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  1. Not yet. I haven't actually bought it from my dad yet. I figure we'll get to that point in a month or two.
  2. Wow, I should pay you a consulting fee. Thanks RL_SD. Do you do this type of work for a living, or just knowledgeable about it?
  3. Thanks RL_SD. I didn't understand much of that, but it certainly gives me something to look into. In terms of the battery, you are correct that the battery sits exposed under a shelf and we take it home to recharge each time we go fishing.
  4. Thanks for the tip Leech.
  5. My dad is looking to get rid of his ice castle and I will probably buy it. It's only a 4-hole and the lights and furnace just connect to a car battery kept inside the house. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would be a lot of work to get it wired up so I could run everything off my generator? I'd like to have one standard electrical plug-in inside to charge cell phones or run a TV or whatever. I'm assuming this wouldn't be major task for a professional, but maybe I'm underestimating how much work is involved? (I know I could always run an extension cord out the window or under the door, but I'd rather not).
  6. Wow, didn't realize you are the Nils sharpening guy Surface Tension. I sent my blades into you this summer and got them back in a day or two. Unfortunately for both of us I didn't get out much this winter so definitely won't need the blades sharpened again for a while.
  7. You, Sir, obviously don't take enough dump with you when you go fishing!
  8. Thanks guys I'll look into both options. Leech, it is interesting we joined at the same time. I spent too much time in Sillytown, so don't stop back here nearly as often as I once did. You're killing me on number of posts!
  9. This what the back of mine looks like. I was thinking I could mount the gun holder type of grips to the metal bar in the back, if they're strong enough to hold - which is sounds like they are. I will research those previous threads though and see if I come across better ideas. Thanks Leech.
  10. I just purchased a used 2up, which is the first snowmobile I've owned and I plan to primarily use it for ice fishing. What is everyone using for auger racks? Are the Kolpin grips strong enough to hold an auger? I have a Nils auger which is very light, but I got the sled with the idea my dad could use it when he's at the cabin, and he has an ION that is about 22 pounds. I see the Kolpin Rino Grip Pros are rated to 50 pounds, but I wasn't sure if that's a best-case scenario and not banging around while driving. I got a 2011 Polaris IQ LXT if the make/model matters. Thanks for helping a newby out.
  11. Good advice Bobby, and timely. I have a hot lead on a snowmobile - now if I can just get my printer to work to print out one of these sales templates! I've been looking for an older, yet decent, 2-up and holy cow do they go from listed to sold in about 20 minutes.
  12. I've never owned a snowmobile but looking to get a decent used one for the family cabin. I'm finding a lot of the ones I like over in Wisconsin. Can anyone tell me what the process is for registering a used, out of state snowmobile here in MN? Heck, for that matter I don't even know if I need a title or other documentation for buying a used one in MN. If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it.
  13. I don't run tip-ups much, but could definitely see how they could be beneficial there. Personally, there's nothing worse than having a slow day on the ice, then finally having the bobber go down a few inches and then just hover. Now you're playing the guessing game of "should I set the hook" or shouldn't I? With the circle hook you can give them plenty of time without having to worry as much about a gut hook.
  14. I know circle hooks are becoming more popular with many fisherman, particularly during open water season when bobber fishing. I tried them this summer and have had pretty good success. But does any use them for ice fishing? Seems like they would be great for dead sticks or rattle reals so you could give them plenty of time to take the bait. There's nothing worse than coming up empty on your hook set. Just curious if they are as popular during the winter as they are in the summer.
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