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DNR Auction set for 9/20/14


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Has anyone bought anything at the minnesota DNR auctions in the past? I'm curious if the guns go for decent prices. I live about 1 hour from Zimmerman and don't want to drive up if I am going to spend the same amount as I would at a store. Any comments?

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Do you happen to recall how much some of the bigger caliber rifles were going for? I would be looking at something in the .243, 30-06, .270 caliber. The list is out for this one and it looks like there are quite a few that I wouldn't mind taking home. But again, I'm looking for a deal.

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I went to last years, and as for rifles/shotguns, I noticed most went for somewhere inbetween "high' used prices and new prices.

I know a few things went for well over new prices. Example: A savage axis w/packaged scope that Fleet Farm sells for $300 (new) went for almost $500.

I picked up a bow, bidding was slow on it. I had it checked out afterwards and found that I paid general market price for that particular bow.

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I went to one in Spooner WI and it was the same as MN. Guns sold for new price or more even the ones that had obvious scratch and dents from being thrown out of vehicles etc during a chase. Never did bid on anything. Even the tip-ups and ice fishing gear went for higher than retail. Could not believe the feeding frenzy an auction brings when guns are in the mix.


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I haven't attended a DNR auction in many years, but I did use to frequent the annual auction in Grand Rapids, MN., when I lived there.

There, at least, one could purchase the "big ticket" items for really pretty good prices. I always figured if I'd brought $10K in cash I could've almost certainly brought home a nice used fishing rig, an ATV, and likely a couple decent sleds to boot!

But therein lies the problem with the big ticket items. The confiscated items you have no idea of their history, and the big items the DNR are auctioning out of their "fleet" are typically used very hard, over many years, and are very near the end of their anticipated useful lifespan. Otherwise they wouldn't likely be parting with these items.

As for guns, or smaller items, this auction is not unlike any other auction nowadays. Everything depends on how many people are there, and how much people really target what they are looking for.

In my limited auction experience I'd say that almost invariably single items of any reasonable value almost always sell at near, or above brand new retail price. I've seen moderately used furniture sell for markedly higher then new retail prices. Yard machines and hardware go for ridiculous prices! I once saw a 10 year old Troy Built rear tine roto-tiller that was terminally leaking oil sell for $850.00! I can go out and buy a brand new Craftsmen tiller of the same horsepower for less then that! crazy Forget about trying to get a good auction price on a riding tractor/mower, or anything of the like.

People really do seem to get into a feeding frenzy at these things, and all common sense, and financial practicality seems to get thrown right out the window. I used to enjoy going to auctions. Now I see them as nothing more then a waste of time.

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