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  1. Just don’t let your dad sit in your blind without you
  2. Great looking pup Dave
  3. The bar is set! Congratulations Wallydog
  4. Been seeing a few turkeys on my drive it 61 miles to work covers lots of ground
  5. Naw this moose hunts deer in the arrowhead and the deer numbers have been down for the last 5 years now. This winter could really hurt the herd
  6. The black Betty is much smoother but the descent is darn good. CGI works but it’s not as smooth.
  7. I run a brushed dewalt with a clam plate and 6 inch strikemaster auger and have close 8,000 holes cut. My blades are still sharp and when I bought my setup I ordered 3 sets of blades. I could put a new set on but it still cuts great. I cut holes with many guys from here and is my set up is not the fastest but it’s not slow either. I seen Eyeguy buzz holes with the nils and many use the kdrill. So far no fish refused to come up my hole because it was cut with strikemaster. I like the plate to hang onto and to set my auger down. i was on Osakis and it had 40+ inches of ice and I was getting 32-35 holes per 9 amp hour battery. They make car chargers and I never ran out of battery power with the big batteries. choose the electric auger you like but i will tell you that gas auger will stay home from then on.
  8. I have used whitcomes scent from Princeton mn and the wolves loved it!
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