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  1. Scoot

    Opening Day

    Sniper, good luck I hope you heal up quickly and get on the mountain as soon as possible.
  2. Scoot

    Opening Day

    Good lunch cheetah! I leave for NM elk on Wednesday. Can't wait! Im hoping my brother can get my son out on the opener while I'm gone.
  3. Scoot

    What's Your Go To Broadhead?

    G5 Strikers, VPAs (I think they only sell direct to customers), Magnus Stingers, Snuffers, and Spitfire Maxx heads are all very good to great IMO.
  4. Scoot


    Just a quick post to say how great the people are who you can meet here. Rkhinrichs offered to help out my son this bear season- never met him and other than posting back and forth I've never talked with him. What a kind and generous dude who gave us a heck of a nice offer. It didn't work to take him up on it but I thought I'd mention that he had some seriously good mojo coming his way and it sure worked out like it should have. Congrats Rob!
  5. Scoot


    WTG Rob! I love the canoe picture! Congrats on a great bear and a short season!
  6. Scoot


    Over half way through the first weekend of MN bear season- anyone having any luck? Im with Ryan by Duluth and so far we have struck out. Hoping one that has been around stumbles in tonight. I wonder if anyone else in this area has had any luck...
  7. Scoot

    Which Way To Go With New Bow?

    Excellent suggestions above! The Matthews is way too short axle to axle for me to even consider, but it sure shoots nice and smooth.
  8. Scoot

    Which Way To Go With New Bow?

    Just curious- what about your old now is making you switch? I've shot both and have no real concerns with either. Elite makes a nice bow and has several good options over the past few years. But... regardless of brand there are lots of good options out there. Shoot what feels good to you and hits where you're aiming. Totally generic, but good advice IMO.
  9. Scoot

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    I was surprised by that too Wanderer. I bought 2 of them about a month ago and am giving them a whirl. I've got 3 on bear baits right now. I'll have a feel for them in a couple weeks.
  10. Scoot

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    I've been watching this one hoping to get come good info too. Unfortunately I have no useful info to offer. Hopefully someone will chime in with some pearls of wisdom.
  11. Scoot

    Getting antsy

    Very nice rk! I hope they work great!!!
  12. Scoot

    Getting antsy

    Confidence and competence are often highly uncorrelated. Sounds like you think your shooting skills are good enough to get the job done. If you're as competent with your shooting as you are confident, then all will be fine. Good luck this season.
  13. Scoot

    Getting antsy

    I figured that's how you'd respond snag. It's too bad you don't get it, but that's really not my concern. You figure good golfers hit a good drive in practice then hang up their clubs until the tourney begins? Same goes for anyone who really wants to be good at anything actually. IMO you owe it to the animals whose lives you are trying to end to be very proficient at doing so. That's what makes it different and more important than golf, basketball, or most things people want to be good at. If you disagree I think you don't have a leg to stand on in the ethics dept, but nothing you describe is illegal so do whatever yout want. With regard to your father- I didn't say boo about him or anyone else in your family. For that matter I didn't say you were a bad person, just that I think one thing you do isn't ethical. Practice how you want, hunt how you want- the laws are in place and as long as you follow them my take on your behavior is only one guy's opinion. ... and this is an open forum on the internet! You post what you did on any open bowhunting forum and someone will be dumb enough to take your bait and reply with common sense. In this case it was me. I hope the rest of your day goes better.
  14. Scoot

    Getting antsy

    I completely disagree with your approach and belief about shooting snag. No doubt there's a point of diminishing returns, but the amount of shooting you're talking about is nowhere near it. In fact I'd say that approach is unethical and not respectful of the animals you are hunting. A lot goes into making a good shot at an animal and no doubt you're right about some guys who shoot a lot making bad shots. But that provides no support for the ridiculous claim that suggests you shouldn't be well practiced. Certainly no need to go crazy, but you'll be a far better hunter with more time behind your bow than what you said above.
  15. Scoot

    Getting antsy

    Sorry snag, I lost track from the original post! However cool mounts are, what really excites me is the future. Mounts are a great way to remember punched tags and successful hunts, but thinking about the upcoming season is what really gets me excited.