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  1. redtrucks

    Snowmobile 2 cycle oil?

    Use arctic blue in my pre power valve arctic cats and use Amzoil in my crossfire.
  2. redtrucks

    Busted Otter Sled...How to fix it?

    I have two otter sleds, one for the otter fish house and one the kids pull behind the snowmobile. The kids sled completely broke in two halves after years of abuse from the kids jumping in and out of the sled. We have a HDMP welder at work which I used to weld the sled back together. That was probably about five years ago and since then it has been used by the kids and pulled behind my large otter when in Canada ice fishing. I would try finding someone who can weld plastic and give that a try before you try any other method.
  3. Has anyone had experience replacing passenger side head gasket on a Supercrew? 127k miles and the head is starting to seep in the bottom corner of the passenger side head. Can it be done without lifting up the cab? Are there special tools need to time the cams? If so, can these tools be purchased from a aftermarket supplier? Maybe I should just take to the dealer and get it repaired but heard that it would cost over 2k. Would like to leave it go until spring when my shop is finished but I have babied this truck from new and hate to see a oil leak.
  4. redtrucks

    ND fish house must float!!!

    You can be on the ice with a fish house that doesn't float you just need to take it off the ice when it's not occupied. Not that big of deal.
  5. redtrucks

    ND fish house must float!!!

    Basically it's a law to keep people from leaving old buses, campers, water tanks, etc on the ice unattended and falling through if the weather changed rapidly. Listening to a ND Game and Fish spokesman today on the radio this has been an issue in the past and understandably you wouldn't want the above mentioned at the bottom of a lake or reservoir.
  6. redtrucks

    06 LaCrosse no heat

    My daughters 06 Grand Prix had the same issue. Changed the thermostat and bled the air out of the system, still no heat. Back flushed the heater core and now it can cook her out of the car.
  7. redtrucks

    Ice fishing snowmobile

    Go with the Arctic Cat - 550 is a good motor.
  8. redtrucks

    burnt hole in arctic armor jacket

    Did the same thing to my camo AA suit when I first got it. Called AA and they sent me some fabric.
  9. redtrucks

    SnowPlow Guys?

    Have had a Western plow for 5 years and have never had an issue with snow build up on the plow.
  10. redtrucks

    arctic cat question

    Replace the bearing, it only takes half hour max if the bearing isn't seized to shaft. Replace with a Fafnir 1100 bearing costs about $15.
  11. redtrucks

    gas container

    Not a good idea to use any kind of container except one that is approved for gas.
  12. Anybody have a pair of these gloves? Are they any good? Like to buy them for snowmobiling. Was at GM in Fargo yesterday and didn't see any displayed. Supposed I could of asked the Frabill rep that was there but was in too big of a hurry
  13. redtrucks

    Who makes a good pull behind sled for gear?

    Otter - one for my fish house and the kids have one for pulling behind the snowmobile. After several years of abuse by the kids and as the kids got bigger they broke the sled in two. Have a plastic welder at work and welded the sled back together. That was a couple of years ago and the sled is still going.
  14. redtrucks

    Buying a Scan Tool

    In my small town the auto parts stores don't want to compete with the repair shops so they don't offer that service. I would rather own my own tools than ask or borrow someone elses.
  15. Looking at buying a inexpensive CanOBSD2 scan tool to at least diagnose and be able to turn off the check engine light. I am a diesel tech by trade so I'm not just another backyard mechanic with no experience on what I'm doing. Just had a check engine light come on in my wife's vehicle and it was a bad egr valve, took the dealer less that an hour to troubleshoot and replace but cost me about $120 in labor. I just hate paying someone else for something that I have the talent to accomplish. If the job were to be more than I can handle I would have the dealer repair but it would be nice to have an idea on why the check engine light was on. Looking at purchasing a Craftsman model 009-87702 - on sale for a $100. Anyone have an experience with this tool?