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  1. Hoyt4


    Thought this was a good pod cast http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/doug-duren-bryan-richards
  2. Hoyt4

    Wrist Slings

    For me it's great to shoot with open grip and no worries it will jump out of my hand. I do not squeeze the grip shoot more relaxed. At least for me.
  3. Hoyt4

    2018 trail cam pictures

    Cannot upload video but this first buck we have been watching for about 4 years. Bummer is I lost all the pictures last year when my tablet [PoorWordUsage]ed out. The real tall one is a new one that showed up in the end of December last year and stuck around still.
  4. Hoyt4

    Youth bow-hunting in tree

    We've done the ladder then a hang on above that or two hang on's. I also would make sure to use lifelines. Either two or buy the one's that have the double setup.
  5. Hoyt4

    Rinehart 100

    Did not know there was a shoot out there Don. Looks fun going to have to remember next year. My sister lives in Sparta.
  6. Hoyt4

    2018 food plots

    I hear you Paceman work just seem to all pile up. Finally seeing and end in sight. Good luck with the barassica, the new turned dirt in the pictures above by the Muddy blind will be brassica. Just did that last weekend.
  7. Hoyt4

    2018 trail cam pictures

  8. Hoyt4

    2018 food plots

    Clover and Rye plots are coming in awesome and the deer are all over them. One of the bean plots also has not had a chance to grow deer just eat as they grow. Working either way they are getting food and staying around. Clover ,Rye is all around the beans and corn.
  9. Hoyt4

    2018 food plots

  10. Hoyt4

    2018 food plots

    Just thought I would post some pictures of this years food plots. Summer is going way too fast , I want it to be bow season right now but still some work left to do. All plots are done now and we can start getting trails and shooting lanes cleared.
  11. Nice work Don Opener up there was awesome for us. We caught a ton of eyes that weekend and a few smallies hitting the jigs. Going to head back up to work on tree stands and then wet a line this Sunday.
  12. Hoyt4

    Wi Season

    Here are a couple pictures from our WI season. We were able to take 5 birds. Two of us had two tags and one buddy just had one tag. Really think the predators in the area have these birds learning to be silent. They do not gobble much and if they do it’s mainly morning before fly down 2 or 3 times at the most. Over that last 5 years it’s been like this the first 10 years gobbling was heard through the day but now you don’t hear that gobbling in the distance or to calls very often. Still come to calls but almost ways silent now which is fine they still come in. Finally all done and food plots are almost finished love the spring time.
  13. Hoyt4

    Season e

    Congrats on the bird
  14. Hoyt4

    Bow Bird Down

    Congrats on the bird.