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  1. Big Push? This whole snow system is WAY south of Canada. Temps are pretty chilly, and the winds are blowing fairly hard, but the standing water temps all over are still in the 40's! Gonna get fairly cold this weekend up here, but it doesn't look to last all that long. Daily temps for next week are in the mid-30's and possibly climbing back to the 40's toward the end of next week. I'm sure the birds will start coming down in pretty good numbers, but I'm not holding my breath for a "big push". I'm guessing it's still just a little too mild to make em' move much. Who knows, this drawn out mild weather could end up working in our favor. At least they won't ALL blow over in 24 hrs. with a cold, stiff tailwind.
  2. With all due respect guys, it can be a little thin on "shade" when all the leaves are down off the trees. We're looking at temps possibly kissing the 60's on Sunday up in NW Minnesota. Wherever, and whenever possible, I'd get em' at least inside a garage, shed, or some kind of building where those overnight 30's-40's will at least keep them reasonably cool all day. Also, if you can wash out the inner body cavity, and inner hind legs, anywhere and anything that might have been touched by the viscera or body fluids, that can REALLY help to prevent any spoilage. Cool, clean water, but try to dry em' out pretty well once they're clean. Cool and dry is best....at least for the first few days. The best you can hope to do is keep the bacterial growth to a minimum. As long as it stays reasonably dry outside (dry air) the bulk of the meat should be fine. But if it's climbing into the high 50's, or low 60's, you better find a way to cool that meat down at least a little bit. Even quartering up the animal and hanging the quarters in a semi-shady area can really help to keep the internal temp down a bit. If you can get your animal into an area where the temps remain in the 40's you're golden!
  3. LOVE that report!!! Awesome day!!! Thanks for sharing, Box!
  4. Did this for many years in central NoDak, when I used to hunt there every fall. Set the Canadian Goose and field duck dekes about 50-75 yds directly upwind of a reasonably large spread of Snow Goose rags and socks. Then we'd just lay in the field, wrapped in cheap white bed sheets (like big tamales) right in amongst the snow goose dekes. Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, we had flocks of ducks and honkers I could get interested by calling, they'd swing right over the snow rags like they weren't even there. It was really fun cause you could watch those honker's heads craning back and forth as they scanned the decoy spread ahead (upwind) for whoever was calling. And the REAL bonus, they were right on top of us, and totally unaware, or even looking to see if we were there!!! Not sure if anyone else has ever noticed this, but in my experience, those honkers could care less about a flock of snow geese in a field, if there are visible honkers also in the field. Just a quick (NW Minnesota) update from a couple weeks back. Starting to see some geese coming down from Canada. And a few ducks. Nothing major, but there are definitely new birds coming down. We have a flock working a cut corn field out in front of our place that's grown from about two dozen birds, to well over 500 in just 3 days. The weather is still really mild and pleasant, albeit overcast and light drizzle, but nothing that will make birds bust out of Canada by any means. But at least they're starting to trickle down. Forecast for the next week remains the same up here. Pretty mild days, mid-40-50's each day, occasional overcast skies, but nothing in the way of a big frontal push of any kind for the next week. I heard one flock of snows fly by about 3-4 days back. Never saw them, but I knew they were snows by their calling. That's pretty much the only thing I've seen yet that would indicate any kind of real migration thru our area this year. Spent a couple hours up near Thief Lake, by our deer hunting lease a few days ago. Should've been seeing numerous flocks of birds around for this time of year, but I didn't see a darn thing in the air. Still pretty quiet in the NW corner of the state.
  5. Like this one, Leech? Once again, I need someone to spin this. I can't figure out how to do it. Thanks. South Eastern Montana Muley. November 2015.
  6. Interesting build idea. Suspended between two separate large oaks though, I'd keep a sharp eye on that. If it's still standing up there after all this wind you should be good to go, but I'd expect quite a bit of movement between those two trees, which might really wear on your lags, or at least how well they are afixed to the trees.
  7. In NW Minnesota we still have geese flying around. Even amidst this howling blizzard. Only minutes ago I watched from my cozy warm living room as a group of geese "attempted" to fly passed my house. They were actually coming up off our river bottom, and were trying with very little luck to fly Northwest into the wind. About 50 feet off the ground they were just hanging there. Frantically flapping their wings into a 30-50 mph head wind, with snow blowing hard into their faces. Poor dumb critters. Not much has frozen up here yet, and because of this I would expect to see at least some birds around for a little while longer. There isn't much in the fields to eat. I honestly can't remember a fall when our regional farmers were able to get all their crops off so quickly and efficiently, and get the ground worked up so quickly. There isn't much left, even in the stubble, for the migrators to eat, so whatever does come down from Canada with this storm won't likely hang around for long. But as long as there is some open water, and there will be for a while yet, we'll still have a few truly hearty birds loafing around town.
  8. Can't figure out how to turn this image. This big fella walked into my stand tonight. I let a very nice 8-pointer walk yesterday morning, so I'm thinking the good Lord was blessing me with a "little bettter" buck tonight! Praise the Lord for His bountiful provision and blessings!
  9. You aren't kidding, Bryce. I have yet to see anything in NW Minnesota that might loosely be described as a migration this fall? Is everything still up in Canada? I don't even know what to think anymore this year?
  10. 5 minutes into the season I watched a very nice 3 1/2 yr old 8 pt. walk passed my stand (tall and well outside his ears!). Would've been a slam dunk but for two primary reasons 1) neither of my son's were in stand with me this morning, and I'd really rather wait to see one of them get a crack at that buck, and 2) I really didn't want to end my season only 5 minutes into the opener! Watched him walk into a thicket I know well, and I'm hoping he survives until tomorrow evening when I'm out with the boys. Watched 6 or 7 deer this morning, fair amount of shooting, some typical opening morning dumb stuff, parades of road hunters. Really beautiful morning to be in stand.
  11. Lots of new Canadian Geese moving into the northwestern corner of Minnesota over the last couple days. Seems like a little something is starting to happen.
  12. It's probably already been said, but AP is SO locked into his route he's got a seriously painful case of tunnel vision. It's just weird. He runs square into his own player's backs when he's got open field both to the left and right of the "route". I don't understand why he does this over and over again? I'm not so sure it has that much to do with his speed. Based off of the public interviews we've watched of him over the last couple of years I gotta wonder if he's just flat out THAT DUMB!?!? I'm always leaning toward an optimistic view of the future for him and the Vikes, but geez, he just keeps running into his own players when he's got room to run just one step to either side. If I could offer any advice to AP it wouldn't be to move faster, it would be to slow down, relax, and let the route develop a little more, or at least be prepared to change course a little bit. With his power, and explosive speed, if he could just use a little more strategic running ability he could be unstoppable (but after a couple of years of seeing this same run style repeat itself I gotta really wonder if he's got anything else in him?). The Vikes looked reasonably good in Sunday's game. But what the heck is up with our field goal kicker? He's missed more chip shots so far this year then he's made. Not sure that performance is really worthy of an NFL contract???
  13. I'd wager he stood fast on $20K per game, and negotiations were not an option. He went all in and the franchise walked him to the door. When you are the most exciting entertainment available in a stadium of 65,000 people you really deserve at least $160K per year for your efforts, don't you!?!?
  14. Congratulations to your son! That's a great achievement!
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