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  1. Darn I shoulda looked at this last tue I went to pierre to check out my new boat Never touched a walleye in 3 days and didnt see any caught
  2. Ya kinda cool I thought Will get a good picture when I pick it up I'm thinking they both should well out last me !!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  3. I did Probably going to head to Pierre SD in a few weeks Wont be able to wait til opening ...lol
  4. choose files...---------Click to choose files.url
  5. Theres a trail west of Brainerd Its called snoway 1 I believe Great trail Except one spot as you are going threw the curves &hills you come to a gravel road ,well I presume its gravel never been there in the summer lol of course its groomed and as you come over a slight knob its there boom I like to ride rather hard and I was in the middle of it before I knew it I actually stopped and went back to see if I had missed a sign and couldnt find one This was years ago so maybe it is marked better now But when that happens you just think , wow I guess the good Lord wantedme on the earth alittle longer Kinda slows you down for a bit !!!
  6. That is one thing I remember when we were runing was how hard that boat came down and pounded the water I thought it was going to bend or break in half
  7. Ya they are the number one warrior dealer Thinking bout one there with a Suzuki on it And its red will match my yukon
  8. I know I'll hear a lot of s------------ for this But the money between glass and tin doesnt seem as far apart as it use to be I've only been in a prov lund once and it was on Winnie And if I had to fish in one of those I would never fish in more than a 5mph wind Smaller lakes maybe 10mph ……..just my opinion I think alumacraft might be better they are nice looking boats
  9. No I didnt I've been in warm weather places the 4-5 years With the snow this week the bug is kinda sneaking in ...lol But need a boat more Are you still riding ??
  10. Wow I would think that 140 would push you right along Must be a wheel boat to have that big of a motor on it That is the only motor That I have never heard any one whine about They just keep on running !!!!!!!!!!! I 'm kinda looking at a warrior with a tiller I40 on it 1890 Its Red so it would match my new Yukon Would coool going down the road lol
  11. Well I dunno leech I use to be all the time Havnt for awhile seems things have changed which they always do But I cant even find a Winnie thread
  12. Oh ok...Thanks I didnt read the rules just signed up I'll have to look at that I usually do this one and monkey around on Draft kings some
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