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  1. I love my St. Croix Rod during the summer. A few years back I bought a St. Croix ice fishing rod/real combo for around $40. The rod was OK, until the tip snapped off. The reel on the other hand was a total piece of junk. The drag was the worst part - clunky - would catch every half-turn. When the rod tip broke I didn't even keep the reel as a back-up, threw the whole thing in the trash. That was my experience then. Maybe they've improved - also realize $40 doesn't buy you top of the line stuff, but was surprised to see St. Croix put their brand on such junk.
  2. My sister and brother-in-law are coming to stay with us the week of Christmas. He prefers to come here in the winter as he's lived in the South most of his life and enjoys experiencing a different season. He's in the military and a bit of a gear head, and I think he'd love snowmobiling. I've tried to find places to rent snowmobiles at a reasonable price, but most of them are $200+ for a day or less. Seeing as we'd need 2 machines and I'd like it to be my treat, that seems like a lot of $$$ for a few hours of fun. Just wondering if anyone knows of any more affordable places to rent them? Would be willing to drive a few hours from the Twin Cities.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't the egg cook in the boiling water? I'm picturing coffee with bunch of floating bits of scrambled eggs floating at the top.
  4. How is the Blaine Event? Been meaning to go, but it's during the deer hunting season - at least it was this year and I seem to recall it's usually during the firearms season.
  5. I went 2 years ago and got about $50 off on the Helix I wanted. Brought the whole family, including an infant in a stroller. Wouldn't do that again. The place was packed. I would have loved it if I went by myself. But as it was, my wife and kids found a spot they could hunker down, I went to buy the Helix, and we got out of there.
  6. They aren't exactly new, but if you haven't looked at the new Aqua Vu Micro Revolution underwater cameras they are pretty slick. The reel for the camera cord is a really great feature. And the actual camera you drop down the hole is a lot smaller than the old ones that were shaped like a panfish and seem to bother the fish less. Just something to look if money is burning a hole in your pocket. Also, not electronics, but the Bait Up minnow holders seem pretty slick for guys trying to be as mobile as possible.
  7. It's funny because when I saw this thread pop-up I thought, "whoever this guy is, if you're that high up off the ice you'll have problems" and then I looked and saw the original question was actually posed by me. Long story short we got rid of that camper years ago. We did find some scrap PVC-type tubing that my buddy's brother-in-law got at a construction site he was working on back then. We were able to cut them to length and they worked for blocking the wind and keeping the holes open. However, that's a long way up to pull a fish out of a hole and anything with any size usually broke the line or spit the hook. Anyway, my experience was trying to convert an old camper into a permanent style fish house wasn't great. They weren't designed for ice fishing so you had to put the holes were you could - not necessarily where you'd want them to be. The one we had was also pretty drafty - we tried to seal it as best we could be it still got colder than you'd hope for.
  8. My family has always processed their own deer, but this year for a variety of reasons took my dad's buck into Bakken's on Sunday. Another guy we hunt with brought his in there on Opening Day for the first time ever too. $115 for most deer I believe, a little less for a fawn, and a little more for a really big buck. You get your own meat back if you're having it cut into steaks, chops, etc. If you're getting it processed into sticks, summer sausage, etc it gets mixed in with all the rest. At least that's what they guy we hunt with said he was told. Of course, if you don't head up that way often you'll have to drive back up to Stanchfield and back - make sure to stop at the Brass Rail in Grandy for some broasted chicken!
  9. Affleck - Goodwill Deer Hunting Keanu - Bill & Ted's, followed by the 1st Matrix Brad - Seven Robert Redford - The Natural Chevy Chase - Caddy Shack Nick Cage - ConAir
  10. I haven't looked at those, but I certainly will. That's exactly what I had in mind - something I could easily add or remove.
  11. We bought two kayaks that were on sale at Costco this past weekend. They are the sit-in kind, and not designed for fishing. My parent's cabin is on a smaller 250-acre lake, so they are perfect for paddling around on that. However, after using them for the first time I can totally see why people love to fish out of kayaks and it has me thinking that bringing the kayaks along on future fishing trips might be more enjoyable than hauling a boat, under the right circumstances... I was fairly certain I could find a clamp-on type of rod holder to use they kayaks for fishing when I wanted, but everything I've found online appears to bolt on. I'd rather not drill holes in a brand new kayak if possible. Does anyone know of any clamp-on type of rod holders, or any other recommendations for adding a rod holder that isn't permanently affixed?
  12. If you need to watch live sports you might not be saving that much. Many streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu are pretty cheap, but the ones that stream live sports, like PSVue run $30-50/month range.
  13. I bet you're right about Cabelas. As for Fleet Farm, I've been really disappointed in the Lakeville location lately. Over the past year their prices have gone up, they are often out of the item I'm looking for, and they usually are understaffed at the checkout lines. Perhaps it's just that one store, but I kinda doubt it. Hope they turn it around because I used to love FF and I'm starting to head to other stores now.
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