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  1. papadarv

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    USB cords and source are 5v at max 1.4A. Vex runs on 12v. Most LEDs are also 12v. May have extreme dificaulty to to get USB to 12v.
  2. papadarv

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    Lots of ways to share battery power. Most ice fishing Electronics run on 12 VDC so in many cases you only need a specific cable from source to equipment or run direct as with my camera compas panner. If going to higher voltage batteries 24v, 40v etc. you need a regulator or converter to reduce voltage to 12 VDC. Cables are often hard to find so I build mine. I use the base LM317 regulator with a couple capacitors & resistors to get desired output volts from 1.25v to 37v. The 3.2v regulator bottom right runs my my camera
  3. papadarv

    Runnings Bait Hours?

    Sounds like you might have difficulty Googeling. Thought I would help
  4. papadarv

    Building An Ice Fishing Chisel

    Built mine multi purpose. Nephew broke a winch, bit heavy on Fire Ball. I had a 1 1/4" pipe that bent lifting the side of house to get a Jack under to raise broken side. Got a 60" 1 1/4 solid steel shaft, welded a 1/4" thick chisel bit and a bull nose ring to attach rope. Lifted a greatfull guy's Ice Castle that broke a cable last year. Bit heavy at 26# so don't chip too much ice with it but it's a great Crowbar.
  5. Real decision is how much space is needed. Frabill is 6'6"x 6'6", Shappell is 7'6"x 7'6", Eskimo 949i ($289 Amazon & L&M free ship) is 8' x 8'. Find a spot in your home to tape off each hub size than cut 6ea paper circles to hole size and place on floor 3 people fishing. Mark door area on tape put all the gear the 3 people will use fishing, chairs, heater, rod case, coolers, minnow bucket tackle boxes coats etc and place inside marked floor. You will soon answer the question of which one to buy.
  6. The shappell 6500 doesn't appear to be insulated. Non insulated are cold <0 deg and will collect a lot of water & frost on walls and ceiling. My Eskimo 949i is 96x96" 3 is crouded 4 impossible no room for gear. I also use a full floor which makes a world of difference in comfort and heating. Clam insulated 6pack also a good hub with room. My floor 2 fishing
  7. papadarv

    Color Shading

    Yes cold drains cell phone batteries. As I use a Milwaukee drill and pull the battery to keep it warm allows putting a 12v adapter with USB charge port to keep my phone and tablet charged on early ice. Wheel house safe ice Its warm inside with a lot of 12v available.
  8. papadarv

    Homemade UV LED lure dip glow cup for a vex.

    UV light is not visible to human eye. They add color lens usually blue/purple
  9. papadarv

    Color Shading

    To me it's well worth it as I fish with the app linked to my Vexilar sonar. (Video in my above post) also re-map contours, upload to Navionics for daily updates along with many other Lowerance, Garmin, raymarine GPS/Sonar combo users. Weekly update I did today SonarChart maps showing Coon Lake update video attahed. $23.99 per year seems to be like pocket change compared to a $600++ GPS Sonar, $150 for a US chip another $150 for Canada which needs to be repurchased every couple years to stay updated. koko
  10. papadarv

    Color Shading

    Latest release combined the Boating and BoatingHD App's into one app. You still chose the region USA, USA + Canada etc. USA only has a $14.99 annual subscription and with Canada $29.99 annual subscription. You set up an account and cam put app on multiple devices at no extra cost. Log in and all your data from your previous ACTIVE service is transferred to new app. Garmin has added Active Captian (POI) as an overlay to the map on new app.
  11. papadarv

    Color Shading

    I was totally disappointed with the Boating app release of the 5 color contour shading. Prior to multi color the app had "Fishing Mode" with a contour band of white on light blue which gave high contrast to the GPS arrow while manual trolling a follow the contour. Color replaced fishing mode no longer exists. I could also use the white on blue fishing mode to identify a selected contour across the lake for planning. (Video Link). Contrast of the GPS arrow is basically lost with color shading. (See Pic). I have spent a bit of time using multi color and see little advantage to multi color.
  12. papadarv

    Homemade UV LED lure dip glow cup for a vex.

    Wine glass is steel, chromium I think very thin & strong. Out today small lake. Small 12v battery only dropped .2 volts with 30+ jig lights. Think I'll use 2 batteries in parallel should last a long time.
  13. papadarv

    Homemade UV LED lure dip glow cup for a vex.

    OK @leech got the UV Led strip & Ozark Trail insulated wine glass. Cut the top off the top of the wine glass (its steel not glass) removing the inside cup. Put UV LEDs inside. As I am still waiting for my 3 cell 18650 charge board I put together my Pre-Prototype using a 2023 12volt battery in holder with push button switch from my scrap bin and mounted on a 1x4. Going out go a local lake today & will post working results and how long the $1 battery last.
  14. papadarv

    M18 Wont Cut 8" Hole

    @Wanderer The 2804-20 is the Tool Only $149 and 2804-22 is the kit with 4ah bat, charger & hard case $299. There are 3 and 4 respectively at Home Depot Forest Lake. A bit far from Little Falls, but if your in the neighborhood stop by look for Darv in Hardware & Tools. I'm only there 20 - 25 hours a week on a random 8 to 5 schedule.
  15. papadarv

    M18 Wont Cut 8" Hole

    Not sure why this site does not find my logged in profile so I'll try again Correct run on drill only, also set drill on speed 1 slowest speed. Most of the above 1000 inch pound drills come with hammer option.