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  1. Scoot

    New Bow

    Sweet! I hope you get that rig started with a turkey this spring!
  2. Funny you mention that- I leave for AZ tomorrow morning at 5 AM! Unless your elk is on a golf course I won't be much help though... Seriously, I probably can be of help to you if you are in need of equipment info or calling info.
  3. Ya baby! Congrats Don! If I can be of help in any way just give me a shout! Get in shape is right! Can't get in shape too much!
  4. WTG Nate! Great story! I look forward to more from you two!
  5. That's awesome! Many congrats to you both.
  6. Bummer on the deer- that's a major hazard on these trips. I've been very lucky after several close calls (knock on wood) going out west. Sounds great so far otherwise. Good luck and have a blast!
  7. That's smart IMO. I donated a soon to expire can of bear spray to a guy who was hunting that range about 5 years ago and he sprayed it in a bear's face from 8' away! He swears to this day that I saved his life because he wasn't going to bother bringing bear spray.
  8. Good luck! Bring bear spray, make sure it's always accessible, and know how to use it. No shortage of grizz in that area. Seems practically every year someone is attacked in the Gravelies. Have fun and report back!
  9. Scoot

    Nm Elk

    Thanks guys I appreciate it. No I did not have to change my set up at all because my set up is basically designed for elk and big boned critters to begin with. I shoot a heavy arrow and have extra weight up front too. My arrow zipped through the bull at 7 yards and seemed to never slow down. We found a spot of blood 10 yd behind the bull where the arrow hit but it skipped and ended up somewhere over a ledge and into oblivion. No idea how far it went but it was still cruisin!
  10. No doubt some 9 year olds are ready! Also no doubt some 15 year olds are not ready! It all depends on the kid and there is no law that will fit every individual perfectly as far as minimum age. What I found with my son is that there will be no shortage of Internet know-it-alls who seem to think they know better when my kid is ready then I do. Some people will tell you that no 10 year old is ready and others will tell you that every 10 year old is ready. Others still simply felt comfortable telling me that I didn't know my own son well enough to know whether he was ready or not. Good luck! This is something that I think I should receive serious thought and consideration before a decision is made. Sounds like this kid is on the right track and I'm sure it will be a great experience for him. Have fun.
  11. Scoot

    Nm Elk

    Thanks guys. Cheetah nothing easy about it for me! We worked our butts off!!! 3.5 miles to the truck from my bull to the truck. 4 loads to be made and dang I was tired at the end. On top of that it was 75-85 degrees the whole time we hauled it. The heat was tough on me! Is a young man's game and im not getting any younger. I shot that little dink in the morning of day 4. Here's a pic from the spot I would have sat that evening if I hadn't tagged out. Gulp!!!
  12. Got back from NM on Sunday. We had a great trip. Never found any truly huge ones but saw some pretty good ones that would make me more than smile. We were going to hunt for 7 days and on day 4 I shot a little guy that gave me too easy of an opportunity to pass up. The morning of day 7 my buddy shot his bull. Both were called in with mine coming to cow calls and his coming to very aggressive bugling- my favorite! The two smallest bulls in New Mexico but we're happy!
  13. Sounds like a great trip and a really fun experience, congratulations! Thanks for all the pictures and sharing your story. I know that's a lot of work and it is much appreciated.
  14. Sniper, good luck I hope you heal up quickly and get on the mountain as soon as possible.
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