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  1. hanronson

    2015 Fantasy League

    I'm in. Thanks for doing it again this year airjer.
  2. hanronson

    Waterproof GPS for ATV use

    I currently have an old Garmin Nuvi 500 and would like to upgrade. I would like a 5" screen with lifetime updates and it must be waterproof as I will be using it ice fishing and trail riding. Thanks for any replys.
  3. hanronson

    Merry Christmas

    Same to you Sifty!
  4. hanronson

    Week 36 Winners

    Thanks Jeremy airjer W
  5. hanronson


    Way to go Perk! Got the save. Americans 5, Nationals 3. Twins get home advantage if they make it to the World Series...(lol)
  6. hanronson

    HSO Fantasy Nascar 2014

    I'm in. Thanks for setting this up pushbutton!
  7. hanronson

    Pros/Cons G3 boats

    I am finally going to retire the old Blue Fin after 30 years and am thinking of buying a G3 V167C with a 60 Yamaha this spring. And good or bad reports on this boat/mtr? Thanks for any replys.
  8. hanronson

    Week 31 Winner

    Thanks airjer, pushbutton and Juneau4.
  9. hanronson

    Week 28 Winner

    Thanks airjer and pushbutton.
  10. hanronson

    Lindy River Rocker Giveaway

    I'm in.
  11. hanronson

    Week 15 Winner

    Way to go Double D ! ! !
  12. hanronson

    Week 14 Winner

    Way to go Johnsonator ! ! !
  13. hanronson

    Week 13 Winner

    Way to go jwhjr and Sifty ! ! !
  14. hanronson

    Week 12 Winner

    Way to go cat-man ! ! !
  15. hanronson

    Week 11 Winner

    Way to go kosterguide ! ! !