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  1. monstermoose78

    Woodstock nests

    They don’t open September 1st. September 22is woodcock opener
  2. monstermoose78

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Sorry for your loss.
  3. monstermoose78

    Turkey Contest Winners

    Yes thanks Borch!! You put on a great contest
  4. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    Way to go guys I tried hard just did not work out for me.
  5. monstermoose78

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    Yep I spent many hours in the blind and can’t seal the deal. I had one Tom strutting behind my blind for almost 4 hours. He was 10-15 yards but there was brush in between us and with the crossbow I could only watch. Today I though I had one dead to rights it was going into strut came around the blind a hen. I am sitting in the blind still and roasting it’s so hot. I did not hunt Sunday and my sister called and said I have really good decoys. Yep 3 strutting Toms in front of my blind. Seeing I start working tomorrow my hunting will be on weekends until the season closes now. I got two or three Toms gobbling like crazy on the other side of the brook. They just are not coming over. I make a soft call and get gobbles. They did this to me before. I am going to have to get some more water soon.
  6. monstermoose78

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Good luck guys
  7. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    Congrats teammates I am still working on getting a bird
  8. monstermoose78

    Team #3

    Wow you guys are making this hard on other teams, but way to go guys!!
  9. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    Good luck pumper. I will be out hunting until I can seal the deal
  10. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    Every bird is around now except for a turkey. I heard them as the sun came up but I know they went to that field again. I am going to stick it out and see if I can get one to come over in a while.
  11. monstermoose78

    MN Tag punched

  12. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    I will get one they will come over the brook and I will be waiting.
  13. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    There is at least double the number to the left side They roost 150 yards from where my blind is 123 congrats on the bird
  14. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    1/4 mile tops
  15. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    Well they were all n the other side of the brook and they come over to my side often, but not this morning. I wanted to check so I drove over there. Haha I was right dirty birds and the property owner does not anyone hunt there. Maybe tomorrow I can sweet talk one of them to come over. I think a lot of hunters are waiting for later seasons. I checked a couple public land spots and no people tracks or truck tracks.