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  1. Siwulat

    Mbrb 2018

    Anybody draw? I drew a primary and am pretty excited. This is my first year with the program so wasn’t sure what to expect. What does the rank mean?
  2. Siwulat

    Getting antsy

    I’m super antsy for this season. Got a new bow in January and have been shooting the heck out of it. Just another month or so left!
  3. Siwulat

    Last Season

    I had to recheck the MN regs to make sure something major didn’t change!
  4. Anybody know of any ranges that offer a little more yardage in the metro or south metro? I know Shaffer’s has a 20 yard indoors but looking for longer if possible. The google isn’t turning anything up other than outdoor. Looking to do a little shooting this winter.
  5. Siwulat

    Shaffer Opposition

    Must be super popular! I guess I’m talking about the XV rest, though it is referenced as Opposition in a few places. Dont all jump jump in at once now!
  6. Siwulat

    Shaffer Opposition

    Anyone shoot this rest? Thinking about installing one on a new bow and am curious about the pros and cons of it from users.
  7. Siwulat

    Muzzy Season

    Hit it for the first time this season tonight and didn’t see a thing. Nice afternoon to be out there though. Did manage to catch a whole pile of geese coming out of a picked cornfield, that was pretty cool.
  8. Been years since I’ve hunted pheasants, but I’m thinking of jumping back in this year. I’ve seen a few while out deer hunting in Dakota County so think I might be able to find one or two. No dog, so I’ll be playing both roles. How is everyone’s season starting?
  9. Siwulat

    Limit question

    Congrats on the early season success minky! According to page 70 of the regs, you can use both bonus tags on antlerless deer in managed. I get tripped up to this day as well on this stuff. Kudos for reaching out and allowing others to learn.
  10. Siwulat

    Opening Day

    Nice moose! I was trying to figure out how to avoid work today but it didn't happen. Planning on getting my season started tomorrow though. Nice shooting!
  11. Siwulat

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    I've lived and hunted here in MN for 4 years and will admit the tag structure is weird. I understand it now, but at first it made no sense. The idea of an all season tag appeals to me and seems like it'd be way easier for people to understand.
  12. Like the change. Of course it's just after I've dialed in a scoped muzzy for shotgun zone firearm and a no scope muzzy for the muzzy season. Guess now I'll just have to pick and choose which one comes with on a given day...
  13. Anybody know of a range in the cities where I can shoot a muzzy? I'm not a member of any clubs, but would like to shoot sooner than the OTP sight in period most of those offer. Trying to work up a good powder and bullet combo well prior to the fall.
  14. Siwulat

    Views from the Stand '16

    Last sit for me. I intended to bow hunt while visiting family in Michigan but santa had other plans. Late doe muzzy to round out my season.
  15. Siwulat

    Thinking of trying trapping

    Well, learned a valuable lesson today. Traps that are set half in and half out of the water will get frozen over when the shallows of the creek freeze! Not gonna catch anything when the springs are froze!!