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  1. Like others have said, Impulse mayflies on a 3 or 4mm tungsten jig is my go-to for panfish. If you are targeting deeper crappies or big fish only give the Lindy frosted spoons a try, 1/16 works quite well tipped with a minnow head or waxies.
  2. Line mess and loops in the line are some of the downfalls of fishing inlines with 3-4mm tungsten jigs. I aint got all day to wait fot it to drop with the free spool...lol Always ripping line off, trying to control the spool with my thumb... Fish won't wait forever
  3. Hes kinda like the Highlander.... There can be only one
  4. Got the k-drill first ice last winter. Have roughly 5000+ holes drilled (I fish kinda hard) Drill through dirty ice about half the time, hit a tree branch or two along the way as well. Was out this last Sunday, 5inches of ice...still very sharp. I did touch them up with a file once or twice durring the season.
  5. Yes, there are two different ones. The one that comes on the combo has green anodized aluminum accents... The one that comes as a jist the reel is all black. I played around with both, the all black model seems a little smoother
  6. I guess for a buck you can't go wrong. Those oil burners were always fun Watched a buddys house go up in flames as the wind was pushing the house across glare ice, with him unsuccessfully attempting to chase it down....lol
  7. Nice shots, bud! Pretty cool you got a hummingbird.
  8. Few from recent trips...all big ones released
  9. Been hitting a few different lakes the last week in search of gills that are not bedding yet. Found a small pond with some huge gills. Top one went well over 10inches, one of the most colorful gills I have ever seen. Second one is my fourth biggest gill I have ever gotten. 11in long, 5.5 in tall and fat as it could have been. Both are still swiming....hopefully to be caught again and again.
  10. Thought you roasted or smoked all those tree rats...lol. Good eats
  11. A crappie this winter...a walleye a few yrs back... Don't leave your fish on the ice when bald thieves are overhead
  12. Sure puts the Ion to shame....
  13. Milwaukee has a 9ah battery out now... Will be picking up a couple this summer
  14. That really isn't all that many.... I figure I have well over 4000 already drilled this winter.
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