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  1. By road we are about 7 miles from the Pickled Loon. Probably a little closer by 4 wheeler trail.
  2. I'm not really a sushi lover but I'm not afraid of it either. When you said "raw tuna" I was thinking more of the seared ahi tuna I have had that is barely cooked on the outside and raw on the inside. If you've never had it, I suggest you try it. It is really delicious.
  3. My camper isn't very far from the Pickled Loon. We stop in there all the time for supper or to quench a dusty thirst when we ride by on wheelers. Where are you heading when you stop in at the Loon?
  4. The only cheese is in the polish sausage as Smurfy pointed out.
  5. Everybody left here are all old timers, I'm pretty sure we all remember the egg poking thing. I have since found the holy grail of egg boiling and that is using my wife's Instant Pot. They are done in 10 minutes and they peel like a dream. No poking required!
  6. Just got done making a fresh batch of icehole's pickled eggs. I added a couple pounds of jalapeno cheese polish sausage too.
  7. Big Dave2


    I'm busy on the weekends.
  8. Well, I'm a little behind the times (as usual) and am just getting ready to finally cut the cord. I've chosen YouTube TV as my streaming source. We already have NetFlix and Amazon Prime so I was looking more for sports, news and specific live tv stations that my wife likes to watch. I felt that YouTube TV was the bit fit for us. We just started the trial two days ago but I already know I like it and am going to discontinue our Mediacom cable that we have had for over 20 years next week. We already had one Amazon Fire stick for the living room TV but I have several more coming from Amazon soon. We only have one TV in the house that is an actual "smart" TV and it is old enough that it doesn't have the YouTube TV app so I will be outfitting all of our TVs with Fire Sticks so all the interfaces are the same no matter what tv we are using. I'll have to stick with Mediacom's internet service as it is the only really fast provider in the area but I can't wait to tell them to take their cable TV and shove it!
  9. That looks like a nice house? Where is the damage?
  10. Did you ever share your recipe for smoked fish here? I lost the one I used to use a long time ago and am having trouble finding one I like.
  11. At Rucks? Here's a pro tip, the only difference between polish sausage and wieners is the amount of garlic powder, otherwise it's the same recipe. Who waited on you?
  12. Big Dave2

    game fair

    I haven't been there for several years but I always liked it. Way better than any indoor sporting shows for sure.
  13. They do have salmon, cod some shrimp and pollock right now.
  14. If you are ever in Belle Plaine, stop into Rucks Meat Market and get a bag of Famous Seasoned Pork Patties. You can thank me later....
  15. I agree with this and it is what I normally do but if you do like BBQ sauce on your ribs, there's something to be said for caramelizing the sauce on the ribs in the cooker for about 30 minutes. IMO, way better than dunking it in cold bbq sauce.
  16. IMO, that's the most important part.
  17. I don't usually sauce because my family and I prefer just a good dry rub but I decided to sauce these because we were feeding a crowd and I figured most of those people would prefer sauce.
  18. I bought these ribs at cost from my buddy that owns a meat market and I still paid $95.00 for 6 racks.
  19. That would have been awesome! I could have went for some good bourbon today to go with my Busch Lattes!
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