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  1. Scoot

    Turkey Contest Winners

    Borch, thanks very much for doing this again. We appreciate it and it's always fun!
  2. leech, I think it's fair to say dealing with a problem like this in deer affords the "powers that be" some luxuries that aren't possible in humans. It probably wouldn't be too popular to wipe out a bunch of infected folks... One question- it's been known about for over a half-century and you're saying it's just too early in the evolution of the understanding process to do something about it beyond let it play out naturally and see how it all shakes out? I don't get that... Seems reasonable (although a little paranoid) be be concerned about one little genetic tweak to one allele and boom!, we've got an epidemic of very grand proportion on our hands. I totally agree that uninformed wiping out of deer herds isn't the answer. However, I'm not sure sitting back and watching it all play out is either. However, maybe that's not what you're proposing? If not, what do you suggest? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure IMO. I'm on the same page as bobbymalone's last sentence in his last post above. But, consistent with what you said- it most certainly needs to be informed and not a knee jerk response.
  3. Scoot

    Persistence Pays off

    Great end to a fun year! Congrats to you both.
  4. Scoot

    Last Season

    I gave it my last shot of the year this morning and I juked and the turkeys jived. They have been rolling through the same spot for the last couple mornings and unfortunately went a different direction this morning. That's it for me! Unfortunately I have obligations until the season is done now. Morgan, Logan, and I all finished with unpunched tags. Darn pea-brained birds won this time.
  5. Scoot

    Last Season

    I'm going to give it one last hoorah tomorrow morning. Going to be a quick effort before work but I've got a couple toms patterned pretty well.
  6. Scoot


    Haha, sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and great perspective, Borch. Plus, I think it's good to be upset about missing! It motivates a guy to take more selective shots and make better shots. My shot selection was ok, but my execution was not good. I made a good shot at a stationary target, but the target was walking. D-U-M, dumb!!! Such is life! Next year Morgan and I will shoot turkeys (as long as I can still get her out there).
  7. Scoot


    You got it, Borch! I was disappointed with how the season ended, but you're definitely right! I also learned a trick this year- cards! Morgan really enjoyed playing cards with me in the blind. It was a good way to pass the time and we enjoyed it quite a bit. We had a great season together and enjoyed it a ton! That last encounter we had was really something! I'm convinced the worst thing birds can do to a bowhunter is to come in to the deeks is stand there and stare. I'd rather they hung up and didn't come in or did pretty much anything but that. It makes it virtually impossible to get a bow drawn! The turkey was at about 5 yards, because I knew we I needed one close for Morgan. However, at five yards and staring directly in the direction of the blind, she was smart to not try to draw. That dang bird stood there for two full minutes and didn't move a muscle. Morgan had a smile from ear to ear and at one point told me "I was so excited and my heart was pounding so hard I thought I might die!" It would have been a slam dunk with her crossbow, but she wanted to get one with a vertical bow. I'm proud of her for sticking with it and she said "I'm just fine with not shooting one, Dad." I'm glad she's ok with that. I wish I was more ok with it... but, that's hunting!
  8. Scoot


    It is not looking good from our end. I finally got Morgan out yesterday and she came to full draw on a nice tom but he busted her on the draw and scooted out of there. I got a shot off at him at 20 yards and he was walking and I didn't quite lead him enough. I clipped feathers back in high but he was fine otherwise. I have family obligations this coming weekend and stuff going on the following weekend. There's a good chance that our turkey season is over. If this was Ryan without the tag he would be pushing hard and still chomping at the bit to shoot something. Morgan is much less concerned with filling her tag. Unpunched tags drive me completely crazy! But it looks like we will have some in the Engel household this year. Sorry team! Good job to you guys who managed to get it done and my apologies that we couldn't hold up our end of the bargain. Well... Ryan did, but Morgan and I couldn't do it this year. Next time!
  9. Scoot


    Awesome! Congrats and great work!!!
  10. Scoot

    MN bear lottery dates?

    Nice! Don't be stealing away his big boar rk!!! Lol
  11. Scoot

    Bow Bird Down

    Atta boy Pace! WTG!
  12. Scoot

    MN bear lottery dates?

    My son drew! He's going to be excited!!!
  13. Scoot

    Season e

    Well done! Congrats!!!
  14. Scoot

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    I spent the whole day at work trying to get outta there so I could get home to hunt with Morgan. Finally got here and Morgan says "Uugh not tonight. I just want to hang out at home tonight". Dang it all! Having a 10 year old is tough sometimes. But a 10 year old daughter- tougher!