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  1. Hoyt4

    Doe Estrus Scent

    Sorry I missed this post. Next season go to Whitetail country scent. I have been using for years and you can pick up same day estrus if you stop out to their place. Or you can order on line.
  2. DEC.10th WI permits are due
  3. If eyes are the issue you can add a magnifyer to the peep. They have them at A1 and other sporting goods shops.
  4. Was able to get first deer with the new bow. Have a few turkeys this spring with it but first fall. Got some good groceries off her.
  5. Awesome congrats Sniper. Nice to see that RX1. i'm going to have a tag in WI in a year or two for bear. It's been about 20 years since I last harvested a bear so time to go again.
  6. Hoyt4

    2019 Twins

    We have the most errors since the All star break in MLB. D was better and pitching was better. Yes there is ways to play better D. Better pitching will not happen most likely
  7. Hoyt4

    2019 Twins

    They need to to tighten up D and offense .We do not need the home runs all the time. Everyone is so excited about home runs but those teams have not won the WS in the past. Plus the Yankees are going to pass us by the end of the season for that record also.
  8. Hoyt4

    2019 Twins

    Need to take advantage before we play Boston and Washington . Be up by 4 or 5 games when we get to those series.
  9. Hoyt4

    2019 Twins

    We need to start sweeping series. Cleveland improved with power to the outfield.Two 20 plus homerun guys ,the guy from the Padres is a stud and going to be with them for 5 year if I saw that deal right. Kluber is going to be back in a few weeks. So the Twins need to put more than 3 games between them now not later. We have a few tough series coming up. Next week against the Braves is another test, they got better at the trade deadline and could be in the WS this year.
  10. Hoyt4

    2019 Twins

    Give him a pass ,that was on the manager putting in a guy right off the plane. That should not of happen dude just walked into the ball park a few innings before that.
  11. Hoyt4

    2019 Twins

    Cleveland is only getting better . Klueber just started throwing again supposed to be back in the next couple weeks. Best ERA since the break and their best pitcher is coming. Twins need to trade now not wait make the moves and try to make the playoffs if they wait we lose in the bidding wars and miss the playoffs. By bidding i mean the other teams will give up more for the one or two players in the trade.
  12. Hoyt4

    Strong Finish.

    Great season Don
  13. Congrats on MN and WI It's been a great spring and the birds just seem to be getting fired up even more now.
  14. We finished up the seasons with 3 great birds. All 3 had 1 1/4 spurs 11 inch beards and one with 11.5. Two birds weighing in at 23 lbs and the other 22. This year we had gobbling like in the past . These last 5 years has been very minimal gobbling if none at all some years. This year was similar to when we started hunting these farms. The high predator population is why i think they do not gobble as much. Even this spring had a yote mess up a bird walking right in to me he was in killing distance but I was liking the show so let him keep coming my error. Yote came running in and chased him off :(. But we did end up shooting this bird Friday morning. So he only was saved once. See what happens this weekend. I'm supposed to take a buddy out hunting in MN but if that falls through maybe make one more run to WI.
  15. That's awesome I've seen a lot of birds fight like that before. Sure lets you crawl in on them :) real close.
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