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Jeremy airjer W

Week 8 Winner

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Rip_Some_Lip scores his second weekly win of the year this week topping his personal best this year by 11 points. The first win was week five with 344 points. Congratulations R_S_L!!

Rip_Some_Lip 355

Fishing_Novice 353

Tunrevir1 340

metrojoe 339

amp88 ® 337

BpAki987 ® 336

HOF#13 336

Reef Runner 334


BigDave2 ® 327

Capt.Blaine © 326

takem34 ® 323

BEAST/smoke20 321

1lkstage 319

gregg52 ® 314

The Pro ® 313

juneau4 313

Sifty 311

Sutty 307

Harvey Lee © 301

delzz7 300

SledNeck ® 298

DDT26 294

eye8pout2 ® 294

Trick ® 284

Iron Cowboys 283

walleyes12 ® 283

mnwildman 282

88fan ® 282

Uncle Bill 282

elevatorguy ® 281

RosoRiverRat 272

mnhunter 269

huckfin ® 266

Papa Grump 265

Airjer 263

shiner2367 260

TNFL 259

Cheeser 256

BlueLundFisherman ® 256

jwhjr 256

Johnsonator 255

fishinchicks 254

JAR JAR ® 254

BK19 ® 251

jbell1981 250

Sprinter ® 249

Double D 249

Bass N Spear ® 248

legend 89 248

SoldierGirl 248

wally20 245

bbqhead 243

Harmonica Bear 240

2 by 4 and 1 by 2 239

eric29 ® 236

Twinlake ® 232

2dog 230

scottstein ® 227

Yaggie 221

PikeBayCommanche 211

wyldewal © 201


musky999 192

hanronson ® 176

highlife2008 ® 171

thorski ® 144

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Total Points

The rookie holds off the rest of us for the second week in a row with a nice little 91 point cushion!!

1 BpAki987 ® 2,364

2 Iron Cowboys 2,273

3 metrojoe 2,264

4 Rip_Some_Lip 2,260

5 jbell1981 2,239

6 delzz7 2,217

7 HOF#13 2,208

8 Fishing_Novice 2,186

9 Cheeser 2,176

10 DDT26 2,170

11 Airjer 2,169

12 mnwildman 2,160

13 wally20 2,151

14 BEAST/smoke20 2,148

15 Sifty 2,146

16 mnhunter 2,144

17 Johnsonator 2,131

18 Yaggie 2,130

19 TNFL 2,126

20 Harvey Lee © 2,124

21 Tunrevir1 2,122

22 musky999 2,121

23 SledNeck ® 2,117

24 BlueLundFisherman ® 2,116

25 Papa Grump 2,112

26 Sprinter ® 2,107

27 Bass N Spear ® 2,105

28 Twinlake ® 2,100

29 The Pro ® 2,099

30 1lkstage 2,095

31 LMITOUT88 2,090

32 eye8pout2 ® 2,089

33 elevatorguy ® 2,078

34 legend 89 2,050

35 2 by 4 and 1 by 2 2,048

36 jwhjr 2,040

37 BK19 ® 2,037

38 Sutty 2,033

39 walleyes12 ® 2,023

40 shiner2367 2,019

41 88fan ® 2,013

42 Reef Runner 2,012

43 gregg52 ® 2,005

44 Capt.Blaine © 1,998

45 fishinchicks 1,992

46 huckfin ® 1,986

47 Harmonica Bear 1,979

48 bbqhead 1,975

48 scottstein ® 1,975

50 hanronson ® 1,973

51 PikeBayCommanche 1,971

52 juneau4 1,970

53 amp88 ® 1,966

54 eric29 ® 1,956

55 takem34 ® 1,955

56 RosoRiverRat 1,952

57 MEANEY 1,934

58 Uncle Bill 1,883

59 2dog 1,857

60 Double D 1,852

60 SoldierGirl 1,852

62 JAR JAR ® 1,834

63 Trick ® 1,805

64 thorski ® 1,797

65 BigDave2 ® 1,794

66 wyldewal © 1,752

67 highlife2008 ® 1,653

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Stats N Stuff

Average points

Week 1 - 231

Week 2 - 264

Week 3 - 243

Week 4 - 244

Week 5 - 252

Week 6 - 307

Week 7 - 237

Week 8 - 272

Rank Changes

1 BpAki987 ® 0

2 Iron Cowboys 0

3 metrojoe +2

4 Rip_Some_Lip +7

5 jbell1981 -2

6 delzz7 +1

7 HOF#13 +9

8 Fishing_Novice +16

9 Cheeser -3

10 DDT26 +3

11 Airjer -2

12 mnwildman 0

13 wally20 -4

14 BEAST/smoke20 +11

15 Sifty +8

16 mnhunter -1

17 Johnsonator -4

18 Yaggie -10

19 TNFL -1

20 Harvey Lee © +6

21 Tunrevir1 +15

22 musky999 -18

23 SledNeck ® +4

24 BlueLundFisherman ® -5

25 Papa Grump -3

26 Sprinter ® -6

27 Bass N Spear ® -6

28 Twinlake ® -11

29 The Pro ® +4

30 1lkstage +7

31 LMITOUT88 +8

32 eye8pout2 ® 0

33 elevatorguy ® -3

34 legend 89 -5

35 2 by 4 and 1 by 2 -7

36 jwhjr -1

37 BK19 ® -4

38 Sutty +10

39 walleyes12 ® +3

40 shiner2367 -1

41 88fan ® +6

42 Reef Runner +11

43 gregg52 ® +8

44 Capt.Blaine © +10

45 fishinchicks -1

46 huckfin ® +3

47 Harmonica Bear -4

48 bbqhead -2

48 scottstein ® -7

50 hanronson ® -20

51 PikeBayCommanche -13

52 juneau4 +3

53 amp88 ® +5

54 eric29 ® -5

55 takem34 ® +2

56 RosoRiverRat -4

57 MEANEY -12

58 Uncle Bill +4

59 2dog 0

60 Double D +1

60 SoldierGirl 0

62 JAR JAR ® +1

63 Trick ® +2

64 thorski ® -8

65 BigDave2 ® +2

66 wyldewal © -2

67 highlife2008 ® -1

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This is a tough group! Man, there are some dang impressive scores every week! Good work picking those drivers.

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I'm wondering bout changing drivers I've been doing like on wed or early thur but it says the latest you can change is 5 mins before the race I've not been albe to change even on friday let alone right before the race ?/Would be nice to pick after time trails any way?/ Am i missing something here ?/

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The latest that you can switch between active and bench drivers is 5 min before the race. To pick fresh drivers from the master list, that needs to be done by 2:00 am on the night before qualifying. For a Saturday night race, you need to have your picks done a day earlier than for a Sunday race. I got burned a few times last year on that, so now I do my picks real early in the week. I will change who is active after qualifying sometimes, but that bit me this last week. smile

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As I understand it, you have to pick your starters and bench before 2AM (Pacific) on qualifying day and you can switch back and forth between your bench and starters up to 5 min. before the scheduled race start time.

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Yep, so do I! Been some great weekly scores.. But I been in the



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Thanks all, I got lucky I was hoping that Mark would win but I would have had a 1-2-3 finish if he would have had a flat at the end. It was good to see him win though. I dont know who I will pick on the "C" list after I use up Ambrose. This week is Dega so it will be a crapshoot for all to pick.

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Well I had my top three guys finish 1-2-3 but my fourth driver, Robbie Gordon, was taken out by the #55 car which potentially kept me from the #1 spot this week. I have to agree with Robbie when he said that he looks forward to a new driver in the #55 next year. Oh well. It's a roll of the dice any week as long as Waltrip and Mears are still out there. The best thing to happen is for at least one of those two, if not both of them, to wreck early so your drivers have a chance of finishing.

Congrats Rip for the win this week!

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Congrats Rip!!! and hopefully i can make this lead last!!

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