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  1. No one has any info to offer?
  2. I have some pavers on a deck and recently saw about sealing them. I did the google and found a number of different products. Some seem to seal and others use a two step process and come up with a bit of a sheen. Keeping the deck looking decent requires an annual power wash and a pretty extensive effort to clean the discoloration from dirt and dust. Has anyone tried any of this? What was your opinion and recommendation. I assume I should put some of the poly sand back in place as it has disappeared over the years. Again, ideas and recommendation. Thanks for your t
  3. Thanks. It seems to work now. I don't know why and I guess I can't care. If I try to fool with it I will screw it up for sure. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I got these pictures of a bird on my birdbath today and I can't find it in my book. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time. Tom
  5. I have an attached 23 X 33 garage with a spancrete ceiling. I put in a gas furnace about 10 years ago and it has a simple plenum that sits atop the furnace and only puts the heat out in one direction about 4 feet above the ground. The garage stays above freezing without the furnace being on. When I want to warm it up I turn the furnace on and in 2-3 hours it is comfortable. But the heat stratifies and so it a problem. With your 10 foot ceiling you may have a problem. Couple of ceiling fans might help out a lot. But as Delchecci pointed out the contents of the building are a big heat sin
  6. Tom7227

    Clean up

    As you leave the ice today or when you pull your perm please take a few minutes and clean up anything that isn't snow or ice. There's no good reason to leave anything behind and it isn't that time consuming. Maybe you could even walk the perimeter a bit to see if there's trash that others have left. What would be your reaction is someone left all that stuff on your front lawn.
  7. I've done it before. Get the phone set up to sync and then work through it on the truck. This time Momma Ford told me that syncing was no longer available and to go to the Ford website. That didn't help me.
  8. All of a sudden my phone quit syncing in the 2014 F150. I tried to reconnect this afternoon and the truck told me that it doesn't work any more and that I should go to the Ford website. I did that and it was not at all helpful. Folks here seem to be able to cut through the BS. What's the way to get it to work again? Thanks for your time. Tom
  9. This information has been very helpful. Thank you all for taking the time and helping understand what are the various things to consider in making this decision. The info probably has saved a lot of money and prevented a lot of mistakes. Tom
  10. Part of the driveway is a hill going up to the street. Using Google Earth it look like it goes up 4 feet in a 30 foot run. That gives you an idea of what the problem is. Question also is asked whether EFI or carb rigs are better. No clue what that means. Thanks again. Tom
  11. Last week I asked about my daughter's new house with the large stone gravel driveway. Being considered now is an ATV with a plow. Looking at used as it will only be used for snow. I don't know anything about ATV's or the plows. I know that asking for brands will just get a Chev vs Ford type discussion going. My question has to do with what type of traction do you get with a plow on one. I have a garden tractor and when I put the snow blower on it I have to have wheel weights and a pig of iron on the back along with chains to keep traction. Is that the sort of thing that's needed with an
  12. Thanks again. Now the issue is how do you tell someone that the ideas she has are wrong. She has never accepted advice from me. Maybe I should have one of you guys contact her. No, actually I wouldn't do that to anyone.
  13. Thanks, that is exactly what is needed. But of course my mom wouldn't let me look at the chairs tonight so that's that.
  14. The legs are fairly long/wide rectangular and so I don't see this type of thing working. What I would really like would be some sort of device that had the shaft but a flat piece of plastic rather than the casters. But I've never seen anything like that.
  15. Mom just got wooden flooring installed in her kitchen. The chairs she has have casters, the ones with the shaft that gets inserted into the sleeve on the bottom of the leg. We'd like to get something was just a flat piece that wouldn't move so easily. Concern is that the 93-year-old will take a tumble if the chairs moves as she sits down.
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