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Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

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A little snowshoeing today and I came across some interesting tracks which have me baffled.  Anyone got any guesses?  2” Fresh powder on top of 8” of slightly crusted snow.  Feet go pretty deep.  No nail or hoof drag.  No print.  This is in the south metro area.  


The side side to side swing, sway or swagger is a challenge.  I can picture a Fox trotting with a rabbit in its mouth.  


What’s your guess!!??



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I must have deleted it, but I took a pic of my dog last winter as it was walking/trotting down the bike trail in front of me and it had just started snowing 15 minutes prior.


I took the pic because it was the same sort of swishing back and forth type tracks in the pic above, she has what I call "Elf paws", very furry. So the paws were not actually touching the whole time, but the paw fur was sweeping the snow on the blacktop.


I am guessing fox or coyote with a healthy winter coat.

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cool, I saw this exact same pattern last Saturday. saw it coming up the hill SW of me. So I turn the car around  and followed it 4 1/4 mile down the road to the cemetery, then into the cemetery. Then it went across a field so I stopped. I was thinking otter or possum or racoon?  fresh snow was only 1 inch deep. foot prints were kinda round and about 2 inches across. 

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