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  1. Yeah right,,,, Kinda tricky to do all on the grill at the same time. Nailed it, mmmmmmm
  2. Fabulous Armadillos, Pink Floyd tribute downtown StC Paramount Theater. Kansas was great there last year. If that doesn't count, Journey at the MN State Fair.
  3. Not always, it really depends on the structure and specie targeted. Sometimes, less is more
  4. You are correct, Lazers are terrible for reopening. A rock can pound nails, but a hammer works better mr eyeguy, didn't your drill have reverse? Here's more that might help......
  5. If you don't have a good drill already, or don't use it year round, I would go this route. What you need to keep in mind is, shaving blades will cut ice with less effort then chipper blades. Giving you more battery life and way less torque. However, if you like to reopen old holes, or overlap holes for sight fishing, spearing, or targeting larger fish you will want a chipper blade setup. Also, keep it mind augers are inner changeable, customizing is now the craze. My feelings on gas is they will never die. Once ice gets 24" its time for gas power for the style of fishing I do. By then I'm
  6. Pretty sure thats Wild Violet, not Hosta. Nasty stuff in a yard .....
  7. This thread is getting as good as the poking eggs, 12 pages of FUN to go. Carry on.... Someone should at least remind thatguy54 which site he's posting on. Hahahaha!
  8. Yeah, compound verbs can definitely be difficult to use correctly for some, I have seen. At least you'll have something more to edit thatguy54.... Hahahaha
  9. No... A guided fishing trip with the panman
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