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  1. I bought the Eskimo pistol grip this year and it has been great. Coupled with a Milwaukee drill. If the ice gets deep enough I bought the adapter to put the pistol but on my Eskimo gas auger head
  2. Hopefully. I have traditionally fished in very shallow water but I’m probably going to be trying deeper water with this
  3. Last night we got things ready for the ice. We installed lights and built a power box for the Eskimo flip and I got the Active Target and Carbon 12 wired up. I’m excited to see how that combo does on the ice.
  4. I went out with my son for about an hour and a half today. Walked two spots and saw probably 40 birds. Ended up with 4. It was a little challenging in the wind and they were jumping early but a few chose poorly. I had one of the best shots I’ve made in 20 years on one that jumped early, caught the wind and was 50-60 yards out when I shot. Lead it by 6-8 feet and it folded. Glad to see the numbers and hoping the winter doesn’t take a toll on them
  5. Last night didn’t do any favors for the lakes in the southern part of the state
  6. I haven’t had much time the past few years to get out on the ice because of moving and other things but I’m planning on a lot of ice time this year. Lots of my stuff was up there in age and most got replaced with updated versions. Anyone else itching to get back into it?
  7. Hopefully it gets fixed right. A friend has SM and he has looked at my Eskimo with the welded ring and wondered why SM doesn’t have that because he has had to do a lot of shimming and tweaking on his to keep the blades perfectly aligned. I just ordered the pistol grip bit and will use that with a cordless drill until the ice gets deep and then will use the adapter and put the gas head on it. that strikemaster looks like a great setup and really fast cutting. Definitely faster than the Eskimo by the look of it.
  8. Not hard to understand why he’s not focusing on football. He should retire and stay at home to play with his new toy
  9. It doesn’t sound safe. I advise you to drop it off and have me test it. I’m kind of an expert or something and the risk is too great for the untrained. But I will offer to provide a full report of my findings.
  10. And to think last weekend I was hunting in a T shirt. Welcome to Minnesota lol
  11. Get them fat and lazy now then they can feed you in retirement.
  12. Area 299 is open season this year. Shoot anything you want and generally that means a lot of does world be harvested but out of 9 deer we harvested this weekend only 2 were does.
  13. Looks like it was taken in Sam’s Club. That smoker ain’t even smoked up inside
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