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  1. Nice work Don Opener up there was awesome for us. We caught a ton of eyes that weekend and a few smallies hitting the jigs. Going to head back up to work on tree stands and then wet a line this Sunday.
  2. Hoyt4

    Wi Season

    Here are a couple pictures from our WI season. We were able to take 5 birds. Two of us had two tags and one buddy just had one tag. Really think the predators in the area have these birds learning to be silent. They do not gobble much and if they do it’s mainly morning before fly down 2 or 3 times at the most. Over that last 5 years it’s been like this the first 10 years gobbling was heard through the day but now you don’t hear that gobbling in the distance or to calls very often. Still come to calls but almost ways silent now which is fine they still come in. Finally all done and food plots are almost finished love the spring time.
  3. Hoyt4

    Season e

    Congrats on the bird
  4. Hoyt4

    Bow Bird Down

    Congrats on the bird.
  5. Hoyt4

    Wild Turkey Photos

    Nice birds congrats to you and your wife BMC. Awesome with the stick bow .
  6. Hoyt4

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    Out working on food plots and the gobbling and action was all day long Saturday. Toms out searching for hens most the day and just gobbling on there own. I was on 3 different properties Saturday and birds all doing the same thing. The 3 chunks of land I was on no fields all woods and man it's awesome hearing that gobble through woods echoing. Leave tomorrow for my WI season. Good luck to all those hunting still.
  7. Hoyt4

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    Congrats Don I head out for WI next Wednesday hope to keep the luck rolling.
  8. Hoyt4

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Awesome Don, those are the hunts we all remember the most . Congrats to both you boys
  9. Hoyt4

    MN Turkey 2018

    Congrats Anyfish Birds are going down everywhere. Old man tagged out in MN Friday with a 18lb Jake. Then headed to Nebraska Sunday morning arrived at noon had lunch with a buddy in camp. Headed out at 2PM and punched his tag there at 2:15 with a 22lb ,1inch bird almost 23 lbs.Now he is in relaxing mode and going to stay there for a couple days. Good luck to all hunting, sure been a fun spring.
  10. Hoyt4

    My Boy

    That's awesome congrats to you and your son. Another turkey hunter is among us.
  11. Hoyt4

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Yep pop it up and hunt they work great.
  12. Hoyt4

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Congrats Don, like the corn field picture.
  13. Hoyt4

    MN Tag punched

    Spring woods are one of the best times to be out there. I was not able to hunt a morning till Saturday . I did get out Wednesday on opener more to scout and make sure nothing changed from the last time I scouted. Birds were still roosting in the same location but I was able to watch what they were doing and get a game plan together for a buddies son. He took some of the my suggestions and a plan worked out Thursday after work and he was able to put down a 22lb gobbler. It was awesome and his first turkey. His dad was pumped and now he is working on son #2 to get out. I was not able to hunt Friday because I didn’t leave work till around 6 but I had good idea what I wanted to . Funny how that always changes. Saturday morning I was there plenty early and I knew it would be loud walking in with the crunchy snow. I made my way to where I wanted to setup but it was so loud I had to change setup and went down around the lake hoping not to bump the birds. Saturday morning was the most gobbling and hens yelping I have ever heard in MN or WI. NE always ton of talking but this was pretty crazy Saturday morning. One of the gobblers was roosted on the point of this small lake and in my mind I knew he was going to fly down on the lake 20 minutes later that is what he did. Crazy this frozen lake was going to be my problem. Next thing you know 8 hens fly down right to him. He struts and shows off on the lake and did breed one hen out there. All the birds walked across the lake away from me then I noticed two birds fly from roost all the way across. Thought they were too big for hens take a look through the bino’s and they are two gobblers. The tom runs them off almost all the way back to me but still a little too far. He goes back to his hens but another set of hens come out of my woods to join the two other gobblers. They all then head over to the first group. Still that First Tom would not let them near the group. Once I saw how aggressive they were I started to get my decoys ready to put out but first I had a hen to deal with. I was doing some yelping because she was getting louder and closer. She almost walked over my feet looking for me, she circled me and got really loud and kept looking for that hen that should be there. Once she walked off I put the decoys out and heard a gobble long way off but knew the direction they were and they most likely were up in the woods just strutting for the ladies. Did some yelps on the box call and they gobbled closer than shut up. I got ready and 30 minutes later I see them coming through the woods and sun was just making them glow. Got ready did a yelp and they came down the hill a little further and saw the decoys and ran in. All 3 strutting and running with 3 hens following them. Once they got to about 12 yds they stopped and kept strutting and drumming. Dumped him right where he stood and one of the others stayed there bumping my decoy. Would of been perfect to pull a double. 24lbs , 3/4 spurs 10inch beard not the 3 gobblers I was hunting but it all worked out good either way. Was the first bird I have shot over this DSD Jake decoy since buying it 3 or 4 years ago. Maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve used. The birds right now are on fire and split up really good, they were breaking up a few weeks ago but now I was hearing gobbling all directions . Snow is still over my knees in most spots in the woods our food plots have cleared off mostly just in the woods is holding up still. Pictures did not attach the first ime
  14. Hoyt4

    Federal heavyweight tss

    Confirming with the DNR I could be wrong but I thought legal shot size was 4,5,6 and thing else was illegal but that is jut going off my old memory . Could of changed I will know more today once I find out.
  15. Hoyt4

    MN Turkey 2018

    Most the birds are breaking up , this weather will not keep them from doing their duty. The ladies will have to get going and I watched a bunch birds fight and pretty much get the pecking order going. Won't be the first time i've hunted in snow and like I said they have to do their thing. Mid morning the hens started kicking the Toms yesterday and Toms out looking for some more ladies to bug. Snow sure helps find them easy going to be a fun opening day. I can only hunt evenings until the weekend which is fine. Don't let the weather hold you back.