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  1. I would be willing to bet that 99% of all Eskimo hub houses that are set up in less than 12' of water are either spearing or sight fishing. They are the standard that all others are trying to catch up to.
  2. In my experience when a pike or dogfish hit a decoy it's a hit and hold, not a thrash. There have been many times where I have put gentle tension on the decoy line and pulled the decoy and the fish back into the hole. Braided black tip up line, either Dacron or nylon, in 30-50lb with a snap swivel is all I use.
  3. i found ice!!! I didn't make it very far out. Only about an inch thick and only a few hundred yards out.
  4. Well, the dismount is the part that everyone remembers, and will make or break the entire routine.
  5. Keep an eye on those trees. They tend to jump in the way when your not looking. won't be the same without ya.
  6. My last kayak adventure was less than stellar wound up in the drink. And it was a cold drink at that. A very memorable paddle up to that point. It was the first time I had ever been on the water with snow on everything. It was awesome. Alas, my 'yaks are all put up for the season now. Waiting for next years adventures to begin.
  7. I am toying with the idea of doing a little calling this weekend. The moon is nice and dark, so the first and last few minutes of daylight might make something happen. It all depends on what I stumble into for sign. The majority of the deer hunters have been done for a while, so the free meals are going to be getting harder to come by.
  8. The beginning of the spearing season is off to a stellar start eh? The Grand Rapids Decoy Show was a bust, biggest show attendance wise in the history of the show, but nobody was willing to spend any money to buy anything. Most people were if the attitude that they weren't going to buy anything new this year as it wouldn't be worth not getting to use it. It's a double edged sword, spearable ice puts folks on the lake and not at the show so attendance falls. Those that do spend money and are excited to try their new decoys. No ice pushes attendance up, but no excitement for early ic
  9. I can see now that if I am ever going to put a can on the strap I will need to go south instead of north. good work and thanks for sharing!
  10. Grumpy Decoys style bufflehead. White cedar body, hollowed w/a red cedar base plate, and a red cedar head. Finished with acrylics and antiqued.
  11. As of right now, all open water. Some slush and ice in the grass and rice. But that's it.
  12. He must have liked them if he took two of them. Let him know I said thanks and hope he enjoys them. I wasn't at the show, but from the sounds of it they sold a lot more decoys this year than they did last year. Grand Rapids show this Saturday. Hopefully I have enough decoys to have a presentable table anyways. Won't be the big spread I put out in years past, but it's always a good show.
  13. We broke about 1/2" of ice today as well while duck hunting. On the way home I noticed the following: Lake Francis = 50% Baxter = locked up north blue = 50% east/west hunter = locked up we made a lot of ice overnight with the cold temps and calm winds. Need more nights like that.
  14. well there it is, finished product. 2-3 additional coats of sealer will be applied prior to use. I like to proto type with the larger size decoys to learn new techniques. The blending and the back filling of the scales was the learning experience on this one. Now I can scale it down to the size I need to make for the Alexandria show. Hope you guys enjoyed the process.
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