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  1. Seeing grouse while duck hunting. A few woodcocks as well
  2. If you needed 40 cal I could help out but it’s not cheap stuff
  3. Thinking ripley hunt with the old man. Ducks as Finn and love to chase them and maybe riverrat 316 too. I will hunt with gordie as well for ducks and maybe grouse. ruffed grouse in the arrowhead with the dog. rifle deer hunting with the family.
  4. How is the pup doing
  5. I think this a chicken it’s growing at the base of a oak tree
  6. I would not use the hot duck loads or pheasant loads. I have been destroying my Remington 58 with the hot duck loads
  7. I am thrilled and I am doing more soup it’s so good. My wife is on her second bowl
  8. I got a turkey but I did not fill out the paperwork as I will be in last place or just a head of the tag soup guys. I got this jake today if he went 12 pounds I am only 200. His beard was 3 inches and spurs we 1/8 tops if you could count them at all. It was a great season as I enjoyed the other birds and wildlife and relaxing with all this other stuff going on. Here are my photos
  9. Just don’t let your dad sit in your blind without you
  10. Great looking pup Dave
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