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Stolen Fishing Gear

Mr Special

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To All My Cattin Comrades

Tuesday night I got home around 1am after a trip to the MN. Wednesday morning at about 645 I woke up for my morning cig like normal.

I walked out my back door to notice my side garage door was wide open, the light was on and a trail of my belonging leading out of my garage. As I walked into my garage I notice almost all my rods/reels were gone and my tackle bag. All in all 13 combo’s around the $1600, some that irreplaceable and some kinda hard to get items.

There was no forced entry, so my guess is that my cousin left the door open or unlock and the light on. Plan and simple some people SUCK and if you give them an opportunity they will take it.

Talk about an expensive lesson eh

I’m not posting this to scare nor would want anyone to go on a manhunt for me but if my fellow catters can maybe keep an eye out for some of my gear that would be great. So maybe with some luck we can catch’em.

I’ve made a list of some of my rods that aren’t too common.

One 7’6” Boss rod#4 w/ older 05/06 abu C700

Two 8’6’ Storm ThunderStick one w/cabelas 50series saltstriker reel the other with an Abu 104 series spinning reel

Three 8’ KingKats one w/ and 80series saltstriker w/ baitfeeder, one with a 55series saltstriker w/ baitfeeder and one with an antique Penn 702 reel “which was handed dwn to me from my cousin, which before him from his uncle. Its been in the family since the 70’s”

Thanks in advance

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That sucks, Phil. I'm guessing the people who took it aren't fisherpeople, they're probably going to try to pawn it off for some cash for drugs or whatever. You should definitely talk to some of the pawn shop owners around there and of course file a police report. Depending on your deductible, it may make sense to file a claim with your homeowner's insurance as well, but if it's a 1000 or more deductible, I would think twice about it because claims on your account can make it harder to switch companies later, they may raise your rates, etc.

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Thanks guys,

im debating if i wanna make a claim. my deductible is kinda on the high side and ur right brian they do eventually get their money back. i will keep an eye out at the pawnshops n hsolist tho

Yeah, I had a friend who had his bike stolen. Got it replaced through his homeowner's insurance. Within a year he was looking to switch companies, and the new company he was looking at told him he was "uninsurable at this time" due to the recent claim.

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Again, why i think a felony offense should start at $200, not $1,000.

Maybe the old method of removing a hand would grab some attention. wink

This might keep some pesky low-lifes out of our garages if they knew it wasn't just a petty offense.

Why do we (as a society) even remotely tolerate someone steeling at any value.

My blood boils when someone has their stuff stolen.

Mr Special i can make room in my boat this fall (St Croix) and i've got extra gear too.

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You have my condolences. I've lost my original tacklebox to someone in a seedy neighborhood a year ago. It took me a whole week to get right back to where I was in terms of tackle size. I can only hope things will get better for you.

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As others have said, if you're lucky the thieves will take the stolen gear to a local pawnshop (if there is one), or they will post it on the bay of e or the list of craig. It's worth checking those places.

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