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  1. We have been out twice for short walks and have done very well. Three birds today in about 40 minutes and if I was ready when I got out of the truck I would have had my limit in a minute as about 15 birds bailed 10-20 yards from where I parked before I got the gun out of the truck. My relatives who farm where I hunt said today that this is the most birds they have seen in at least a dozen years
  2. Found a very tiny lake with some very colorful panfish. Probably spent 3 straight hours where as soon as the line on the dropshot tightened there was an immediate bite. Great size as well. All of them went back in the water. Too pretty to eat.
  3. Still a little small for the freezer
  4. look up the Otto Grill. Someone came up with it to try and replicate the way top restaurants sear their steaks with high heat. Like 1500 degrees. then like everything there are companies that took the design concept and offer it for less money. it is really amazing at cooking steaks. It can sear and cook a steak in like 5 minutes.
  5. Nope. Hotter than that. If you disagree take it up with the industry GASPRO Multi-Tasking Propane Infrared Outdoor Cooking Master, XL Steakhouse & Cast-Iron Griddle 2-in-1, Dustproof Foldable Panel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0836LS2Z9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_H7CZT3S0CH0AF02J1Y0Z?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I also added this gravity charcoal smoker this year to replace the pellet grill. I had some issues with it until I figured out a switch wasn’t set properly but man does it work nice. Definitely burns more lump and briquettes than the pellet grill did.
  7. Not smoke ( I’ll post that next) but I purchased this infrared steak cooker and have been running it this year. Cooks at like 1500 degrees. It has made some of the best tasting steaks I have eaten. far better than boiling in a bag
  8. I almost forgot the team still existed. Is Garnett gone too?
  9. Gently place said fish back in the water. Grab a nice steak on the way home and enjoy like a man. ?
  10. My son just moved to Rapid City this year and the snow apparently has been above average. He ended up buying a sled to ride around the area
  11. I had a couple 4 wheelers with plows for several years and they were great at moving snow. The only negative is having to plow things back far enough to be able to keep plowing as the snow gets hard and accumulates Plus you are moving the snow multiple times before you get it from point A to B. I eventually replaced that setup with a garden tractor and blower and to me that’s a better setup. You can blow the snow 20-30’ away and only move it once.
  12. I didn’t realize we changed the subject
  13. I suspect that is the case. The snow also makes it easier for wolf packs to run them down. It is not a good place to be a deer
  14. A friend of mine started doing it and got a few in his grove. He wanted to wait until pheasant season was over before he did anything outside his property so no dogs got caught up in any
  15. He was the best drummer in rock history. Not really even debatable.
  16. They should let electric trolling motors in there. For the old dudes
  17. The last two were Bob Dylan and Disturbed. Free tickets to both of them
  18. PurpleFloyd


    Lol yeah . Autocorrect is awesome.?
  19. PurpleFloyd


    Any reports on the ice conditions in the Starbuck and Osaka’s area? My dad and a group of friends are planning on their yearly spearing trip up there later this week if the ice is safe.
  20. Surprisingly they are made in China.? Originally I bought one that was B&W sold through the Cuddeback company called c-fish. I used that for a few years and then came across these with a better case and color lenses so I bought one. I’ve probably had it for 4-5 years and it’s nice to have. there are two types I found out. one lets the camera continuously rotate in either direction. You can switch direction, change the speed it rotates and stop it. The first one I had was like this. I would drill a hole in the center of the hub and set the camera so my son, his friends and I could watch the camera. It could see all the baits and when fish moved in from any direction we would be able to see it. the other kind does 360 but it will only to from 0-360 then stops and goes back to zero, stops and back to 360.that still works but I like the one that continuously rotates better. Both are better than trying to twist the cord until it points where you want.
  21. That’s a lot more common on commercial or agricultural buildings. Most cities require conduit but in ag you can run pvc.
  22. If you want a camera I would strongly recommend getting one that does 360 degree rotation. This type unlike the marcum rotates inside the housing so nothing moves to scare the fish. It’s a huge advantage when you can pan 360 degrees and see in every direction.
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