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  1. mws4dux

    My son Hunter fills his tag

    After last week striking out in Nebraska, Hunter fills his MN today. He missed one yesterday so it felt good to see him have success today. Lots of turkeys today 6 to 8 hens 3 toms and a jake. They were chasing one another around. Before one of the toms came in. Way to break in the new gun.
  2. mws4dux

    2016 mn season

    We had a great spring chasing turkeys. I ended up getting my bird with the bow on a hunt before work today.Hunter's buddy Tanner got his on Monday eveing. My bird was about 20 yards away to the right of the blind for about an half hour. Gobbling a lot. He got as close as 15 yards but a hen was about 10 feet from blind so I couldn't draw my bow. She left and he started to slowly follow. I took the shot, he was 20 yards away. Tanner's tom came in silent but right to the Jake decoy.
  3. mws4dux

    Son's turkey

    Ya I use snapseed and or avairy
  4. mws4dux

    That was fast!

    Congrats! Good luck to everyone else.
  5. mws4dux

    Javan's 1st turkey

    Great pics and story! Way to go
  6. mws4dux

    Son's turkey

    After letting his sister hunt first, Hunter was able to get his turkey on his 2nd hunt. His buddy was able to tag along. Came into the decoys with 3 hens. He roosted 2 properties over. #23 1/2. 10 1/4" beard. 1"spurs.
  7. mws4dux

    Wild Turkey Photos

    Non hero
  8. mws4dux

    Daughters video

    I was filming with my left hand and helping her with my right. A little shaky at times.
  9. mws4dux

    Daughter's first turkey

    Thanks guys! Here's the fox that almost ruined the hunt. The tom moved maybe 20 feet as the fox went after the decoy. Fox left and the Tom came back to decoy.
  10. mws4dux

    Daughter's first turkey

    Kaylee had some luck on her second morning. This tom came in and beat the decoy up. Kay was a little nervous/excited. Then a fox charged the birds ,the Tom moved away and then came back when the fox bolted. Her 9th birthday is next week, so happy early birthday Kay! So proud of her. Now her brother Hunter turn .
  11. mws4dux

    5 years of filming turkeys

    The last five seasons have been a blast. I've been fortunate to get the chance To film family and friends so they can share with others. https://youtu.be/X0xN6wKOMu4
  12. mws4dux

    TEAM #7

    Thanks. .. it depends...usually I dont hunt evenings but if I do it's just for 2 or three hours. In the mornings we try to sit till 10:00ish depending on the acion. Sometimes 8:30-9:00 This was my daughter's first hunt. My son is eleven and has been out turkey hunting since he was four so he can sit a little longer.
  13. mws4dux

    TEAM #7

  14. mws4dux

    TEAM #7

    I filled my archery tag...#21.4. 9 1/2" beard. 1" spurs Fun eveing hunt with my two kiddos. 10 yard shot.
  15. mws4dux

    Our spring so far

    Great pics and stories. ..way to go!