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  1. PurpleFloyd

    Vikings 2019

    It’s going to be OK. He isn’t Teddy and this isn’t his ceiling.
  2. All a byproduct of the MDDI.
  3. We need more of those and less walleye
  4. Hmm. I drove up to Alex yesterday and back to Mayberry tonight after our trap shooting was over and it didn't seem that bad to me. I think there are as many or more in the southern part where they are getting pushed out of the rivers, creeks and sloughs from all the rain and flooding.
  5. Shouldn't we be focusing on teaching them to use the deer crossing signs?
  6. Leech is getting smarter in his increased age. I got rid of the gas grill and bought a pellet grill last year and couldn't be happier with it. I would never go back to a propane grill again except maybe one of those tailgater ones from Coleman.
  7. Maybe he finally remembered his password?
  8. And when it happens it will probably have one if it's main ingredients just happen to be alcohol based. Strange how that works.
  9. I say don't keep any gas in anything that is going to sit. Any problems with fuel are water problems not the alcohol. You take out the alcohol in Minnesota in winter you get frozen fuel lines. This was common in winter for decades until ethanol was added but they used isopropyl rather than ethyl alcohol. In fact many of the " remedies" are just other forms of alcohol. If you get so much water in the fuel that the alcohol gets saturated and phases out then you have a contamination issue and the problems won't be solved by removing the alcohol. You will just have more unbound water sitting at the bottom of your tank building sludge. Lots of the problems with small engines are derived from the chemicals that come up with the crude in the well. Companies blend this into the fuel rather than pay to dispose of it and that is what gunk's up the fuel system. Gumout was invented long before ethanol and carb cleaner was a regular maintenance procedure needed because of those chemicals mucking up the fuel system. Alcohol is a very good solvent and it does a good job of cleaning up deposits left from those chemicals but as a consequence of that cleaning action you will get clogged Jets and such periodically. But in that case alcohol is the good guy that is cleaning up the dump left behind by the fuel.
  10. I'm going out on a limb and guessing the brand is a PoPo.
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