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  1. Big A

    Burbot for the what?!?!

    Mount that sweetheart chasing after a 9in walleye Gorgeous pout. Love it. DELICIOUS EATING ALSO!!
  2. Big A

    Wheel house toilet Q

    Took the seat out of my one man frabill commando portable. Mounted a toilet seat on the bracket. 5 gallon pail with TWO bags then pull bag each time and leave on ice behind truck to freeze. Works great. Put the buddy heater in there for some extra comfort. Could even drill a hole and do some fishing!
  3. Big A

    Ice Fishing GPS unit

    I tried to search for this but everything was clogged up with the RT9 discussions.... I am interested in a Lowrance GPS only device. Will only be used for GPS locations. Nothing more. Can anyone please help me out with what model(s) they have or use for this??
  4. Contact SHR Sales in Isanti Excellent in pocket holster with laser max. I use it all the time. Even made a few for work.
  5. Big A

    See ya Later Jared Allen

    At least he can finally play for a competitive team. He deserves a chance to win. The queens can not provide that. I bet Adrian is extremely jelous. These guys are great players. They deserve to play with great teams. That list certainly does not contain MN
  6. Lawdog, If only we lived in a world where there was a "defense" in a civil case against the use of deadly force. Sadly I would bet you and I are both aware that there basically isnt a defense in a civil suit when all that needs to be done is prove one is reponsible for the death of another... bust open the checkbook You are spot on though. Stop the threat. I should have used that verbage as well.
  7. Got some for sale? If I felt I needed it to protect my family, I wouldnt even ask what the price was. How does purchasing a specific type/style of ammunition for a high price make you a "sucker" when it is purchased for the purpose of protection? Its not like you are sending a few dozen rounds down range just for the heck of it... you can practice with the cheap stuff and purchase a box of the good stuff. Regardless of price. I dont think that makes you or anyone else a "sucker". Home defense ammunition is specific for that purpose. Its not range ammunition. If someone wants to spend a lot of money on a round that makes them feel better having it positioned at the business end of their weapon of choice... have at it. Makes sense to me. My humble
  8. Price of ammo for protecting the life of my family is of no concern.. if your worried that the ammo costs too much.. you may be interested for the wrong reasons. Also +2 for the post regarding "shoot to kill". When I stand in court.. you can be assured i will be the only one testifying. Mn Law provides homeowners the opportunity to protect themselves and their family. There is no paragraph covering the need to "warn" or "wound" the target in defense of your home/family.
  9. Any bullet will do the job. Just put them on target and score some hits. Game over. Doesnt matter what you are using. If your concerned about missing and shooting through some walls.. you should not be taking the shot in the first place. .410 Judge is an excellent "spray and pray" weapon if concerned on making some hits. I use a 5.7 x 28mm, .357 Magnum, .380 +p, 9mm. or .22LR All of them are completely equal. Bullet size does not make a difference when "Home Defense" is the argument. SHOT PLACEMENT is the only thing to be concerned with. Put the rounds on target and not through the wall. Done deal.
  10. Big A

    Where is everyone

    Insane... I did a little online checking both here and other sites. Saw the results of whats happening out there. He was right... THOUSANDS.. just laying there goin to waste.. Made me
  11. Big A

    2014 New Decoys Thread...

    So it must be official ... You now have more decoys then actual fishing jigs/lures ?? lol
  12. Big A

    What to sit on?

    We do something very close to this... my tip on this idea is to bolt a square piece of plywood onto the bottom of the bucket. Sitting on the square is more stable vs the circle bottom of bucket. Less tippy and more stable... all good things! lol We have done this for years with all shapes and sizes of fishermen.. works great.
  13. Big A

    ION ????

    Pro - much better than gas Con - apparently you dont own one Pro - I do and absolutely love mine!! Con - uuhhhh... yea.. I am out of cons when it comes to the ION. They are great!
  14. So without getting into a Dodge/Chevy/Ford debate.... I was hoping someone would have some insight on what the problem was. Last weekend I left LOTW in -25temps. Truck was idling for well over an hr before leaving the lake. It was blowing cold air. Drove into Baudette with no change. All temp gauges were normal. Hoses all warm under the hood. Looked under the engine and it was packed with snow from a few drifts that i took down out on the lake Pulled truck into a heated garage for 10 minutes and hit under the engine with some hot/warm water. Problem solved. So ultimate question is.... what in the heck was the problem?? Any ideas??
  15. Big A

    How to Keep Propane Tanks From Rolling Around?

    I run bungee straps through the handles. Helps keep them in a decent standard position. Little movement is a lot better then rolling around movement