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  1. If I put a dedicated slug gun on my Xmas list it would be the Savage 220 with the Nikon slugger scope.. Only shotgun to EVER make rifle of the year award!
  2. Weatherby/Howa IMO have one of the smoothest actions out there. I have one in 30-06 that is from the second year Vanguard hit the market and I just re-barreled a .223 action into a 300 blackout and this is a fun little gun can wait to shoot deer with it. Put a Boyds stock on it and now getting ready to Dura coat it. What even make this gun better is a Timney trigger I have put them in a few guns and I love how it makes this a whole new gun after they are installed. I have grown tried of the Remington recall stuff and the latest is that all 700's are now recalled, good luck with that. anot
  3. A good gunsmith will fit the gun to you. that IMO is the most important part of a gun weather it be a O/U or a pump, semi or even a single shot. Most of the advantages have be discussed. A O/u has a better line of sight easier to bring up to your eye because the barrels sit lower in the receiver. Again what ever you choose get it fit to you.
  4. Thanks guys it was like I'm spearing and now I gotta get out on the ice!
  5. Looks great. it should stick pike nicely!
  6. No time to spear this weekend setting up shop and making veni jerky but, I managed to finish a spear that will make its home on Devils Lake ... This is a all steel plain Jane spear its what my friend wanted so its a cold blue steel twisted tine trouble!! Can't wait to see what will be speared with it. Big thanks to Merkman for helping me wire my lathe!
  7. White and black Decoys will get the looking I usually set out my bluebill and ringneck decoys for Goldies,,just make sure that if you use a line style pattern to have three or 4 of the white decoys on the farthest end of the decoy line/Spread this will let them see it faster.
  8. Looks great NG and I hope you have a great experience. You have some really great decoys.
  9. I know that spot well Ken and very nice pike. I have been busy making more spears and setting up my shop I need to get out and stick a pike or TEN!
  10. Hawkeye I could Dura coat it in tactical pink. Dura coat is a really strong finish I put on guns. you would just have to have the spear sandblasted and then it could be coated. The green stripes on Archerysnipers spear is Duracoat and it is holding up great
  11. I start out using the decoys fast and then let the fish tell me what they want. if no fish show up then it means I wasn't supposed to get one that day and nothing would of worked for me.
  12. Spinner and spoons all the time, I use it more than decoys , live or fake
  13. Check to see if the firing pin is protruding out of the bolt when decocked/fired it should have a .050-.060 protrusion out of the bolt if it is less it may be broken or the spring is bound up by factory oil that has gotten stiff. Just because it is new doesn't mean that the spring cant be broke I just installed a new one in a savage 2 days before season on a brand new gun that had only been shot 5 times. Soak the bolt in Hoppes #9 for a while then spray it down with gun scrubber and blow out with air then a couple drops of CLP and then test fire.
  14. There is a lot of things I really do good in the dark but studying is not one of them;)
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