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  1. I figured you were looking for something new to replace your shakeweight.
  2. Weather terrorists strike again
  3. A bunch of the guys in my class had 2wd trucks through high school. They go though plenty of snow. Invest in an aggressive set of snow tires and use your right foot wisely. That’s a nice looking truck you have and it should last a few years with good care.
  4. Looks like you could also convert the top tank into a sue veed apparatus.
  5. They are probably wired differently. I’ve seen this happen. Actually I had a brand new 2015 Silverado 2500 diesel issued to me as a company vehicle and had issues galore with the factory wiring and the gooseneck trailer I was pulling. It was the biggest nightmare I’ve ever had and it was all with the factory Chevy wiring and integrated brake controller.
  6. Did the price double because of shipping or something else? Sounds like a great deal.
  7. I have never had an encounter with a vampire since I started using garlic on my lures so if nothing else there is that.
  8. Few blocks south of Madison avenue. The old original dominoes parking lot
  9. There are a pair sitting in a parking lot off riverfront in Mankato since last year. I think one might have been for sale but neither have moved in several months. Not sure that helps the resale value. Both are fairly customized.
  10. Nice to see you coming out of your shell
  11. On Sunday after the snow I went coyote hunting and the pheasants were out in force and grouped in the brush and thickets. I ended up just taking the dogs out for a little recreational training and I'm pretty sure we saw over 200 birds. I honestly don't think I have ever had a single day in Minnesota where we flushed more birds than Sunday. With a good spring next year could be one of the best years ever in my lifetime in this area.
  12. A few things- I have worked with wood once or twice. If you use maple, which is the standard, most homeowner saws will be underpowered to rip maple to thickness on edge. It's very dense and takes a strong motor and a quality blade. The saw marks will require a lot of sanding. A belt sander in inexperienced hands will make a mess. If you don't alternate the grain of the boards the cutting board will cup and you won't get it to slide in and out smoothly. You will probably need to start with .75 maple and then by the time you sanding both sides flat you will be close to 5/8". .I don't believe leech ever said how wide the cutting board needs to be. The best option is to get a ready made cutting board and have a shop with a wide belt or drum sander take it to 5/8 and be done with it unless you want to spend excessive time as a diy for personal satisfaction.
  13. I donate all my scrap lumber to an alternative school where the kids use it to make projects. if if he decided to make the trek south I could help him out
  14. Shim up the countertops. Buy a 3/4" cutting board and run it to a local cabinet shop and have them run it through the sander until it's 5/8". If you weren't so far away you could stop by here and do it
  15. Tear the house down and start over from scratch doing it right this time. i rarely do do cutting boards any more to be honest. Probably did maybe 1 in a kitchen in the last 3 years. besides, all the cool kids have these now lol.
  16. Is there no way to make a 3/4” cutting board work? They are readily available.
  17. PurpleFloyd


    Apology accepted lol
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