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  1. PurpleFloyd


    Has BD2 confirmed if hell is indeed froze over?
  2. The dogs flushed one rooster the second day of the season which ended up in the bag and since that day I have been out 4 times and have not flushed a single bird. It’s terribly wet, muddy, crops are coming out but birds are not. My relatives who farm where I hunt have been seeing very few birds and some fields have none. I stuck around to watch one 40 that is probably the most prolific of all areas I hunt and not a single bird. Otoh there are deer up the wazoo this year. I don’t remember seeing more in this area and nice bucks. I jumped a 10 pointer from about 10 feet away last week. I need to try South Dakota
  3. Saw a few. Everything I normally hunt is standing water and with the amount of crops in the hunting in this area won’t be too good until things freeze solid
  4. I would focus on the CCA and get one with enough grunt to start a full size truck. My employee paid probably half a Hondo for his and mine was like a hondo.
  5. I know with mine I was able to jump a F150 with a bad battery 3 times in a row with the pack after it had been sitting for months.
  6. I’m not even sure. Bought it off the big river site. My employee bought his from Harbor Freight. My guess is they are all made in Asia and are probably sold under several names but work basically the same if you stay in the same price category.
  7. I have one and they are great. My job foreman had one last year that he was using to start his car in the big chill as it’s battery was going bad and I had never seen one. After watching him jump that car in the cold I bought myself one and one for each kid and they are nice.
  8. Even terrible teams win 3-10 games 0-16 against the Yankees. Welp
  9. Well, we lost the middle springer to throat cancer this spring and the Matriarch springer is now 14.5 years old and very frail. So a few weeks back the same Kennel we got our last Cocker from had a dog that was purchased and the owner had a medical issue and couldn’t take him so they brought him to Pine Shadows for some training and offered him up as a started 10 month old dog so we pulled the trigger and added another Cocker to the pack. This dog is looking to be a very promising. He didn’t have the drive for field trials but will be a superb ditch parrot finder.
  10. PurpleFloyd

    Vikings 2019

    It’s going to be OK. He isn’t Teddy and this isn’t his ceiling.
  11. All a byproduct of the MDDI.
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