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  1. PurpleFloyd

    Large Pullout Cutting Board Replacement?

    Is there no way to make a 3/4” cutting board work? They are readily available.
  2. PurpleFloyd


  3. PurpleFloyd


    Apology accepted lol
  4. PurpleFloyd


  5. PurpleFloyd

    We Lost A Sports Legend

    They are playing like Kenny "The Sodbuster" Jay tonight.
  6. PurpleFloyd

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I hope nobody is banking on Glen making a good personnel decision on a basketball team. He is exceptionally good at his core business ( or was before he stepped back) but he should have nothing to do with the basketball team except cutting checks
  7. PurpleFloyd

    Masterbuilt Electric smoker questions

    Yeah that's pretty standard when an old thread gets randomly dredged by a new member with literally no posts. But the biggest tipoff was they are supposedly from Detroit.
  8. PurpleFloyd

    Masterbuilt Electric smoker questions

    Throw it in a bag and fry it in water
  9. PurpleFloyd

    We Lost A Sports Legend

    Yep. Found every excuse to miss church so I could watch the East West connection and Dino pizza face Bravo.
  10. PurpleFloyd

    IceArmor Sub Zero Rubber Boots

    Yeah, I think mine were bought in 2009 and still going strong although I ripped one on a barbed wire fence last year but so far this year so good. I will buy another pair if this one fails.
  11. PurpleFloyd

    Want One!

    A Jeep with Mattracks would be better than that. An old fogie like you would need to carry a ladder to get over the tracks and into the cab and you would break a hip getting out.
  12. PurpleFloyd

    Gas Grill

    I made the switch to pellets and gave the charbroil grill away. I do have one of those Coleman road trip grills if I need one and now that the kids are gone that's probably all we will ever need again