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  1. Badly overthrown balls and [PoorWordUsage] poor decisions are Bridgetoalosingseason guarantees.
  2. Pics of the weedless and standard Baits.
  3. It is an 8/0 or 9/0 jig hook that is completely covered by the bait making it virtually weedless. I run a stinger treble that I stick in the bait just behind the dorsal fin. When smallies head hunt the bait, which they typically do the very stout jig hook gets them. That is what happen with my fish. It grabbed it just behind the head effectively putting the jig hook right in the roof of the nouth. The bait comes over rocky bottoms very well too.
  4. RumRiverRat

    Fall Returns

    Going to sling swimbaits of various shapes and sizes on Sunday. Might be last time out before my third child is born next Friday.
  5. Well my good run of fishing came to halt today. Nothing worth posting pics of.
  6. Same rules as last week. Swimbait Probably only fishing 1 day this weekend.
  7. Lets go to Mille Lacs.
  8. Practice squad is a better option. He sucks.
  9. I do not watch. Fish are biting.
  10. The O line is a mess. the defense is Ok except when the game is on the line. Giving up a 4th and 20, come on man!
  11. Your point is? Cannot formulate a decent response so you take a shot at me? Bridgewater is a small handed and absolutely has zero football intelligence or any intelligence for that matter. He sucks.
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