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  1. The yellow wire is for reverse lights and rarely used. randy
  2. My land pics are at least 2 years old. Our trailer has been there for at least 2 years and it is not in the pic, randy
  3. If it was KCBS sanctioned I would be there! Good luck for the win! randy
  4. Knowlans in maplewood useally has the porkettas already seasoned. They are not to bad. randy
  5. I had a RV trailer to work on down the road, we stopped by.. Jako said he already talked to you about me. Soon as the wife gets home we will be heading back out for a while. randy
  6. I got to work on Turk's comp trailer this morning. Comps are fun just to check out all the different smokers and trailers. randy
  7. Anyone going to the comp in Woodbury this Sat.? I will be there hanging out with the Bavarion BBQ boys and Big Bubba's Roadhouse BBQ. Should be a good time. There should be venders selling BBQ there. randy
  8. Blues Hog regular, A lot of top bbq teams use it. Good stuff! randy
  9. I wasnt impressed with Heggies either, Not bad but not great either. randy
  10. Dont take a rocket scientist to figure that one out... I noticed no packer fans have figured it out yet! :] randy
  11. Mikes LP in Maplewood will have it. randy
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