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  1. I will tell you don’t wait because all the dumb ones will be gone. Get after them now!!
  2. Buy a bear tag and harvest the bear
  3. I am running out of things to say
  4. Congrats on a wonderful trip to South Dakota!!
  5. Get them antlers now as of next Wednesday they will be buried under snow again !!!
  6. Be careful them little buggers (deer ticks) can kick your butt!!
  7. Yeah thee is a couple drumming like crazy around the pond
  8. My goose call works awesome to get shock gobbles
  9. CaNt wait to hear to whole story and good luck
  10. To watch how people work the jig is huge. Minky if the get together gets canceled I will let you know when i head out fishing
  11. I agree I run 3 pound test for all my small panfish jigs. It takes time to get the hang of plastics minky. If you get a chance fish with Eyeguy or rick g it will help you learn faster. I am willing to show people as well how to use plastics. Remember you might have to customize your plastics. Some days the gills want the legs off the mayflys and for gills I pinch a 1/3 of body off my maki mino to prevent short bites as much. wander nailed it you need the right rod for plastics or a spring bobber. I agree with Royce on the frabil titanium spring bobbers. They take an ok rod and make much better. minky March 9 I got a get together going on on blue lake and there will be some of the best anglers there to show and ask questions. This year I will not be fishing but talking to everybody to help them get questions answered.
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