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  1. Good luck to you also. Heading out tonight after work. I have season E in WI. Just returned from NE archery only . Love the spring.
  2. Yes always best to log in right at the time they open. I will be on tomorrow for a 2nd tag or a 3rd.
  3. going4it All the seasons are great as long as you are in the Turkey woods. I hunt E in WI for the last 18 years and we have success and great hunts. If you want there should be extra tags when they do the surplus sale of the tags. You can pick up a 2nd even 3rd. You can buy one a day until gone.
  4. Non-resident would not draw for first two. I'm sure someone has got lucky but almost given would not draw. I have seen guys apply with WI resident as group and get season B. Also talk to your uncle might be able to get landowner tags
  5. We hope this will still be going next week. I will post if anything changes if they cancel or not.
  6. This seminar is FREE–no registration needed and we love to have hunters of all ages attend this seminar! A-1 Archery is always proud to have staff member and bow technician Mike Foster–put on this amazing Turkey Seminar every year! Mike Foster is an avid hunter and will give you numerous tips and tricks to lure in a turkey and hopefully set you up for a shot on one of these beautiful birds. Be sure to bring your turkey hunting questions! There are usually handouts and door prizes too! Luck Custom Calls will also be here with their amazing slate and box calls for turkeys too! They are a welcome addition to our seminar every year! A-1 Archery does sell Luck Custom Calls in the shop so if you would like to purchase a call that night–you can try them out too.
  7. FREE!!! TURKEY SEMINAR–Turkey Hunting with a Gun or Bow March 24 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm A1 Archery Store, 587 Lenertz Rd. Hudson, WI 54016 United States + Google Map This seminar is FREE--no registration needed and we love to have hunters of all ages attend this seminar! A-1 Archery is always proud to have staff… Mike Foster
  8. Yote or owl in the morning use my voice for both or the 3 in one call from Primos. The power crow for during the day like Borch said above. Them birds just dont get a long. You will find more turkeys when silent just from the crows going off over them in the fields.
  9. I use 20 lb Suffix braid on my rods for eyes and bass. Never have any issues with knots the last 5 or so years of using it.
  10. Minky What ever you use for deer should work. Im thinking you will want some more weight for mechanicals heads. If that weight works I use any of the rocket broadheads for over 20 years now. They have been great for turkeys. Sidewinder or Hammer head. What I have gone by needing at least 50lbs for 2 inch cutting mechanicals so you are close. For that settup I would go with less then a 2 inch. Rocket sidewinder is one of my favorite heads that's 1.5
  11. Going to start out in NE archery only for a week or so. Just put in an order for some more arrows and need to pick up some more rocket heads. SD is still an option for April sometime if I can make it work out. MN in April and then I head over to our WI hunt in May season E. I have checked in with our land owners and all is good so far this winter and hunting this spring. Going to be another great spring.
  12. Uni knot I use for all the time for leaders braid and fluoro. No glue needed
  13. How's lake travel? Can you drive out or do you need sleds to get around with all the snow?
  14. Rosario and prospects for a SP i'm hoping.
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