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  1. Looking to try and match some existing stone. Anyone local recognize this style or have suggestions on where to start looking at local suppliers? Is it limestone???
  2. Moe Szyslak

    Getting Boat Ready / Updates

    Sounds like a rough life and a horrible dilemma to be in. I wish you best out of this really unfortunate situation.
  3. Moe Szyslak

    I just dont get it

    Affix dry erase board to side of house with a calendar laid out on it. Title the calendar (2015 ice fishing #'s). Fill the calendar with zeros and keep it up to date.
  4. Moe Szyslak

    Garage Floor Heat

    Gas fired boiler.... Electric = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ monthly heating
  5. Moe Szyslak

    New wheel fish house!

    Wow! To me that would be like buying a new car without a battery or full tank of gas. Pretty unfortunate if you purchase something that expensive without these basic items. They only do it because the customer allow it.
  6. Moe Szyslak

    Boat lift owners... boat lift width clearance?

    Im in a shallow section of the lake that is fairly blocked from wind. Rarely are their even waves that hit my shore...
  7. What would boat lift owners suggest as a minimum clearance between lift posts to boat beam? Is a 83 inch wide boat on a 87 inch width boat lift (between posts) too tight?
  8. Havent owned a dog since I was 8 years old. Starting to do more hunting and would like a dog. 2 birds with one stone so I am getting a GSP. I've been reading online about training techniques but what about the basics to buy or things to be prepared for. Unfortunately the house is built with higher end products so hopefully he doesnt destroy TOO much! Acre of land with 200 feet of waterfront. Every neighbor owns dogs and direct neighbor has two that are never leashed and wander onto my property all the time but are friendly to me. Any help would be appreciated. THanks. Pup being looked at is 4 months old.
  9. Moe Szyslak

    Ice fishing when you live on the lake....

    Ok, bit of a change in subject then. I'll probably build a smaller perm, 10 x 12 or so. I have access to metals for cheap. What is a good solid route to take for runners/skids? Steel or aluminum? 2X6? 2x8? Use flat metal as runners? I've done some searching but didnt find a lot on skids, mostly on drop down house build projects. Thanks for the help guys. PS. I have flat shoreline transition from lake to yard and farthest part of lake from house is only 2 miles or so.
  10. just curious for those that live on a lake and ice fish. Do you still use an ice house? Permanent? Drop-down? Or do you find that its easier to use a portable since you are right there at the lake already? I've been leaning towards building a permanent and pulling it out but not move it. Just curious if anyone took a different route simply because they live on the lake.
  11. I bought a Trane furnace for my previous house and had it installed. I was wondering if there are any local dealers or distributors that I could go to and purchase the furnace, then install it myself?
  12. Moe Szyslak

    Dock BoatHouse (new lakehome)

    Do you have a link? I can not find this. Interesting that they are covering all of minnetonka and are still for sale by many MN companies if they are illegal. I think we a speaking of two different things..... http://www.niccumdocks.com/BoatHouses.aspx
  13. Moe Szyslak

    Dock BoatHouse (new lakehome)

    I was thinking about installing lifts without canopies under the "boathouse". This would still create shelter for the boats but also allow easy access in and out of the boats.
  14. Moe Szyslak

    Dock BoatHouse (new lakehome)

    So im closing on a lakehome next week and looking into my options for dock/lifts/etc. I know some boat lifts with canopies can be a pain to get in and out of sometimes. I see lots of "boathouses"(H style dock setup with a metal structure covering both sides of dock and a large tarp drawn over it) on lakes like minnetonka and was wondering if anyone here has owned one or installed one?? They look very convenient once they are set up. Is there any specific type of anchoring that needs to happen from the dock to lake bottom to prevent the structure from high winds? I have searched online but have not found much regarding installation and anchoring.
  15. Working to replace the decking on a 24' pontoon. Searching local places i am finding that $70 is kind of the 4'x8' 3/4" standard and also the least expensive. Anyone know of a lower priced local supplier? Twin Cities. I search for used on the list of C without any luck... Thanks!