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  1. Unfortunately not. The week came and went before we even had a chance to think about it. I did get my brother in law out ice fishing once, so he got a little taste of what Minnesotans do for fun in the winter. Was hoping for a bunch of snow so he could snowplow my driveway!
  2. Was pulling for the Gophers, but it was a very entertaining game even for the casual fan with no rooting interest in which team won. Really surprised with how well our O-line handled their D-Line. I would think that game also opened some eyes on the recruiting trail. Our offense wasn't a typical boring Big 10 run heavy attack and the whole team seemed like they enjoy playing with each other and for Fleck.
  3. I have a 6 inch Nils that I use with a Dewalt 20V. If I could do it again I might go KDrill, but maybe not. Either way, these new augers that connect to a cordless drill are amazing. Just like when I switched to a Helix w/GPS or got Lasik done, get one and you'll be asking yourself why you didn't do it sooner.
  4. I found a recipe and made some last Friday to bring to my family Xmas on Saturday. Needless to say we never made the drive to Wisconsin with the rain/ice we had. Mine turned out pretty good, although I wish I could have cut some of the fat off first. I also didn't use a drip pan at the beginning, and looked out the window after about 45 mins to see grease pouring out the bottom of my smoker. Once I got that fixed they turned out pretty good. I probably won't be using my smoker again until Spring and will probably need to hit the inside with a pressure washer before I do!
  5. That stinks. I'm sure you're right about the ducer. Good luck!
  6. Could possibly be an issue with the frequency setting, or perhaps your cone angle? Just spitballing. The issues of having it shut down when you toggle between views isn't normal and shouldn't be happening.
  7. Holy cow those look good! Do you put a rub on them...any sort of recipe for them?
  8. Not to shift the focus of this thread, but if anyone has an Instapot, making hard cooked eggs in those is extremely easy too and the shells peel right off (as long as you give them a soak in cold water). I prefer the Instapot method because the eggs are stationary and I get less broken ones that way. Whenever I boil them I always get a few that smash into each other.
  9. I love my St. Croix Rod during the summer. A few years back I bought a St. Croix ice fishing rod/real combo for around $40. The rod was OK, until the tip snapped off. The reel on the other hand was a total piece of junk. The drag was the worst part - clunky - would catch every half-turn. When the rod tip broke I didn't even keep the reel as a back-up, threw the whole thing in the trash. That was my experience then. Maybe they've improved - also realize $40 doesn't buy you top of the line stuff, but was surprised to see St. Croix put their brand on such junk.
  10. My sister and brother-in-law are coming to stay with us the week of Christmas. He prefers to come here in the winter as he's lived in the South most of his life and enjoys experiencing a different season. He's in the military and a bit of a gear head, and I think he'd love snowmobiling. I've tried to find places to rent snowmobiles at a reasonable price, but most of them are $200+ for a day or less. Seeing as we'd need 2 machines and I'd like it to be my treat, that seems like a lot of $$$ for a few hours of fun. Just wondering if anyone knows of any more affordable places to rent them? Would be willing to drive a few hours from the Twin Cities.
  11. Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't the egg cook in the boiling water? I'm picturing coffee with bunch of floating bits of scrambled eggs floating at the top.
  12. How is the Blaine Event? Been meaning to go, but it's during the deer hunting season - at least it was this year and I seem to recall it's usually during the firearms season.
  13. I went 2 years ago and got about $50 off on the Helix I wanted. Brought the whole family, including an infant in a stroller. Wouldn't do that again. The place was packed. I would have loved it if I went by myself. But as it was, my wife and kids found a spot they could hunker down, I went to buy the Helix, and we got out of there.
  14. They aren't exactly new, but if you haven't looked at the new Aqua Vu Micro Revolution underwater cameras they are pretty slick. The reel for the camera cord is a really great feature. And the actual camera you drop down the hole is a lot smaller than the old ones that were shaped like a panfish and seem to bother the fish less. Just something to look if money is burning a hole in your pocket. Also, not electronics, but the Bait Up minnow holders seem pretty slick for guys trying to be as mobile as possible.
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