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  1. Now that rubechat forums are history.... Lets light this place up...Rubes!
  2. Dennis kirk.....order before 1pm and its delivered the next day!
  3. Yeah and hopefully the selection of big Swedish C Joel Eriksson Ek pans out!
  4. Well folks its official. Its a dynasty in a salary cap sport which is pretty unheard of....#westwinsanother
  5. Im not sure how many miracles Chicago has left in the tank. Hawk's really need both games in Chicago IMO. Go Hawks!
  6. So much for physical hockey ruling the day eh?
  7. Plus that flippin da Bird Meltdown Hak had will go over well in a town like Philly......! The only problem I see is if Hak can put up with the Philly fan base and media without blowing up regularly on all stupid redundant questions he will be asked regularly. Lets face it this new Philly gig isnt going to be anything like the Queen of England, untouchable, do No wrong cake walk tenure he had up in Grand Forks. Stay tuned to this one boys!...
  8. I don't know where to start here... I dont blame Hak for selling out and taking the Money! It just wasn't meant to be in Grand Forks for some crazy reason. All that talent and never getting it done had to frustrating to say the least#LuciaWayBetterCoachObvi
  9. Tom you are former prosecutor you know exactly why he's not in jail. That being said I feel your pain...
  10. I know it was more of a joke. Im still ticked off about game 3. Not giving up though and I wouldnt be surprised if it went 6 or 7.
  11. Its just a game guys. .
  12. Its not over, think kings vs san jose last year....
  13. The problem is Dave you really dont know what you are talking about or how business and particularly TV contracts work. Yes, Hockey is a bit of niche sport throughout the country for obvious reasons. That limits broadcast potential options even here in the State of Hockey. And if you want ill pay the $10 so you can watch the Wild on Your service provider. Or if thatdoesn't work you can stream it via the internet for free! Anyway Go Wild!
  14. Caps steal one in New York with a last second goal. While i still dont expect it, it sure would be nice to see the Rangers get knocked out!
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