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  1. This forum lives! I only made it up to Clear Lake, Iowa, twice this winter, as he reports I heard were not great. I tried it twice anyway, and have to concur. Plenty of 10" walleye both times I was up there, but the yellow bass were "finicky", as the Iowa DNR fishing reports put it more than once. I caught some yellows both trips, but did not bring home thirty or forty of them like I have in past years. Now if all those little perch I caught grow up for next winter...
  2. Everything you need to know about how my fishing has been this year can be summed up as follows: my best luck of the season came last weekend when I stumbled on a Sno-Boat one-man shelter at a garage sale for $20. I kind of remember the Sno-Boat from my days on the ice in Winona back in the 1990s. IIRC they got bought out years ago. I didn't really need another shelter, but this seemed too good a deal to pass up: canvas cover, light, and low profile. It is now stowed in my basement for the summer, but it looked exactly like the one in the picture when I found it, except
  3. The area east of the causeway on the south arm of Lake Macbride is now mostly open. There is a decent patch of open water now west of the causeway as well. I didn't think I'd be thinking about ice out fishing in mid-February, but it looks like that is what will happen down here this year.
  4. As much as I love getting back to my old backwater stomping grounds around Winona and Lacrosse when the backwaters freeze over, I just can't get up there as much as I would like. I made a couple trips to some backwaters around Prairie du Chien and Marquette/McGregor this all-too-short ice fishing season, and generally like what I found. Plenty of nice bluegills, a crappie here and there, plus perch, which are pretty much non-existent where I live in Johnson County. I was on Graymore Lake today, and did well on panfish before noon. I caught a decent bass on my tip-up, an
  5. It was a short ice season around Coralville and Cedar Rapids this year. Rather than complain about it I will post a few pictures from some of the decent outings I had around here. No trophies, but I caught plenty of nice bluegills out of ponds in the area, with a crappie thrown in here and there. As for Lake Macbride, I never got out there after my first and only trip, as by most accounts the walleye bite through the ice was spotty at best.
  6. Mostly Johnson and Linn County, with an occasional trip to Clear Lake or the Mississippi backwaters.
  7. I had about six inches of good ice below me on Lake Macbride today when I made my first ice trip of the season out to one of my favorite walleye spots. Finding that good ice turned out to be the highlight of today on Macbride. The panfish never really showed up, which usually means the walleye bite after sundown will be slow as well. I caught a few bluegills, but after the sun set I never marked any fish at all on my walleye lures, much less catch anything. Sounds like the ice might get sketchy around Coralville by Monday, so I may be done fishing Macbride for a little
  8. As of yesterday morning most of Lake Macbride was still open, with the exception of the area east of the causeway. There was in fact a boat out on the south arm west of the causeway. With the cold snap coming soon having Macbride mostly open may actually be a good thing. The snow we got this weekend fell on open water instead of thin ice, and that open water will then lock up that much quicker.
  9. I drove around and checked a few ponds in Johnson County yesterday to see how much ice we had made. One place had over 2" right at shore, but that dropped off to 1.5" pretty quickly. Everywhere else I looked had no more than an inch and half of good clear ice. If I were half the weight I am might have tried to fish on it, but as it is I wouldn't even think about it. As of now there is still snow coming down here. We have maybe a couple inches, but that might still slow things down. Hopefully the deep freeze starting tomorrow gets through that snow and thickens things up
  10. The walleye have been MIA on the Iowa River around Coralville this fall. It is not the high water, I don't think--high water spots that have worked great in the past have not produced any walleye for me this year. Not much luck for white bass and wiper, either. What I have gotten in to the last couple weeks is a nice smallmouth and spotted bass bite, of all things. This is in one of my spots that seldom produced black bass in the past with water levels where they are now. No huge fish, but lots of smallies and spots up to 15" or so. Also a lot of the 6" black crappies that seem to
  11. Thanks for the report, and welcome to the site! I usually pick up some nice walleye in the fall on Macbride, along with a lot of wiper/white bass, but that has not happened for me this year so far.
  12. There looks to be a good year-crop of black crappie that will be coming in to their own next year on Lake Macbride, judging by my trips out there the last two weekends. Lots of 7" fish right now. The walleye were AWOL, and I have not found the usual good wiper and white bass fishing typical for this time of year out there. I was still trolling crankbaits this morning, smaller and slower than I would have gone with a month ago, but jigs with plastic or minnows were what the fish wanted this morning, and that is what I will go with from now on out. I figure I'll get out on Macbrid
  13. The near-constant rain made this a less-than-great summer for fishing on the Iowa River, and fall is not shaping up any better. Still hoping some of my high water walleye spots work well in October.
  14. After last year's El Niño killed a good portion of my ice-fishing season, the NOAA is now saying there is the chance of a La Niña for the coming winter. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/featured-images/la-ni%C3%B1a-coming-deep-pool-cool-water-making-its-way-across-tropical La Niñas typically bring cooler than normal winters to the Mdiwest, along with heavier than normal snowfall. For the purposes of this forum that would be a mixed blessing for ice-fishing in 2016-17, but more good than bad, unless we got a lot of snow.
  15. I've found a few big yellows the past couple days down here between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa. Things should be wrapping up here soon. I am still liking the way morel season is shaping up in southeast Minnesota. I think the rain arrived just a little too late for east central Iowa, but just right for ground a hundred miles or more north of here.
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