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All Metrodome team....

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From the twins home page...

By Tyler Mason / MLB.com

07/28/09 8:15 PM ET

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Twins' Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer and Joe Nathan all made this year's All-Star team. Now they'll share another accolade, as the trio was named to the All-Metrodome team, announced Tuesday by the Twins in conjunction with Wendy's Restaurants.

Morneau, Mauer and Nathan join 15 former Twins on the 18-man team that honors the organization's best players in the 28 seasons played in the Metrodome. Headlining the list is late outfielder Kirby Puckett, first baseman Kent Hrbek, designated hitter Paul Molitor and manager Tom Kelly.

Nine members of Minnesota's 1987 World Series title team and seven from the 1991 club that won it all made the list. Puckett, Hrbek, Kelly, shortstop Greg Gagne and outfielder Dan Gladden were part of both titles.

Four starting pitchers -- Bert Blyleven, Brad Radke, Johan Santana and Frank Viola -- made the list. Blyleven and Viola each earned victories in the 1987 World Series. Radke remains the winningest pitcher in Metrodome history with 85 victories. Santana won a pair of American League Cy Young Awards in -- 2004 and '06 -- while in Minnesota.

Sharing outfield honors with Puckett and Gladden are Torii Hunter, who won seven Gold Glove Awards with the Twins, and Tom Brunansky, a member of the 1987 title team, who hit 19 home runs in the Dome that season.

Former closer Rick Aguilera joined Nathan as the two relievers on the team. Aguilera currently holds the record for most saves in the Metrodome with 122, while Nathan sits close behind him in second with 113 entering Tuesday's game.

Second baseman Chuck Knoblauch, who won the AL Rookie of the Year Award in 1991, and third baseman Gary Gaetti, who hit a pair of home runs in the first game played at the Metrodome, complete the infield.

The team was selected in a three-phase process, which included votes from fans, media in the Upper Midwest and a veteran's committee that included Twins alumni, representatives from the organization's front office and team historians. The 18-man roster will be presented on Oct. 4 in Minnesota's final regular-season game in the Metrodome before the Twins move to the new Target Field next season.

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So what would your line up be... these players...

Leading off playing short = Gagne

Hitting second, playing second = Knobauch

Catching and hitting 3rd = Mauer

Batting clean up @ 1st base = Morneau

In center field batting 5th = Pucket (1987 pucket)

Batting 6th in Right field = Brunanski

In 7th The Designated Hitter = Molitor

Batting 8th playing 3rd base = Gaetti

And rounding it out in Left = Gladin

Flip a coin on the starters... I would go with either Bert or Frankie V....

and TK was a no brainer

Who wouldn't want Hrbek and Hunter as bench players/defensive replacements. And Aggie and Nathan as releivers...

Any arguments.

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Youd start bert?

did you know Bert only pitched 4 years in the dome and had a record of 50-48 those years with an era over 4

I would start Santana all the way.

Bert would probably be 20th or so on my list.

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BRAD RADKE would be my guarantee for the start. Cmon fellas.. its the ALL METRODOME team... and he IS the winningest pitcher in the domes history.

How sweet it would be to be able to start Radke and have Santana waiting to ease through the 7th and 8th if needed... then Nathan finishes it off.

Good golly.. I dont even think I would have time to sip a beer... cause that game would be way to awesome to do anything but stare at!

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I think I would have Molitor lead off and drop gagne to 8th or so.

Also, I was struggling with the Hrbie/Morny issue. In a way I love they put them both on the team, but in a way it was a copout. Thoughts?

Also, for almost 30 years of baseball, I am not overly impressed with some of our positions. Bert, although great (60 shutouts! 60!!!), wasnt great in the dome. Gladden as your LF? Bruno as your RF? If you listed the best LFs in MLB in the last 30 years, where would Gladden rank? About 300th? he is good in the booth though. And he was a good player, no doubt, but the BEST in the last 30 years???

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I am surprised that Jack Morris didn't get honored... Probably next to Kirby's homerun in the World Series, Jack had the best game/moment in the dome's history.

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Molitor- DH

Mauer- C

Puckett- CF

Morneau- 1B

Hunter- LF

Bruno- RF

Gaetti- 3B

Gagne- SS

Knoblauch- 2B

and the rotation Santana-Viola-Radke-Bert

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Remember the voting was done by 1/3 fans, 1/3 media, 1/3 Veterans committee.

If I had to win game 7 of World Series against a Right handed ace using the entire roster...

1.Puckett Right Field

2.Mauer Catching

3.Herby 1st base

4.Morneau DH

5.Hunter CF

6.Molitor 3rd base

7.Knoblock 2nd base

8. Gladden LF

9. Gagne SS

Gaetti comes off the bench to Pinch hit and play defense late!

Yohan on the mound with Aggie the set-up man and Nathan closing the door!

Bert or Radke will not be giving up any home runs tonight boys and girls..LOL

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When I was little (7 or 8) I was a huge fan of Mickey Hatcher. Too bad he didn't play here longer, he might have made the team.

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I was suprised but glad to see Gagne make it.


name another shortstop.......guzman maybe but Gagne is a classic twin....great d with .280 avg if that and little power

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