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  1. gregg52

    Fantasy League

    Cant find it
  2. gregg52

    Week 2

    What is the lucky dog rule ??
  3. gregg52

    2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    Well I think I'm in a week late Be fun to try and catch up
  4. Watching qualifying yesterday thinking the racing could be pretty with the new rules Looked like lot of turning right in the turns....elbows flying every which way
  5. gregg52

    Boat Leaning at Low Speed

    Yar Craft owner here not jealous in the least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just for the record ....lol
  6. gregg52

    Boat Leaning at Low Speed

    Talk to who ever you bought it from
  7. I'll say this as kinda of a rookie.....lol...63 yrs old This was the first season I hunted in over 25 yrs probably closer to 30 I went out the Yellow medicine Lyon Lincoln counties Just me no dog , but was impressed with the number of birds I saw ,all though I got skunked it was nobody's fault but mine the few shots I got I missed no excuses easy shots 25 yrs ago those birds would dead on the ground So I'm looking at dogs and going to do some trap shooting this summer hopefully get my eye back The thrill of flushing birds and watching them glide over the hill is wayyyyyy cool still !!!!!!
  8. gregg52

    Week 1 Winner

    Ya I hear ya I usually do to Like R Petty said years ago rather be lucky than good anytime....lol Your right on the 88 deal Jermey I thought for sure he had it won
  9. gregg52

    Week 1 Winner

    WoW Talk bout luck wasn't even going to bother to look thought I was starting out at the bottom for sure ....lol
  10. gregg52

    2016 hso Fantasy Auto Racing League

    I'm in Thanks for your time airjer!!!!
  11. gregg52

    Aluminum vs Fiberglass on Shield Lakes

    I would look into a good keel protector rather that settle for a tin boat on water the size you want to fish rough wet ride ...less boat control..can make a windy day maybe not fishable The last tin boat I was in was a lund pro vee on Winnie with a buddy The worst day on the water ever 20 mph wind ...that boat was just a terriable ride. actuallysprained my thumb trying to hang on and cushion the ride I gringed every time he said we were going to try another spot I,ve been in fiberglass 30 yrs now and that day was just a reminder of how lucky I was when I bought my first glass boat kinda of a spur of the moment deal and lasted me over 20 yrs and I will say this Had it been a tin boat it probably would be at the bottom of Mille Lacs some where I was fishing touraments back then and beat that poor boat to pi$$ It was a boat actually made before its time
  12. I don't care much for the wind specially if its cool out I've been working out in ND and it never quits blowing out there and that Marshall area seems not far behind
  13. Wow 7inches huh You able to get any birds up ,its tough if a guy is alone no dog I thought maybe with that much snow would make it a little tough to run all the time
  14. Did you guys have dog?? I hoping for more snow might head back the week after xmas if we get more snow
  15. Well went out to Marshall area 1st time hunting in over 25 yrs ,hard on the feet and legs...lol Was impressed with the amount of birds I saw,and where there was a little bit of snow left birds running in front of me , Very hard to get birds up ,only flushed one that I could get a shot at and it was a good shot but missed Which I was alittle surprised it was an easy shot, guaranteed in the bag 25 yrs ago...lol Differently in the market for a well trained dog now ....near impossible to get birds up alone Might go back the week after xmas if we get some good snow