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  1. monstermoose78


    be careful Eyeguy!! I would like to ice fish with you a few time this winter.
  2. monstermoose78

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    I still run my fl8 that I bought in 1996. I don’t need zoom and I have watched many friends with the new fancy locators not see fish under the ice. Not me I catch em. No stinking updates for my fl 8 and my fl 8 has fallen down the stairs more times then me. It still runs I had new brushes put in after I fell on it and smashed the casing. O yeah i fished all day with the smashed casing let’s see the new units do that. It’s fixedand runs perfect. Never notice the noise you guys are talking about as I am to busy catching fish!
  3. monstermoose78

    Hanging pole ideas?

    Go to Milaca unclaimed Freight and for the pulley 8to 1 lift. Cheap and easy
  4. monstermoose78

    Nils Master Usa

    Well I seen many nils in action and they worked amazing. You had a bad one maybe @Surface Tension might have an idea. On your issue.
  5. monstermoose78

    M18 Brushless For Auger Help

    With huge batteries that have come out in the last year or two gas augers will go away. I run 12 amp hour batteries and have some 3 amp hours for back up but I have yet to burn through both 12 amp batteries. I love my clam plate because you set it down like a normal auger and the drill stays off the ice.
  6. monstermoose78

    M18 Brushless For Auger Help

    I really like my clam plate and have been running it for years now. Make sure to buy the extension otherwise it’s super short. You can order directly from clam.
  7. monstermoose78

    Nm Elk

  8. monstermoose78

    Lyme disease shots.

    That is what I got. Youth day is coming quick!
  9. monstermoose78

    Lyme disease shots.

    Ducking hunting would kill the collar
  10. monstermoose78

    Lyme disease shots.

    Where do you get these? How much? Frontline is what I have been using on Finn , but it’s a pain. The big oil spot takes so long to dry. i get Finn the Lyme shot every year.
  11. monstermoose78

    Woodstock nests

    They don’t open September 1st. September 22is woodcock opener
  12. monstermoose78

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Sorry for your loss.
  13. monstermoose78

    Turkey Contest Winners

    Yes thanks Borch!! You put on a great contest
  14. monstermoose78

    The Strut Stops Here

    Way to go guys I tried hard just did not work out for me.
  15. monstermoose78

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    Yep I spent many hours in the blind and can’t seal the deal. I had one Tom strutting behind my blind for almost 4 hours. He was 10-15 yards but there was brush in between us and with the crossbow I could only watch. Today I though I had one dead to rights it was going into strut came around the blind a hen. I am sitting in the blind still and roasting it’s so hot. I did not hunt Sunday and my sister called and said I have really good decoys. Yep 3 strutting Toms in front of my blind. Seeing I start working tomorrow my hunting will be on weekends until the season closes now. I got two or three Toms gobbling like crazy on the other side of the brook. They just are not coming over. I make a soft call and get gobbles. They did this to me before. I am going to have to get some more water soon.