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  1. PikeBayCommanche

    Which breeder?

    I would not rule out Old Oak Retrievers in Blooming Prairie. Rick is an amazing trainer and is VERY selective in his dogs. He breeds some of the best dogs I have ever seen. Give him a call he would be glad to chat.
  2. Just picked one up and have to say it is an amazing gun already as far as I can tell. Fits in my hand better than any pistol I have held before. Anyone else here own one? Have Sig Sauers too and this CZ is so accurate and it must be good to have a NATO SN issued to it. If you have never looked up what the requirements to get that designation are you should it is amazing.
  3. PikeBayCommanche

    6th Annual HSO Fantasy Auto Racing League!

    In like flint.
  4. PikeBayCommanche

    DUFFY'S Sleeper Rental on Upper Red Lake

    Sounds like a horrible outfit. Good thing we know there are quality outfits like Portavilla and JonnyP and Kelly that people can feel safe in knowing that they will have good customer service.
  5. PikeBayCommanche

    Chronic Ear Infection

    Had the same issue with my lab. It was food allergies. I switched to a raw meat diet along with a Rolled Oat Base mix from SOJO's. They are based out of the Minnesota so should be easy to find. Have had zero issues in 1.5 years since I switched. Tried everything possible before that. Plain and simple your vet is wrong. He for sure makes money to keep you coming back.
  6. PikeBayCommanche

    Jimmie is going to win again.

    The point is the Chase has produced no more excitement than the way it was in the past. Jimmy just plays vanilla all year. Then in chase pulls out all the stuff they have been testing the whole year. It is too predictable.
  7. PikeBayCommanche

    Jimmie is going to win again.

    The chase is the dumbest idea ever. His best tracks all seem to be in the Chase and he just does enough during the year to get in and then turns it on. If he wins again color me bored with it. If it was the old points wouldn't he be in like 5th with no chance to catch the leader?
  8. PikeBayCommanche

    Predictions for "The Series" at The Cell

    You are hilarious. Sox bullpen to implode very soon.
  9. PikeBayCommanche

    Seat Covers for pickup back seat?

    Mud River. I got a sweet one from Pheasants Forever. I would check their online store.
  10. PikeBayCommanche

    Predictions for "The Series" at The Cell

  11. PikeBayCommanche

    Pro Trainers--Recommendations

    Old Oak Retrievers in Blooming Prairie. Hard to find a better trainer than Rick McConico.
  12. PikeBayCommanche

    Jack Roush crashes again.

    Hahahaaaa. Ragan sure has been going backwards as far as development but heck so has Roush. Biffle has been the best of the bunch and he has struggled as of late. They may have 2 in the top 12 but you don't notice them on Sundays. Wins are hard to find this year.
  13. PikeBayCommanche

    Jack Roush crashes again.

    Maybe time to hire a pilot?
  14. PikeBayCommanche

    Reel advice.

    Hahaaa. Sure does.
  15. PikeBayCommanche

    Reel advice.

    Well the wife got me a Shimano Sustain 2500. Very happy with it so far.