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  1. Nobody wants to see my man tiddies. But maybe showing them would result in HSO sending me a hoodie to cover them up?
  2. This got me curious, so I checked my profile and sure enough, I'm coming up on 10 years myself on 12/30. However, over those 10 years I've posted WAY less topless selfies than Leech has!
  3. Getanet

    Upper Red - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    As Leech said, I would contact Johnny P with Red Lake Remotes. He used to post a lot on this site and seemed to know the lake like the back of his hand. He started a few years ago with just portable houses in order to go "remote" but now has sleeper houses.
  4. Alright ladies and gentleman, Xmas is almost here and I've been assigned the job of cooking a prime rib. I am considering doing it either in my smoker (electric) or the rotisserie on my gas grill. I have never done a prime rib either of these ways - and would like some opinions from those that have on which is the better/best way. I haven't used my smoker in the middle of winter, so I know I would need to test it before hand to make sure it can maintain a temp in the cold - but let's just assume it does. For what it's worth, here are some other details: Boneless Size - I'm not entirely sure, but probably 6-8 lbs (the rotisserie has a 10lb limit) 3 kids will be eating it. I only mention that because sometimes kids don't like a heavy smoked flavor. Thoughts?
  5. Way off topic, but who would have guessed Joe Rogan is such a Renaissance Man? I still remember him from the News Radio sitcom, but I also just watched a few of his stand-up routines, and I know he's involved UFC. I didn't know he did podcasts that covered such broad topics.
  6. I realize that. I highly doubt many people really know that much about CWD (I certainly don't) - but some have gotten very good at perfecting their arguments for or against doing anything to further prevent the spread. It's also a bit eye opening to learn who is behind some of the social media groups. For example, the MN Deer Density Initiative, which originally started out with a fairly simple message that our deer herd was too low and hunters shouldn't shoot does, to in my opinion becoming more of a conspiracy theory group that thinks the DNR is out to destroy the herd (and lately seems to get its kicks from ridiculing anyone or any group that goes along with the DNRs plan). Brooks Johnson was one of the founders of MDDI, and it was interesting to me to recently learn that he is a deer farmer. Brooks is/was also very involved with the MN Bow Hunters Associations. So it gives you a different perspective when you read those two group's Facebook posts about CWD.
  7. If CWD was that easy to spread, wouldn't it pretty much cover the whole state, if not most of North America, by now? IMHO, the battle against invasive species has been lost due to a combination of ignorance, indifference or laziness by boat owners. Most of the spread could have been prevented, but that's a whole other ball of wax.
  8. Getanet

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    For what it's worth, our shack was built on skids - railroad ties actually I believe - the guys used whatever they could find at the time. The shack had to be moved once, and it's nearly 30 years old now. But either from the move or rotting, the floor has buckled pretty good in a few places - not much is level in our shack. It only gets used a few weekends a year during deer hunting so no big deal to us.
  9. Getanet

    Gopher Nation 2018

    The rowboat is about to be harnessed with two 250 Horse outboards. We're going to be flying across the college football landscape with Gopher fans holding on for dear life as we wave to the pretty girls in the stands and make 'Bama, OSU, Clemson and all the rest choke on our wake. Ya better book your hotel for next year's Championship game before it's too late!
  10. Getanet

    Plan Your Success

    That is the one. Many Gracias. I had found a few other related threads, but all the pictures had been removed and any links to other threads were dead.
  11. Getanet

    Plan Your Success

    Are you the guy who built a small windmill with a car alternator to power his ice fishing house? Someone posted that a few years back, with pictures, and it looked ingenious. Would probably take hours to sift through the archives to find it.
  12. I'm not very optimistic about that. Maybe my opinion is skewed from what I've seen on social media - which granted always makes up a small portion of the overall hunting public - there are a lot of guys/groups convinced that the best thing to do about CWD is nothing; and that the DNR is either incompetent or has an agenda to basically destroy the deer herd in MN and CWD is the boogeyman to help them achieve their master plan.
  13. Getanet

    Plan Your Success

    For me a "successful" trip is about being comfortable and having fun - I don't get out nearly as much as I would like, so I had to quit basing my success on whether I caught any fish or not. For a short outing, that means making sure I'm warm and that all the various batteries I need are fully charged. But for a weekend trip with buddies it's all about the food. I like to be the resident "chef" so I spend a lot of time planning the menu and making sure not to forget all the ingredients and utensils that are necessary. If I left it up to my buddies we would probably be eating a pack of cold hotdogs they grabbed at the gas station.