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  1. A little snowshoeing today and I came across some interesting tracks which have me baffled. Anyone got any guesses? 2” Fresh powder on top of 8” of slightly crusted snow. Feet go pretty deep. No nail or hoof drag. No print. This is in the south metro area. The side side to side swing, sway or swagger is a challenge. I can picture a Fox trotting with a rabbit in its mouth. What’s your guess!!??
  2. Besides the big ceiling fan on the market, what do you use to circulate that nice warm air around your hub?
  3. I just changed from a Clam Denali to a hub. Lighting is very important, so I started scheming. (Half the fun of ice fishing!) came up with a post light, kind of like a landscape light, of course this is just intended to be used inside the hub. We like to fish with minimal light meaning "light where it is needed" so...using the anchor drill, very easy to post a light where ever you want it. Built a central power hub for lights and a fan, plus a cigarette lighter port for charging phones, etc.
  4. ^^awesome. I have a bud who engraves or inks his name and phone number on every piece of gear he has. It always gave me a chuckle, but I'm going to start this practice, too.
  5. Here is what we ended up with for our summer fish house camping experience. Works great. We have a plywood cover over a catch cover with two openings for a short in take duct and a long exhaust duct. We don't lower our house, winter or summer. So no worries with that.
  6. Built four, turns out I only need two. Work great. Just install a rail down the side of your fish house (see pic of rails) and you can attach the chair anywhere along the length. Full swivel, comfortable chairs. Fold up for storage/travel. These two have not been used. Material cost $67/ea to build. You can see more photos in my post "Cargo Trailer Conversion". PM any questions. Thx
  7. I'll take your "spare"! :-)
  8. MG in Duluth...we were up there over the holidays...needed a hole scooper. Googled "ice fishing supplies" found MG.. Holy cow!! That store is Mecca for ice fishing gear!! Spent a lot of time and a lot of money there! Good times...
  9. Sounds like a fantastic outing for you and your dad. My dad passed away a few years back, and I really wish I had put a Devils Lake trip together prior to our losing him. Enjoy your time together! I'm sure some of the HSO folks like picksbigwagon will gladly lend a hand/advice to make it a memorable experience for both of you! Wish I could join you up there but the dates don't work.
  10. Could be a regulator problem, I guess. I did try a 20lb tank that I had with me and it worked fine in place of the questionable 30lb tank. And after filling at Rogers, the 30lb tank ran fine the rest of the time we were up there. But, yes, it could still be the regulator. Any LP companies or co-ops in the south metro? I have both of my tanks at home now and I'd like to have a professional take a look.
  11. I have (2) 30lb tanks on my wheel house. One of them stopped working last week while on Upper Red. I ran it over to Roger's and the gentleman who filled it for me commented that it was still half full. (he was kind enough to only charge me for a 20lb fill) He made a comment that has me scratching my head, and I hope someone can help me. He mentioned that lots of places that fill tanks don't purge new tanks properly. And that when this happens, the tank may be forever unable to completely empty, thus reducing the tank to a much lower useful volume. Has anyone heard that before? I unders
  12. I like any headlamp that doesn't easily switch 'on' in your pocket and drain your batteries to zero. Of course, you only find this out when you need the darn thing to work! My petzls have a switch that is so stiff that I have to take a glove off to move the switch. I got an Energizer earlier this fall (couldn't find one of my Petzl's while packing for deer season...of course it was still in my ice fishing jacket pocket.) The Energizer switch is very easy to operate, and I have twice already found it turned on in my jacket pocket.
  13. I did put some 3M window seal plastic on the vent and it sealed up well. We were out for a few nights on Upper Red last week and I did not see any moisture above (inside) the 3M plastic. Easy fix!
  14. Layer 1, and 3/4" plywood furring strips. layer 2. I decided that I was never going to achieve a true "vapor barrier" as I wanted to be able to (possibly) fix wiring, etc issues in the future). It's aluminum, right? Will be out on Upper Red tomorrow for our first "on the ice" experience. (Worked great during deer season!)
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