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  1. Saweet! Thanks for doing this, Borch! I just signed up Ryan, Morgan, and me. It's looking like this may be a year when we can get out in the woods a fair bit. I hope so!
  2. My son shot a bird with a nap spitfire max at 52 lbs (I think). It worked fine. I still prefer loppers, but there's no wrong answer. I suggest you study kill zone/turkey position if you haven't already. Tons of birds are hit and lost because people are aiming at the wrong spot! Hit em high watch em die, hit em low watch em go. Good luck Minky!
  3. Yep I definitely do. When Ryan was in that range I regret not having him use them. Suggestion- aiming point is higher than I initially thought. Have them aim right where the neck meets the head- bottom of the chin height. 2 inches high kills em and so does 2 inches low. If they aim for the middle of the neck missing a little low doesn't work (in the waddle area won't cut it-- speaking from experience).
  4. I think he's at 46 lbs, Don. I can't remember for sure- might bre closer to 50. Somewhere in that range. I've been super impressed with the bullheads at that poundage and lower. If I had started him with them I'm sure he'd have killed the first two birds he shot at. Hit exactly where he aimed and no recovery. Live and learn...
  5. Don, would you agree bullheads are an especially good option for lower poundage setups? I think they are great no matter what, but they really shine for shorter draw length and/or lower KE setups in my experience/opinion (but I have a lot less turkey experience than you).
  6. This is usually my recommendation but it is definitely what I would suggest for someone shooting that kind of poundage, I suggest a Magnus bullhead. They are awesome and the best part about it is they result the in virtually no hit and lost animals. It almost always is a dead or completely unharmed animal and the kill zone is bigger then what you are dealing with when you shoot a fixed or expandable head. My son shoots the same poundage and it's been awesome for him.
  7. Scoot

    Spring plans?

    I will be helping which ever of my buddies draws in North Dakota and then hunting with my kids and friends and family around my home. All archery for us. Should be fun! I hope I can get my son out a little bit more this year than last.
  8. Yep see fishhunts comment. That's the tell tale info you need. No way for us sideline QBs to know, but is very likely they opened.
  9. Great stuff, Don! I can totally relate to going 1/2 with my buddy being the one to tag out-- exactly what happened to me in NM this year. Sounds like you had a good experience overall. Elk hunting is tough! It's often an exercise in major frustration- over, and over, and over! But, all it takes is once to work out and when it does, it's the best! Congrats on a good trip and thanks very much for taking us along for the ride. I'll be calling you to pester you soon!
  10. Good luck! Our baits went totally dead about a month ago.
  11. Carry bear spray and hunt per usual.
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