some photos of the Eskimo Pistol and Pistol blades. Looks a lot like a hand auger, shaver blades with a stop plate and drill bit adapter. Listed price at $166. Not quite a K-Drill.
  12. papadarv

    Who Made This Heater?

    Saw one on ice fishing MN yesterday Facebook. $50
  13. papadarv


    At 1500 pay load l would go with 2" wheel pivot shaft, 2 x 4 tube 1/4" wall wheel hub bar. Also my frame is 4' on center with 2 x 3 wood at 2' center. Put steel where I have wood. Batt fiberglass is very light and insulates nicely getting R13. Will only add 25# and worth it for heat retension. You'll still be under 3000 gross. We put all gear - 2 hubs, 1 flip, 2 or 3 augers, clothes, food etc. In the wheel house except the 4 cases of beer everyone seems to need cause I don't drink. Handles very nice at 70mph.
  14. papadarv


    4 years ago I built a 6.5 x 12 with V front. Started with a 78' Rockwood pop-up 6.5 x 8. It has 3" U channel 11ga. steel except over the axel which is 6" semi U shaped. I exended it to 12' + the 4' V with 3" U 11ga. And a 3x3 square 11ga. down the center. I used a 1.5" solid cold roll shaft full width for axel & 2" DOM tube 1.5" id for pivot. All steel from Winnick, Forest Lake. I designed my own axel using wheel hubs from an 06' Dodge Grand Caravan 2WD rear to allow camber and toe-in adjustment with shims. House frame 2x3 self cut from quality 2x6. Floor bottom 1/2 treated top white plywood. Outside walls 3/8" OSB inside 5mm lauan. Fiberglass insulation except 2x2" 3" pink poly over 6 holes. Furnace, 2 burner stove top, 1 storage cabinet. 20# llp ended at 960 #. Non sleeper bring your own chair to fish. Ended at 1321# with some add on over the years including 2 ton 12v winches for power drop/lift.
  15. @rl_sd is correct, 8" chipper blade too much torque for m18. It works OK up to 10" of ice. 6" works OK to about 20" ice. I use my Eskimo 43cc with a flexible exhaust inside my Wheel House. 25' sells for $35 on-line. My DIY 8" chipper does 30" ice in 26 seconds. Only way to go.