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  1. Hoyt4


    That's the way most falls go. I was able to get out and put a gobbler down this fall. Went out just for a bird since I knew where they had been going in the morning. Got to the woods just after fly down and worked my way to the area and heard them talking a bit. Gave out a few yelps and had them running to me. Most years I never get a shot only have taken a handful in the fall. I was in a woods that I was not worried about ruining for deer.
  2. Hoyt4

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Hoping for MN A season, just applied for WI E season. Our annual WI trip. I will pick up a season C also in the leftover tags hopefully if time allows. NE archery only for the first couple weeks and SD .
  3. Hoyt4

    Muzzy 2018

    Congrats Wanderer I also pulled off a yearling last night for our land owner who wanted a young deer.I was see deer most the hunts but some small bucks and most years I would of shot but I have one in mind and still will be after with the bow. This was my last weekend for Muzzy heading to LOW this weekend. I will get out with the bow but sure was nice to get the Muzzy some work. Second year for this gun and tried some different ammo this year and worked great.
  4. Hoyt4

    Muzzy 2018

    Now that's a great hunt. Love the story
  5. Hoyt4

    Humminbird Ice 55 problem

    Had this happen last year it was the ducer cord was cracking. At times I would see the jig and times it was gone and depth would jump. New ducer fixed it all. It was only 60 or 70 at joes in st.paul.
  6. Hoyt4

    Muzzy 2018

    I will be out either way. Saving a tag for a doe to use the Muzzy. I do have a buck tag still but hoping to get one with the bow. I love Muzzy season and always save a tag for then. Let go a lot of does this fall and small buck but come Muzzy season they are all targets. I have few bucks in the metro also that i'm trying to get a shot at. Already field my NE tag so been a little more picky this season. Not Muzzy season though I need at least one more deer in the freezer for all fishing and spring trips.
  7. Hoyt4

    Nm Elk

    Congrats Scoot Never have to say anything about what we harvest. Cows, bulls whatever it's all for our enjoyment and the meat is way too good to pass up and the work that goes into. Love Elk hunting, going to head back out to Idaho one of these years while i still can do it. Always fun getting those bulls out miles from the truck and only can backpack them out. :)
  8. Hoyt4

    Which Way To Go With New Bow?

    Archery I'm going to get the RX-1 loved it. Had a few things come up but going to work on getting it by end of season or so. My Element can still do the job until then.
  9. Hoyt4

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    Thanks MJ Looks like i have to pick up a couple more. We lost 3 more camera's this weekend. Just stopped working.
  10. Hoyt4

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    I will check my instructions but do not think that was in them. But you could scroll through settings and get Pic/Video mode. I will check tonight.
  11. Hoyt4

    Which Way To Go With New Bow?

    I was at the shop shooting bows last Friday. Wow do i have a choice but I think you have to put the Triax and RX-1 and shoot both. I'm not a mathews guy but the new Triax shot great but so did the new Redwrx Carbon Rx-1 price is higher but shoots better then my Carbon Element. I'm thinking I will pull the trigger soon. Musky add these to your list to shoot you will like them.
  12. Hoyt4

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    Thanks MJ It's nice for the picture and follow up video you catch a lot that gets missed after the picture.
  13. Hoyt4

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    MJ 1657 I just bought an M50. Mills had them on sale for $129.99. The infared version was $139.99. Only been using it for about a week and so far I like it. That buck in the night time pictures is quite a ways out from the camera. I've had a Moultrie 880 for years and it's been a solid camera. MJ Did this Moultrie have picture video at the same time like the old 880? I have not found another camera to do that but the Moultrie and it's great. I'm running out of this version only have two left now.
  14. Hoyt4


    Thought this was a good pod cast http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/doug-duren-bryan-richards