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  1. Got this Orange tree in Anna Maria Island Florida 4 years ago, wife planted it. Now have Minnesota grown orange and several orange blossoms.
  2. Yes, good realty show. Season 7 ended this past Jan. Simular to naked and afraid where a man and woman as a team spend 21 days in some nasty location only they each get 1 sunervial item verses 10 items on Alone where they are are alone on most series. Here is a link to history.com with a fair amount of info on the Alone show. https://www.history.com/shows/alone/cas
  3. Gen III Under Water Wireless Cam in the rough. Aluminum case, faster deploy/retrieve, greater resolution - night vision camera, 4ah Milwaukee M18 battery.
  4. Check out this video. Operator talks about several normal issues. Seems like frequent cleaning required due to rocks an algae build up. Add Zebra mussels would create additional headaches.
  5. I'm with Del on this one. M-18 9ah battery $199 has 15 EA 18650 batteries @$5 ea. M-18 8ah has 10 EA 21700 batteries @ $9 ea. $149. M-18 12ah has 15 ea 21700 cost $219. This new battery sells for $24 each which would make a 12 or 15 ah battery with 15 EA batteries price point at $500 - $600. I believe 30 extra holes would be a strech with the new battery.
  6. You could also go with the "Dry Flush" toilet, keep the door inside, refill cartridge cost $1 per flush. Rechargeable battery 300 flushes per charge. https://www.rhinoadventuregear.com/products/dry-flush-laveo-dry-flush-toilet
  7. I'm not a fan of convection heat. Ceiling and next to heater hot, floor and far corners cold. There are many post on what's the best ceiling or corner fan to move air in convection heated houses. On 12v & A/C power, there are 100 no issue successes to each failure only you seldom hear about NON issues, only hear about a few problems. I've had 2 RV's an 82' and current 95' both with converters, forced air heat, and 3 parallel deep cycle batteries and my current wheel house with maintainer. We showed dogs for 40 years 2 to 3 weekends a month across the U.S. where 75% of weekends were on park
  8. I built a non-sleeper wheel house several years ago. Use two 45ah car batteries in parallel for 90ah, $42 each in an insulated box. I put a 6' heat tape around the batteries. (Green circle) to keep them warm when house is not in use, which is plugged into home AC all winter. I have a 4 amp charger $30 with maintainer (yellow circle) hard wired to the battery. My total battery current draw average is about 2 amps with heater fan and running 25 min per hr. so after a full day fishing I use about 18ah of battery with re-charge time about 4 hours. When running my generator charger covers fill use
  9. Standard auto/trailer lights, clearance, signal, break etc. use 16AWG wire. There based on 13.8vdc (altimeter charging voltage) with a 5% volt loss for wire length. Inside your Yetti, the greatest 12vdc current draw will be your furnace, 35,000 BTU suburban draw 9 amps. Fishing electronics (FL-8 205ma, FL-28 275 ma, camera 300ma, 12v TV 480ma) 1000ma = 1Amp. Use LED lights, the draw about 20% current compared to iridescent lights.If you decide to use a 12vdc to 120vac converter to charge your auger batteries, I suggest you direct connect the converter to your battery with wire and clamps provi
  10. All camera "parts" are made in China or orient countries. Some are assembled in the U.S. Eyoyo out of China makes the 360 at about $250.00. One could also build there own wireless in a suitcase with level wind deploy/ retrieve, 360 rotate, single button DVR record and run on the M18 18v drill battery. I'll get some live video this weekend on my Ottertail trip.
  11. Built my own drop-down. Large wood glued panels at Home Depot. Slides are copular nets (barrel nuts) on 1/4" shaft. Table also great for cleaning fish. Fish Clean table HB.mp4
  12. When I built my wheelhouse 5 years ago I wanted total wheel alignment capability. I designed my axles around bolt on wheel hubs with ability to compound shim achieving correct camber and toe. Saw way too many boat trailers with serious worn tires due to hubs welded to axels. (Tire in photo attached to 2x4 was used during build so I could cut the grass.)
  13. I like simplicity, failure free. Old school works well. If coffee gets cold, turn knob, push button, wait 54 seconds its again hot. Probably been brewing coffee flawlessly longer than most have been alive. Generator not required.
  14. I agree Dell, one set of batteries for 2 applications is a bad idea as I stated in my first post. Question was "will it work?" It will work, but its a bad idea.
  15. Lead acid battery discharge is voltage related not amp/current. Amp hours are time based on about a 15% drop in voltage which is the same voltage where a DC motor stops turning. 12v battery flat volts is about 10.5v & 36v battery at 30v & motors stop turning. If you don't turn the motor switch off, discharge will continue down to 0 volts but battery will recover when re-charged. Not good for the battery to drop volts to 0v as it reduces the life of the battery. Lead acid discharge rate chart showing volt loss.
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