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  1. 100% for sure muley. We had one at our farm one year in Polk County just north of you. It was they're for a few months, then disappeared. Also, I saw 3 muley bucks this past October about 50 miles west of Clay County.
  2. Thank you guys very much. It did indeed suck. The end was tough and slow and I felt terrible for him. 9 weeks in the hospital and the last two were not got- on a vent and in a lot of pain when conscious. But no more pain and suffering and in a better place now. Better times ahead for all.
  3. My dad passed yesterday. Sad deal but I'm so thankful his suffering is over and Mom can have his company again. After his service is over I'll find some time in the woods.
  4. I've has my son out twice for bear-- nada. He's deer hunted several times and it's been tough sledding so far for him. Work and hospital for me...
  5. Yes indeed, cancer sucks. I'm glad to hear you were able to make those dreams come true, Hugo. Nothing better than an elk bugle in the cool, crisp mountain air. I love it. I hope you sty healthy and have a great fall. Thank you very much for the well wishes. Scott
  6. My season hasn't started like I had hoped. No bears have touched our baits, so that was a bust. But... I was super jacked about getting my on on his first elk hunt this Sep. However, my dad has cancer and ended up in the hospital for the last six weeks. I didn't feel like I could leave, so I put the trip on hold for a year. I am really bummed to not be able to take Ryan to MT for his first elk hunt, but this deal trumps that, so we stayed home. Ryan is pretty darn mature for a 15 year old boy and has handled it really well. All of my time is being spent in my office, my dad's hospital r
  7. What does everyone have going on for this fall as far as bow hunting? I have a fun fall planned. My son and I are going to Montana on a general elk tag in September. That will be his 1st elk hunt-- I'm excited about it, and so is he. He and I also drew North Dakota any deer tags so we will hunt mule deer for a couple long weekends too. I will also chase deer in Minnesota. Finally I got lucky and drew an archery barbary sheep tag in New Mexico. Should be a fun season for sure. What does everyone else have planned?
  8. Congrats Wanderer! Thanks once again Borch for doing this.
  9. This was the shot my daughter put on a nice bird. Unbelievably, it bounced right of of his skull. He walked away shaking his head!
  10. WTG Sniper! I may have seen a pic. Congrats to you guys on a fun trip!
  11. I tagged out on day 2 of the 2020 season. I wish I could have had my son or daughter with me, but it was a "school day" (whatever that is in these strange times), so they both slept in. This is my first double bearded bird! I included the length of both birds and I believe the sum of the two beards is the score that is to be included, but I listed them separately and the sum, but I believe it's the total that is used for the score. Nice job Wallydog!
  12. Scoot is too! Woulda been a double if I could have brought Ryan or Morgan with me.
  13. Hit 'em low, watch 'em go. Hit 'em high, watch 'em die. Low shots frequently result in a lost bird. Forward or back, if it's low you have to get a bit lucky to recover the bird. Lots of examples of when it worked out with a low shot, but tons where it doesn't. Turkey anatomy is weird IMO and lots of people aim lower than they realize they should (might not be applicable to this situation, but it's common). Bummer on the bird- stinks to hit them and not recover them, but like DonBo said- they're really tough and it happens a lot, unfortunately.
  14. Borch that's what it looks like to me. I'm still seeing birds (when I actually see them) in transition areas in between winter areas and where I usually see them during the season.
  15. My scouting isn't going very well. I've seen a couple groups of gobblers, but they seem to be "here today, gone tomorrow". They obviously don't go too far, but I am sure struggling to locate them consistently. Frustrating!
  16. Saweet! Thanks for doing this, Borch! I just signed up Ryan, Morgan, and me. It's looking like this may be a year when we can get out in the woods a fair bit. I hope so!
  17. My son shot a bird with a nap spitfire max at 52 lbs (I think). It worked fine. I still prefer loppers, but there's no wrong answer. I suggest you study kill zone/turkey position if you haven't already. Tons of birds are hit and lost because people are aiming at the wrong spot! Hit em high watch em die, hit em low watch em go. Good luck Minky!
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