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  1. Yep see fishhunts comment. That's the tell tale info you need. No way for us sideline QBs to know, but is very likely they opened.
  2. Great stuff, Don! I can totally relate to going 1/2 with my buddy being the one to tag out-- exactly what happened to me in NM this year. Sounds like you had a good experience overall. Elk hunting is tough! It's often an exercise in major frustration- over, and over, and over! But, all it takes is once to work out and when it does, it's the best! Congrats on a good trip and thanks very much for taking us along for the ride. I'll be calling you to pester you soon!
  3. Good luck! Our baits went totally dead about a month ago.
  4. Carry bear spray and hunt per usual.
  5. Prayers sent, Sniper! Good luck Don!
  6. Good for you guys! It's been an uphill battle for us so far! Hopefully something stumbles into our baits soon.
  7. I've bem baiting for my nephew's this weekin a no quota area. Anyone else getting their butt kicked? Haven't seen a single thing yet…
  8. Scoot

    Strong Finish.

    Awesome persistence Pace! I hope you guys are rewarded!
  9. Point for me too. Maybe next year...
  10. Woot woot! WTG RK!
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