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  1. Tom Sawyer

    Just Food and Drink

    Some great flavored porters and stouts out there, that one sounds good...
  2. Be careful with this one.....
  3. Yes. Definitely Trillium....
  4. Tom Sawyer

    Spring Is Upon Us

  5. Tom Sawyer

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Horrible year for these guys already. Don't forget the DEET!
  6. Tom Sawyer

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Dandy Gobbler Don!
  7. Tom Sawyer

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Actually these are "slough pumpers" http://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/american-bittern
  8. Tom Sawyer

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Cell phone quality, but if this isn't a sure sign I don't know what is.......
  9. Tom Sawyer

    Spinners for stream trout

    Worden's Rooster Tails....
  10. Tom Sawyer

    Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

    Otter.... maybe a Bobcat with prey.
  11. Tom Sawyer

    Minnesota Shrimp

    Animal beer, well that explains it; always wondered what was in that chit....
  12. Tom Sawyer

    Minnesota Shrimp

    LOL! And in a can no less.....
  13. Tom Sawyer

    Jigs or Lindy rigs

    It greatly depends on how the fish are positioned in the water column. If they're hugging bottom, a sign of neutral or negative fish, I'll drop a jig first. Fished slow near bottom, sometimes just dragging it along works. Next, would be a longer snell lindy with a plain hook, maybe a single bead. Higher riding fish tend to be more aggressive, then a lindy spinner rig. Cover water with speed, keeping off bottom and in the strike zone. If that connects with fish, I'd grab a crankbait to eliminate the need for putzin' with livebait. Let the fish deside...
  14. Tom Sawyer

    Strikemaster Lazer Auger Blades

    Still a lot of bait shops doing it, just not in your area. Guess I'm fortunate where I live to have a sharpening shop in town that always does a great job; and for a fraction of even the exchange price. Never had to do the exchange deal; not a fan. The problem with the exchange is you don't know what your getting for what you gave up. Once the pitch is pounded out of wack, they need to go to the Strikemaster shop. Problem is you'll never know til you put them to the test. They can be sharp as a razor, but if they don't grab, GOOD LUCK! With now very close to 20 inches out there now, the old Lazar Mag has been sippin' gas, blowin' smoke and throwin' chips...
  15. Tom Sawyer


    I've found that scented plastics, which really aren't plastic at all work the best. Those that are actually plastic, I add scent to as I fish them. As far as knots go, a simple loop knot will increase the time your bait is in the water. Keeps your bait horizontal if things balance out right....