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  1. Affleck - Goodwill Deer Hunting Keanu - Bill & Ted's, followed by the 1st Matrix Brad - Seven Robert Redford - The Natural Chevy Chase - Caddy Shack Nick Cage - ConAir
  2. I haven't looked at those, but I certainly will. That's exactly what I had in mind - something I could easily add or remove.
  3. We bought two kayaks that were on sale at Costco this past weekend. They are the sit-in kind, and not designed for fishing. My parent's cabin is on a smaller 250-acre lake, so they are perfect for paddling around on that. However, after using them for the first time I can totally see why people love to fish out of kayaks and it has me thinking that bringing the kayaks along on future fishing trips might be more enjoyable than hauling a boat, under the right circumstances... I was fairly certain I could find a clamp-on type of rod holder to use they kayaks for fishing when I wanted, but everything I've found online appears to bolt on. I'd rather not drill holes in a brand new kayak if possible. Does anyone know of any clamp-on type of rod holders, or any other recommendations for adding a rod holder that isn't permanently affixed?
  4. If you need to watch live sports you might not be saving that much. Many streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu are pretty cheap, but the ones that stream live sports, like PSVue run $30-50/month range.
  5. I bet you're right about Cabelas. As for Fleet Farm, I've been really disappointed in the Lakeville location lately. Over the past year their prices have gone up, they are often out of the item I'm looking for, and they usually are understaffed at the checkout lines. Perhaps it's just that one store, but I kinda doubt it. Hope they turn it around because I used to love FF and I'm starting to head to other stores now.
  6. Thanks Papa Dave, I'll look into that.
  7. I have an insulated Eskimo Quickfish 3i, or maybe I should say had one. On my last ice fishing trip of the year some of the poles got tangled, and since it was getting later in the afternoon and I wasn't even set up yet, instead of taking my time, I did what any red-blooded American would do and pulled and swore and pulled even harder until I snapped one of the poles. I know those can be replaced, but this past weekend I was trying to get it set-up in my yard to find out what year mine was (2015 has different length poles than all other years) and low and behold it's really hard to get a hub set up when one of the poles is broken. So I wrestled around in my yard with it, broke a few more poles and gave it a few Hulk Hogan leg drops for good measure. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas for what you could do with a hub shell - or does anyone in the South Metro want an insulated hub shell? The shell is fine, no rips or tears, maybe some dirt/mud on it from our wrestling match. Otherwise it's going in the trash.
  8. I bought a 3-burner Spirit after my wedding 7 years ago. Just took the cover off it this weekend to make some burgers. The igniter didn't work - and when I went light it with a lighter I poked one of the flavor bars, which fell apart in some places. I haven't had time to look at the igniter issue, but I know the flavor bars don't last forever. I don't think I'll get 20 years out of mine, but it's been pretty dependable so far.
  9. No, but you have me intrigued.
  10. Oh, not sure what the consensus of the crowd is here, but the next gas grill I buy won't have a side burner. I thought it would be a neat feature and paid a little extra for the model that had it, but after or or two uses the burner never worked right. At least this one has a lid on it, so I can still use that side of the grill to set stuff on, but I found it basically to be a waste of money.
  11. I don't know how new the "newer" ones are, but mine is 7 years old. It's pretty decent, but not as solid as some of the older models I've used. I haven't had to replace any components yet, but I'm fairly certain I can find replacement grates, flavorizing bars, etc at most retail stores that sell Weber grills, and I know I can find them on Amazon. I also have a Weber charcoal grill, so my gas grill doesn't get used as much as some might use theirs. If I were to ask a few of my buddies, they would say they only grill you should ever buy is a Big Green Egg. Not a gas grill, and while they seem to work great, they are certainly expensive.
  12. I bought a 3-burner Weber Spirit 7 years ago. It has porcelain coated grates. One of bars on the grate broke at the weld a few years ago, but as long as I don't pick it up from that spot it doesn't cause a problem. The "flavorizing" bars are starting to have a few small holes forming in them, but again, no big deal to me. Overall I've been very happy with the Weber. However, it was a wedding gift from my buddies (a group of us used to go in on a nice grill when someone got married) so I didn't have to cough up my own dough for it.
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