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  1. Getanet

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I have to admit, I only watched the fourth quarter and overall thought the team looked pretty good. But unless I missed it and he's hurt, can anyone explain how Okogie sat the bench the entire game? I know the knock on Thibs his entire career is that he's hard on rookies and doesn't play them much, but considering the Butler situation, is he that myopic on getting a W the first game of an 82 game season that he doesn't understand he needs to start developing players that will still be here after Butler's gone? Even if Butler never leaves, he has to start developing some depth. You can't tell me Okogie couldn't have been useful as a defensive replacement for a few minutes. Maybe I missed something and Okogie is hurt. But if not, Thibs lack of developing our bench is as egregious as his handling of the Butler situation so far.
  2. Apparently it's so obvious that Nils is the premier auger on the market that nobody even bothers to argue otherwise anymore!
  3. Getanet

    Ehd Found In MN

    I hear ya. Although unlike CWD, I don't think there will be as much debate among different hunting groups about how bad the effects are and what, if anything, should be done about it. Doesn't help the deer any, but at least it won't turn into debates/accusations/conspiracy theories that rival any political campaign.
  4. This is not good news: http://www.startribune.com/virus-new-to-state-s-deer-inflict-quick-and-suspicious-deaths-in-herd-near-twin-cities/497832721/ "Quick and suspicious" deaths of several deer this month in a captive herd south of the Twin Cities are being attributed to a virus never before seen in deer in Minnesota, state officials said Wednesday. The Minnesota Board of Animal Health has confirmed the first cases of epizootic Hemorrhagic disease (EHD) in seven animals in a small herd of captive white-tailed deer in Goodhue County. There is no specific treatment or vaccine available in this country. Six of the deer died this month, the agency said, while a remaining buck "appears healthy at this time and is showing no clinical signs associated with this disease." While this is the first detection of EHD among deer in the state, it is widespread across North America. There are no known health risks to humans, the Board of Animal Health said. EHD has previously been detected in two Minnesota cattle in southern Minnesota — in Brown County in 2012, and Murray County in 2013. "This virus is transmitted between deer by biting midges, or gnats, which are most active in the fall before they are killed by the first frost of the season," said Dr. Mackenzie Reberg, senior veterinarian with the Board of Animal Health. "These bugs can't travel far on their own, and we're concerned by this detection because the herd owner hasn't moved deer onto the property for several years." The "quick and suspicious deaths of the animals," as the agency's announcement characterized them, alarmed the owner, who worked with a veterinarian to submit tissues from the carcasses to the Iowa State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for investigation and confirmation. Many deer species may be infected with EHD, but white-tailed deer are highly susceptible and experience high rates of mortality. Most die within 36 hours of clinical signs, which can include fever, anorexia, lethargy, stiffness, respiratory distress, oral ulcers, and severe swelling of the head and neck. The Board has notified the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources of the newly confirmed cases.
  5. You can switch the Helix to the same dial-type view as a Vex. The newer models even show you how wide your cone is - and you can adjust it wider or narrower. This isn't my bird, just one I found online.
  6. I have an FL18 that works good. But last year I bought the Hummingbird Helix 5 GPS G2 and so far love it. Vex makes a good unit and I don't have anything bad to say about them, but here are the reasons I like the Helix more, in no particular order: 1) It instantly tells you what depth you're at. No more having to switch dials for every 10 foot increment until you find the bottom. 2) It comes with GPS, and if you add a map chip you can pick a spot and drive or walk right to it. It seems hard to imagine ice fishing now without using a lake map. 3) You can also save spots, so you can return right to it the next time. 4) You can make adjustments if you're getting interference from another flasher. The humm of a Vex never really bothered me, but the Helix is dead quiet. I will say the Helix seems more like a computer than the Vex, so it feels a little more fragile. Speaking off, anyone in the market for a barely used FL18?
  7. Getanet

    Anterless Permits

    Managed zone for me this year (and last), but unless I see more deer this year than last, I will still probably hold out for a buck. Of course, I can say that now since it's only October and I'm warm sitting behind a desk and not cold and sitting in a stand.
  8. Getanet

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    Oh, also, critters. We get tons of mice in there, which is to be expected. What wasn't as expected is the amount of wasps that start dropping under from the ceiling panels when the wood stove gets fired up the first time. And the skunk that made it's home under the shack. I don't think you can do much about any of that, accept stock up on Decon, fly swatters and moth balls. You mentioned yours will be built on blocks, that's why I mentioned certain critters might find it a nice place to live under if they can.
  9. Getanet

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    My crew hunts out of a primitive shack that basically just gets used during the firearm season. Was just a pup when it was built, so no idea about what went into the actual building process, but here is what I know based on what we have: 1) Go bigger than you think you'll need. Especially once you get any furniture in there at all you'll wish you had more room. 2) Try to keep the wood stove out of the way as much as possible - pain in the you know what trying to walk by it when it's piping hot. 3) If you have bunks, put small windows up there if at all possible. The guys on the top bunk will be dying of heat and having a small window to get some air can be a lifesaver. 4) The area right behind the wood stove, and the hole in the roof the pipe runs through- rotted the quickest in our shack. Not sure if there's anything you can do about it, but maybe you have some ideas. 5) Once you get it wired for a generator, a ceiling fan is great to move the heat around - and clearing the air if people smoke in it. Glad to hear you'll be able to add insulation later. November in Warroad - I'm guessing it will be added before year 2!
  10. Getanet

    K-drill roll call and update

    Looks like their version of a Nils. I own a Nils and am really happy with it. However, the convenience of having replaceable blades for the Pistol could be appealing to some, rather than having to send the whole Nils head/blades in to a pro to get sharpened.
  11. Getanet

    Fish House Rental-not Through A Guide

    Thanks guys, I will take a look at these.
  12. Does anyone know of a place in the Brainerd Lakes area where you can rent a wheelhouse that you're able to tow yourself? I'm not referring to renting through a resort or guide, where you're restricted to the lake and spot they put the house on. I'm looking for one I can haul around.
  13. Getanet

    Master Toasting Bread

    I see it all the time at Cub. They had a big sale on it Sunday night - maybe they were trying to get rid of it.
  14. Getanet

    How Would You Handle This.

    Honestly, I would probably do what you did and tell my kid he did everything right, but to move on. This is assuming you didn't get the impression the guy was going to change his mind when you spoke to him. Unless you know her, the last thing the landowner probably wants to do is get involved in the dispute. And I'm sure you don't want your kid out there alone, not knowing if the older guy will confront him or how unreasonable he could be if he does.