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  1. Yeah, that's what it took last time I hunted up there (2015), got in on my fourth year. That's what bums me out, had I remember to apply for the past 3 years, this year I'd probably be hunting.
  2. In for 31. I wish I would have put in for the last three years. I would have had a better shot at hunting one this year.
  3. Which hunt are you in? Mine starts same weekend. I had to get it done this weekend, bit of a hike to drive down there.
  4. Heading out to scout my area. Anybody else getting things ready for their MBRB hunt?
  5. Add another for the RX-1's, in my case an Ultra. Hard to find new bows with longer ATAs. Love shooting it.
  6. I don't have mine on a stand like the above picture, but I had my bear skull cleaned and it just sits on my desk.
  7. I got primary on the Crow-Hassen with a rank of #21. New experience for me as well, with MBRB, been a member for a few years just could never get a hunt. DanBo - That was one I had on my list as I have a buddy that lives just a few blocks up from there.
  8. Finally got my first bear tag! Fourth year trying. Zone 31.
  9. Savage has both those calibers. I have a synthetic stocked model 11 in 300wsm and a walnut stocked model 14 in 308win. both are excellent shooters.
  10. Friday stopped in at Cabin Fever, wanted to look through their 2014 closeout Hoyt Faktors for fun, Saturday I was back and left with 2015 Hoyt Charger. First ever new bow for me. Almost ready for SoDak Mulies in October.
  11. September Goose (MN), MN Black Bear (three pref points should draw this year), Mulies in October in SD, MN Deer Firearm, and somewhere amongst all that get my new four-legged hunting buddy out for some upland birds. Going to be a great Fall of being outdoors.
  12. That might be worth the drive to get a pair myself.
  13. Siwulat- just what I was thinking. As if the week wasnt going to go slow as it is. Lol.
  14. Why split the hunters more? It doesn't help to have 15 different groups that divide everyone up. We need a single, large and strong group to fight through this. Take GOCRA for example, a single unifying group fighting for a general common goal.
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