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  1. I don't own an ION myself but have used them quite a bit. I agree with Lip_Ripper Guy, they're not faster than the Solo augers but they really aren't much slower. You don't have to start them or let them warm up so that is definitely quicker. And I've never noticed a problem with slush from them compared to other augers.
  2. Try it on another computer. I have 1 computer that will not update marcums and I don't know why it won't work ..... but I've got 2 other computers that do the updates just fine so I don't worry about the other one ..... Good luck getting it done.
  3. Sounds like the same place. They're on the very south end of the lake, right next to Dennys, with a Lodge / Bar / Game Room. We've been going there for years, at first it was just the guys, lately the kids have been coming with us too. Nice resort, good road systems, good advice from the guys who work there. We like it.
  4. We've been going to Nodak Lodge for years and have been very happy with them. I have also been to the Hill a few times and like that place a lot as well.
  5. For years I've used a 6" hand auger and an 8" power auger and it's worked great for me, don't foresee changing that anytime soon .......
  6. The current software version is 3.17. I'm 99% sure that's the same version that was out there last year. You can check your LX-6 to see if that's the version that's currently installed on it. And yes, Pro Fishing Supply has free shipping on electronics and clothing.
  7. If I want rattles it's usually the Rattlin' Flyer, if I don't want rattles it's usually a Demon or Angel Eye.
  8. We can help with sizing questions for StrikerIce or for ArcticArmor. We get a lot of questions from customers who aren't sure about sizing or who want to make sure they get the right size the first time. One or two emails to us with your measurements is usually all we need. Sizing does not run the same for these suits and the brand and model you're looking for will affect how it fits. We can also let you know about the differences in the suits, or the features we like more in one versus another, etc.
  9. The LX-6 has a card reader slot so you can do the updates yourself. The ShowDowns do not have a card reader slot so they needed to be sent in to Marcum. There's a menu option on the LX-6 that shows you what version of the software you're running. All of the LX-6s we have are new manufacture, with the latest software on them already. But if you want we can check the software for you, and update it if necessary. We've done updates for customers when they asked us to. Marcum LX-6 At Pro Fishing Supply
  10. I've used the LX-7 more than than the LX-6 so my perspective comes from looking at a bigger screen. I usually run mine with a 3-way split with flasher chart and zoom bar all showing. I like the chart, but it's so narrow that you don't get much history with it. It works fine and is easy enough to read, just not a lot of history. Another screen configuration that I like is just the chart and the zoom bar. In that configuration the chart is much wider and you definitely have a bit of time to study the history on the screen before it scrolls away. I think the screen on the -6 is big enough that you'll get the benefit of the split screen, if that's something that you want.
  11. There should be a storm flap that covers the zippers ..... if not, you won't be able to keep the water out. Zippers are not waterproof.
  12. I have a Red Setter, he didn't come directly from Bergs but they are in his bloodlines. Augie was his sire. We like him a lot. He's a great house dog all year long, and in the fall we hunt him on grouse, woodcock and pheasants. He was trained in his first year but hasn't had any formal training since. This will be his 4th season of hunting. I don't know a thing about field trials or competitions and I have no idea what his potential is for anything like that, but for a family hunting dog we love him. He retrieves birds but he doesn't play catch or fetch with the kids, that's really my only complaint about him.
  13. You cannot share a map card between units with interlink. Also, I would really re-think the whole interlink idea. It has not been all that reliable and it's no longer supported by Humminbird. Connecting units via ethernet ports is where it's at these days ..... it's much more powerful, and much more reliable.
  14. Same for me. Amsoil is great stuff until you have a problem with it. I no longer use it and haven't had a problem since I switched away. #notabeliever
  15. Sounds awesome Scott, glad you got installed and it's what your dad wanted! And thanks again!
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