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Anybody else??? AA to work this morning?

Deitz Dittrich

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Nope, I did not wear it grin

I have reserved mine for icefishing and snowmobiling only. It looks so nice and new. I want to keep it that way winkgrin

If I start wearing it for anything else, next thing you know I will be changing oil in it or something like that grin I am terrible that way.

I did wear mine out snowmobiling yesterday and it kept me very warm and dry. I sure like how light and how comfortable it is. I also like how it seals up tight.

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I wear my jacket daily. Wore a t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and AA jacket to campus today and my upper body stayed warm. Legs, feet, and hands were a different story. While I don't feel it's probably any warmer than my old goose down Cabela's jacket, it is definitely much, much lighter, and a whole lot more comfortable. Definitely worth the price.

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This stuff is that good eh? I've been heeing and hawing the last couple years about replacing my ice fishing bibs that i've had for 14 years with a hole in the crotch...for as much fishing and being outdoors as i am i should probably break down and buy those camo AA bibs. Lot of sentimental value in those old bibs of mine....its a tuff thing to do.

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camouflage will be too much for the bus ride...

That's why I got the red. I have been wearing mine to work since early November. I stand outside waiting for the bus though and walk about 4 blocks on the way home each day so it is nice to wear the coat.

By the way slippery, which route? 288?

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