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  1. My uncles cabin is fabricated home we got 27 mice, 11 voles, and 1 chipmunk 🐿!! Over the week.
  2. Well I am out of pointing chihuahuas now!! My little boogie had to be put down today. I am thinking f getting another little dog to hunt mice with again. RIP Boogie you were a great pointing chihuahua.
  3. I have used whitcomes scent from Princeton mn and the wolves loved it!
  4. I will tell you don’t wait because all the dumb ones will be gone. Get after them now!!
  5. Buy a bear tag and harvest the bear
  6. Well nothing around here for mice for now. Heading to da cabin bet you we get some up der!!
  7. I am running out of things to say
  8. 13 lined gopher got in the house some how our last chihuahua got em. Then the lab carried it around my wife was pleased
  9. Congrats on a wonderful trip to South Dakota!!
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