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  1. Hoyt4

    Strong Finish.

    Great season Don
  2. Congrats on MN and WI It's been a great spring and the birds just seem to be getting fired up even more now.
  3. We finished up the seasons with 3 great birds. All 3 had 1 1/4 spurs 11 inch beards and one with 11.5. Two birds weighing in at 23 lbs and the other 22. This year we had gobbling like in the past . These last 5 years has been very minimal gobbling if none at all some years. This year was similar to when we started hunting these farms. The high predator population is why i think they do not gobble as much. Even this spring had a yote mess up a bird walking right in to me he was in killing distance but I was liking the show so let him keep coming my error. Yote came running in and chased him off :(. But we did end up shooting this bird Friday morning. So he only was saved once. See what happens this weekend. I'm supposed to take a buddy out hunting in MN but if that falls through maybe make one more run to WI.
  4. That's awesome I've seen a lot of birds fight like that before. Sure lets you crawl in on them :) real close.
  5. I did make it out Sunday for about 4 hrs. No luck on the trout but did end up with a smallmouth. Was fun to give this a shot. Hope to try a couple more times and hook up.
  6. Going to give a try fishing Sunday after being in the turkey woods in the morning. HOping to at least get a bite if I catch one bonus. I have not tried this yet.
  7. Congrats to you fellas. Great pictures
  8. Hoyt4

    MN Opener

    Pfunk One of those Jakes needs a dirt nap. I've had that happen many times with Jakes ruling the area. I do not let them get away with it though. If a Jake is in range he will taste good. Our saying in camp is "Never good luck to pass up a Jake" Good luck to all hunting season B or Archery. 3 birds taken in our group yesterday, my dad got nice Jake (WI) with the new 20 gauge and a friend shot a nice double beard tom with the bow(MN). Another Tom shot by a friend in WI that was on the lighter side only 16 lbs.
  9. Dang , that had to give the heart a test.
  10. Hoyt4

    MN Bird

    Saturday morning I was able to put my tag on a nice bird. If I did no get to put some scouting time in I would of moved too fast. I knew these bird was going to show up but he never made a peep on roost or the ground. I was able to call in the hens with him following. The hens yelped twice on the ground and that was it. Had other birds gobbling but I knew this guy was around. It was him with 3 Jakes and 3 hens that pretty much stayed by themselves and nothing to do with the larger group of birds. I was able to see him the Saturday before opener and trail cameras showing he was coming through around 720 each morning. I shot him at 7:15 plan worked out great. 20 Gauge is becoming my favorite gun for turkeys. He was just a couple oz’s shy of 24lbs. double beard 11inch, spurs 1inch. Some big birds dropping. My dads was 25lbs and Protourbait above 24. Might head back to NE this weekend see how the week goes. I have WI left for a couple tags.
  11. Hoyt4

    MN Opener

    Congrats nice bird Featherslayer
  12. Hoyt4

    It Begins

    Mn opener this morning old man tagged out on a nice Tom with his new 20 gauge. 3 came in put on a good show and one stayed behind :). Waiting for pictures still. Started off with a great spring in NE and this should be just as good in MN this week. Heading out after work
  13. Good luck boys and girls. Got out and scouted more this weekend. Saw plenty of birds and man are they talking in the morning. I will not be able to hunt a full day until the weekend. Just after work to start the season off. Looks like some rain for Wednesday, so i'm going to pack up one of my blinds for that night. Hoping it's done by the time i get out of work. Thinking of heading back to NE and getting my last tag and run and gun the cedar hillsides down there. Still have WI season E (two tags) if I can make it work might even try F.
  14. Don Sounds like you are ready to go. Best of luck to all you bring out this spring. I will be out as much as I Can all spring. This year I do not have ball until June. I turned down a tournament in NE this weekend. I want to scout for next week MN,For me and a buddies kids.
  15. LOL No ground blinds unless there is rain coming. Going to put out couple more cameras this weekend. Hoping to get a few kids coming out also but that is not looking so hot right now. If they can make it out I will put up a ground blind for them.
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