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Another member added to the Turkey hunting addiction

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My son was participating in the NWTF sponsored Youth Mentored hunt this past weekend.

Saturday we were greeted by at least 8 different Toms on roost gobbling like crazy. They couldn't have been 50 yards from us inside the woods. Due to the terrain and flat light, when they came down we never even saw them as they headed South out of the area and away from us. Lots of hens clucking and purring, etc. It was a great time.

About an hour later we had a deer walk through just inside the treeline and 30 minutes later 13 more came through! That was a blast as well.

We sat in the blind until 11 AM Saturday morning with lots of anticipation and excitement, but didn't see a bird.

The local club was having a lunch for all the mentors, youth, etc so we went to that which was VERY nice and swapped stories with the other kids. 2 Jakes were taken by other members and the smiles on their faces were absolutely priceless!

We went back out into the woods and sat there for several hours. It was nearing 7PM and no sign of anything coming back we decided to call it a day. We were worried about the proximity of the blind to the roosting area and the fact that we could potentially spook the birds on roost if we stuck it out. The mentor had these birds dialed in because he has hunted this area with other youths for 10 years. He said "lets slip out and get back here in the morning. They will be back". It worked!

Sunday morning rolls around and we are back in the blind. With the rain and thick cloud deck the woods was slower to lighten up and the birds were MUCH quieter. They also seemed farther away so we were getting a bit discouraged that it wasn't going to work out.

About 6:15 we see a Tom come out about 60 yards to our right and a hen fly down across the opening behind us and to our right. She was clucking away like crazy. The mentor did a couple hen calls and the Tom made a Beeline right for us! We jockeyed the windows in the blind. Closing then on the left side and turned my son toward the bird. It came within 15 yards and then quickly walked behind us. We were not setup for a shot that way. We closed the windows on that side and opened them on the left side and turned my son around to get a shot there. Again, the Tom was within 15 yards, but this time too much brush, no shot. The bird walked straight away and down a bit of a hill out of sight. Gobbling the whole time.

By now 4 more birds had come out to our right again. All we could see were their heads and a couple fans, but they were a good 60 yards away.

I kept an eye out for the Tom that went around us as we was gobbling like crazy still. Eventually a bird shows up 30 yards in front of us just inside the edge of the woods walking from left to right. Again the firedrill of the winds and seating happens to position for a shot out front. All of a sudden there are 6 birds coming straight at us. Where those other 5 came from I have no idea, but that Tom was joined by 5 others (jakes and Toms) and coming right at us!. The lead Tom went around to the right (I think it was the same one we had the initial encounter with) and my son singled him out. He turned to his right stuck his gun out the window then realized he had to use the next window over because a tree blocked his view as the bird moved. He carefully and quietly repositioned over and was bearing down on the bird. We hear the "click" of the safety and then a BOOM! The Winchester Long Beards did their job at 12 yards and the bird never moved.

At one point after the first bird came around behind us my son said "I really need to calm down." LOL He was shaking like crazy and breathing very heavily. :-)

Im one proud father and his smile melts my heart.

22#, 9-1/2" beard.


I want to applaud all of you involved with NWTF who mentor youths for this hunt. Without that we would have probably never been introduced to Wild Turkey hunting. It was an absolute blast and we will definitely be doing it again.

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Congrats and great story. I cannot get enough of these kids hunts and reading them on here. Love seeing them all getting out. The Mentor hunts are great thing for hunting.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • To all us dead beat bas-ters that go hunting and fishing and sit on the computer all day! Oh and had sex a few times!   Keep up the good work guys!    Had to put it here because there is no General thread. Plus no wives will be looking in the Home Improvement thread for us!!!
    • I actually bought the electronic controller off E-b-a-y and it just came in the mail today. I will install it sometime soon.     Agreed.
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    • It’s the cost of doing it. There’s a lot of putzy, tedious grunt work involved that makes these projects take a lot longer than one would think. Just to replace a floor requires a complete strip down and rebuild.    I wish i would have kept track of my hours I put into this, but I think a safe guess would be at least 150 hours, plus materials.... I’d have to charge 3-5 grand, at least. I’m sure some would pay it, but not many.
    • I was camping up at leech last weekend and in the site next to me was a campground host. He was a retired border guard. I remembered this post so I asked him about it. His response was if you had more gas then you needed for your trip then they would start asking questions. The biggest with him at the border was attitude from the people crossing.   
    • I have a lund pro sport that needs a new floor. I don't know how to bring it to. maybe you would have more business then you think.
    • Definitely feel better when I can see the fish. The mystery fish that still haunts me to this day actually happened to my wife, about 12 years ago. We were fishing from shore below the dam at leech lake. And she hooked into something big! At the time, she was as novice as they come, so I’m coaching her how to fight the fish for a few minutes. Because of the way the shoreline was, I decided I couldn’t hand grab the fish, or have her swing it to shore, so I made a mad dash to get the net out of my truck. Curse that place for putting the parking lot so far away from the water. When I got to my truck, I heard the scream that can only be made from a fisherman who just lost a big fish. Being a lifetime fisherman, I had just assumed she knew the basics of playing a fish. So I figured she would keep a tight line while I was getting the net. She did not. She just held the pole and basically let the fish swim wherever it wanted, until it threw the hook, or it just fell out. I’m convinced it was a big Muskie, but we’ll never know.
    • I grew up fishing the rivers around Mankato!!  great fun!!!,, 
    • I use to fish the dam back in 1980, You could catch most anything there but, yes, carp ruled. 
    • I’ll give ya that one too.   Of my 4 “legends” the first two were at the Coon Rapids Dam back when you could fish almost anywhere.  On the west side tight to the corner of the wall was a bit of an eddy.  One week apart to the hour (6 am) I hooked the beasts on a crawler.  The first time I got the fish coaxed down to the rocks for landing it.  Still hadn’t seen it after a true 30 minute fight.  I got to see a boil on the surface from its tail, something like 3 feet or more behind where the line entered the water - right before the hook popped out.  After 30 minutes it was over that quick.   The next week the fish just marched right out to what we called “the fence”.  It was an instant snag spot some 50+ yards out rumored to be a sunken fence but was probably a tree.  No matter, nothing ever came free from it, including that fish I had no control over.  We were carp fishers so hard fights were the norm.  These two or maybe same one were something else.  I think Catfish Hunter.   The operator errors were:   Fishing a bass tournament on Clearwater with drop shots WAY before drop shots were a thing.  We were crushing a school of hawgs.  One of those spots the size of your boat or less.  We loaded the boat with 4 lb average fish when I hooked this toad that wouldn’t come up enough to see even in that water.  My partner/competitor even knew right away it was something he needed to pay attention to and grabbed the net without me asking.  The fish was directly under the boat when the breeze caught it and pulled us away from the fish.  The fish didn’t move though and my drag was too tight.  POP!  My partner did the most heads up net man move I’ve ever seen to this date. As soon as the line broke he swung the net over to the other side of the boat and jammed into the water in the hopes the fish was high enough and slow enough for him to get it. Nope, sorry for your loss.   Thats the fish that taught me the most about managing my drag.   And the last (bear with me):   Ely last year I was doodling a 3 inch paddle tail around the edge of a weed bed on a 6.5 foot MH baitcasting rig with 20 lb Power Pro mated by swivel to 20 lb flouro leader to the jig.  A light bite and quick vertical  hookset turned into fish ripping out of the weeds for about 15 feet then turning around and rocketing back into the weeds at warp speed.  Not wanting the fish to bury itself, I thumbed the peeling drag but couldn’t stop it.  I thumbed harder till the line broke, not even slowing it down.   Hindsight says I shoulda taken my chances with the weeds but the 1.5 second battle didn’t give me enough time gauge what what I was tied into!   I liked reading the other actual stories posted so I thought I’d share some details of mine.  Good luck out there!