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MN’s best amateur bass anglers set to tackle the Mississippi River

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Minneapolis – August 28, 2008 – Minnesota’s best amateur bass anglers set to tackle the Mississippi River

On Saturday, August 30th, approximately 200 anglers will arrive in the Wabasha, MN area to practice and prepare for the Minnesota Bass Federation Nation Tournament of Champions on the Mississippi River; Pools 4 & 5.

These 200 anglers have qualified from their local clubs from all over the state. 41 clubs will send teams and individual representatives to the Tournament of Champions (TOC). In addition to the TOC, an alternate’s tournament will be held on Pool 5a on September 3rd. The weigh-in will be 3:00PM held out of Minnesota City Boat Harbor on the banks of the river. High finishers will advance to the TOC

Wednesday night is the banquet and pairings meeting that concludes with a raffle; with all proceeds supporting a local charity. This year’s charity is the Food Shelf of Wabasha.

Events culminate with a two-day tournament on September 4th and 5th. Ike’s Park in downtown Wabasha will host weigh-ins for the event starting at 3:00 PM on Thursday and Friday.

Anglers come from all over the state for many reasons; foremost is the camaraderie of fellow anglers and secondly to qualify for the 2009 Bass Federation Northern Divisional. The top 12 anglers from the TOC will advance next year to fish against 7 other State Teams from Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio on Lake St. Claire near Detroit, MN in late summer 2008. At stake there is a chance to fish in the Bass Federation Nation National Championship and take one step closer to a Bassmasters’ Classic berth.

Fish care is an important part of protecting the resource, so for the third consecutive year, the TOC will be utilizing an in-water weigh-in system that reduces stress on the fish. The Mississippi is a renowned largemouth and smallmouth bass fishery, which emphasizes the importance to return all the fish back to the river in good condition to be caught again for everyone.

”The great thing about the Minnesota Federation Nation State Championship is that we get a chance to give back to the community. Our sponsors have really stepped up big for our raffle and the local Food Shelf,” says Tournament Director Peter Perovich. “We really appreciate the support we get from Skeeter Boats, MinnKota, Vicious Fishing Line, and Lowrance.” If you are interested in seeing Minnesota’s best anglers, Ike’s Park is the place to be September 4th and 5th.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release visit

About Minnesota Bass Federation:

The Minnesota BASS Federation is committed to promoting fishing for all ages and skill levels. We offer our assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality and preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways. The Fed works with state and local government, lake associations and other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage. Through our youth initiatives, it provides education and on the water experiences to foster youth involvement and sustained interest in the sport

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I talked to a few of my buddys that are fishing in this tournament and they said that the fishing is better then what they thought it would be!!! Should be a good tournament!!! I'll be at the weigh in on friday!!! Good luck to all!!

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Anyone have any advice or tips for a Mississippi River P4/P5 virgin? Not really able to prefish in my 12 foot jon boat so here's hoping I get a good boater draw.

Feel free to email me if you have any help you'd be willing to offer. Thanks for the well wishes!!!

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Anyone have any advice or tips for a Mississippi River P4/P5 virgin? Not really able to prefish in my 12 foot jon boat so here's hoping I get a good boater draw.

Feel free to email me if you have any help you'd be willing to offer. Thanks for the well wishes!!!

Stay between the red and green bouy's!!! J/K..... Bring the kitchen sink and be careful the rivers low and slow right now.

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I talked to a few of my buddys that are fishing in this tournament and they said that the fishing is better then what they thought it would be!!! Should be a good tournament!!! I'll be at the weigh in on friday!!! Good luck to all!!

Central, if you get a chance, stop and say hi at the weigh-in!

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do you guys think smallies could win the tourney? seems like i got more 4 pound smallies than largies when i lived on the river.

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Down there I would say anything could happen. The smallies were HUGE this spring for the St Jude tournament. Many bags 28#'s + for 8 smallmouth with a few over 30#'s.

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I think you can go brown or green and win, and even mix & match, my bags will likely be mixed

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I think its hard to say if it will be brown or green fish that win this tournament!!! I personally never like fishing the river and only having smallies spots. They are a crazy fish and so unpredictable so i never fish a tournament with just smallie spot. That just me!!!

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MN Bass Federation Nation

Individual Results

9/04- 9/05/2008 MS River Pools 4&5, Wabasha - FINAL Standings

Participant Club Fish B/F Net Weight

1 Randy Wieczorek RIVER RATS BASSMASTERS # 6 8/8 4.08 21.17

2 Andy Nitchals WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS #23 8/8 4.54 20.53

3 Rich Lindgren GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 8/8 3.42 19.45

4 Dean Capra 10,000 LAKES BASSMASTERS #20 8/8 3.45 19.2

5 Matt Hanson ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 7/7 3.18 19.16

6 John Zvorak WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS #23 8/8 2.55 18.85

7 Jim Pinke BASS WACKERS #19 5/5 18.84

8 Doug Pietzrak GRANITE CITY BASSMASTERS #17 8/8 2.89 18.59

9 Brad Ballard RIVER RATS BASSMASTERS # 6 8/8 3.49 18.33

10 Brian Brown RANGE BASSMASTERS #10 7/7 3.23 18.08

11 Scott Fischer RIVER RATS BASSMASTERS # 6 7/7 3.41 17.9

12 John W. Schlee Jr. LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 7/7 3.15 17.39

13 Tim Vondersitt UPPER IOWA BASSMASTERS # 1 8/8 2.65 17.21

14 Chad Keller GRANITE CITY BASSMASTERS #17 8/8 2.77 16.84

15 Paul Shimek WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS #23 7/7 16.8

16 Trevor Rogge CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 8/8 16.49

17 Dan Bonneson SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 8/8 16.14

18 Jeff Mulholland ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 7/7 3.67 15.93

19 Dale Youngquist LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 7/7 3.01 15.89

20 Greg Halleland ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 5/5 15.69

21 Ken Milender WRIGHT COUNTY BASSMASTERS # 8 7/7 15.62

22 Scott Lythjohan BASS WRANGLERS #21 7/7 15.54

23 Brent Haimes ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 8/8 15.26

24 Dean Truax BASS WRANGLERS #21 7/7 3.26 15.25

25 Jim Severson 10,000 LAKES BASSMASTERS #20 6/6 3.69 15.14

26 Tom Borkowski PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS #14 6/6 4.79 15.1

27 Bill Young SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 6/6 3.59 14.91

28 Rick House RIVER RATS BASSMASTERS # 6 7/7 4.12 14.77

29 thingy Dorman ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 6/6 3.56 14.77

30 Anthony Hurlburt BASS WRANGLERS #21 7/7 14.76

31 Jake Lodewegen BASS WACKERS #19 6/6 14.51

32 Tyler Hemesath UPPER IOWA BASSMASTERS # 1 6/6 2.43 14.03

33 Jesse Leuenberger UPPER IOWA BASSMASTERS # 1 6/5 2.7 13.7

34 Jason Allred BRAINERD LAKES BASSMASTERS # 9 7/5 13.66

35 Sport Smith GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 5/5 3.61 13.5

36 Jay Hanson ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 6/6 3.4 13.5

37 Steve Holets ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 7/7 13.47

38 Will Pappa TEAM AMBASSADOR BASSMASTERS #26 6/6 13.19

39 Cameron Thompson BASS WACKERS # 1 6/6 13.11

40 Dave Vogel BASS SEEKERS BASS CLUB # 3 5/5 2.98 13

41 Jim Shoemaker LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 6/6 12.95

42 Luke Vierkant GRANITE CITY BASSMASTERS #17 6/6 3.13 12.56

43 Joe Preston ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 5/5 12.48

44 Brad Gravenhof ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 7/7 12.37

45 Mike Burcusa SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 6/6 12.34

46 Ryan Moran HAPPY HOOKERS BASSMASTERS #12 7/7 12.23

47 Wayne Kluender LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 5/5 12.17

48 Tom Kiefer LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 6/6 12.16

49 Burdette Hoeppner BASS WRANGLERS #21 5/5 2.48 12.02

50 Corey High CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 6/6 11.86

51 Brian Bengston PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS #14 6/6 11.72

52 Nick Madison GOLDEN HOOK BASSERS # 4 6/6 11.68

53 Mike Kepp ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 5/5 3.34 11.65

54 Joe Patock WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS #23 5/5 11.53

55 Jerry Hawke BASS WRANGLERS #21 6/6 2.54 11.42

56 Brian McAmis CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 6/6 11.26

57 John Patrick UPPER IOWA BASSMASTERS # 1 5/5 3.95 11.03

58 Paul Perovich CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 5/5 11.02

59 Wayne Pacyga GOLDEN HOOK BASSERS # 4 5/5 10.9

60 John Stears ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 4/4 3.47 10.86

61 Chong Vang GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 5/5 10.59

62 Chuck Campbell ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 4/4 3.24 10.57

63 Dave Cliff TEAM AMBASSADOR BASSMASTERS #26 6/6 10.48

64 Lee Krentz RESERVE ELITE BASSMASTERS #26 5/5 10.25

65 Marty Thompson RESERVE ELITE BASSMASTERS #26 4/4 3.73 9.96

66 Rick Billings ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 4/4 2.93 9.76

67 Jason Johnson WEST METRO BASSMASTERS #16 4/4 3.6 9.69

68 Rick Brennhofer GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 4/4 9.54

69 Rich Marohn LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 4/4 9.3

70 Todd Osweiler ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 5/5 9.16

71 Jeremy Crawford WRIGHT COUNTY BASSMASTERS # 8 4/4 9.15

72 Phil Leitschuh CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 4/4 9.11

73 John Fairbanks GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 4/4 8.92

74 Ben Stolpa RIVER RATS BASSMASTERS # 6 4/4 8.79

75 Dale Richardson SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 5/5 8.74

76 Cody Thompson RESERVE ELITE BASSMASTERS #26 4/4 8.7

77 Richard Kaupp CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 5/5 8.66

78 Scott Anderson PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS #14 4/4 8.65

79 Josh Douglas GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 4/4 8.63

80 Jason Gravenhof ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 4/4 8.37

81 Kollen Parsons RESERVE ELITE BASSMASTERS #26 4/4 8.33

82 David Ham Sr. GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 4/4 8.27

83 Paula Schlee LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 4/4 2.75 8.25

84 Dave McCrone GOLDEN HOOK BASSERS # 4 4/4 8.21

85 Brian Skluzacek PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS #14 3/3 4.24 8.17

86 John H. Schlee Sr. LOON STATE BASSMASTERS #22 4/4 8.15

87 Alan Steinbauer BAXTER BASS SNATCHERS #15 4/4 8.11

88 Chuck Steinbauer BAXTER BASS SNATCHERS #15 4/4 8.05

89 Mike Heinen GRANITE CITY BASSMASTERS #17 3/3 8.05

90 Matt Pretzer ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 3/3 2.94 7.96

91 Jeremy Evans BASS WACKERS #19 4/4 7.87

92 Pat Corrigan GOLDEN HOOK BASSERS # 4 4/4 7.86

93 Bill Dobbins HAPPY HOOKERS BASSMASTERS #12 4/4 2.37 7.8

94 John Mettler BASS WRANGLERS #21 3/3 3.37 7.74

95 Zak Miller CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 4/4 7.4

96 Chad Kastenbauer RESERVE ELITE BASSMASTERS #26 4/4 7.33

97 Stan Larson ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 4/4 7.24

98 Mark Munson D.H. BASSMASTERS # 7 3/3 7.12

99 Scott Van Buren WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS #23 3/3 7.02

100 Mike Despleter BASS WRANGLERS #21 3/3 6.83

101 Dennis Lothspeich D.H. BASSMASTERS # 7 3/3 6.73

102 Doug Buescher BASS WRANGLERS #21 3/3 6.57

103 Kelly Cook BASS SEEKERS BASS CLUB # 3 3/3 6.49

104 Chris Glaze SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 3/3 6.29

105 Elmer Welch BASS SEEKERS BASS CLUB # 3 3/3 6.25

106 Jeff Onell STELLAR BASSMASTERS #24 3/3 6.12

107 Mickey Goetting SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 3/3 6.11

108 Kerry Bridge GRANITE CITY BASSMASTERS #17 3/3 6.03

108 Carl Spande LAKES AREA BASSMASTERS #18 3/3 6.03

110 Bill Ludenia D.H. BASSMASTERS # 7 3/3 5.92

111 Wayne Farr SUNRISE BASSMASTERS #13 3/3 5.85

112 Mike Nitchals WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS #23 2/2 5.78

113 Larry Roland LAKES AREA BASSMASTERS #18 2/2 5.74

114 Dale Foltz UPPER IOWA BASSMASTERS # 1 3/3 5.58

115 Paul Ruff D.H. BASSMASTERS # 7 2/2 5.21

116 Sean Frame BASS WRANGLERS #21 2/2 5.16

117 Bernard Marzen BASS WACKERS #19 2/2 5.12

118 Ryan thingyey SUNRISE BASSMASTERS #13 2/2 5.08

119 Noah Alm BASS SEEKERS BASS CLUB # 3 2/2 4.73

120 Kevin Tengwall RANGE BASSMASTERS #10 2/2 4.6

121 Joe Pinke BASS WACKERS #19 2/2 4.47

122 Wayne Lindgren GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 3/3 4.31

123 David Cindrich GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 2/2 4.26

124 Pat Porter GOLDEN HOOK BASSERS # 4 2/2 4.25

125 Vern Wagner RIVER RATS BASSMASTERS # 6 2/2 4.08

126 John Borgstrom LAKES AREA BASSMASTERS #18 2/2 3.96

127 Todd Brezinski PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS #14 2/2 3.75

128 Charles Johansen BAXTER BASS SNATCHERS #15 2/2 3.7

129 Josh Kepp ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 2/2 3.65

130 Bill Rineveld SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 2/2 3.47

131 Ron Cartwright RANGE BASSMASTERS #10 2/2 3.19

132 Thad Dahling ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 2/2 3.15

133 Jim Nordlund SUNRISE BASSMASTERS #13 2/2 3.08

134 Jason Trandahl SUNRISE BASSMASTERS #13 1/1 2.83

135 Kyle Bellefy ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 1/1 2.63

136 Nate Posterick RANGE BASSMASTERS #10 1/1 2.06

137 Grant Lohre CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 1/1 2.04

138 John Haynes GOPHER BASSMASTERS # 5 1/1 2.03

139 David Olsen HAPPY HOOKERS BASSMASTERS #12 1/1 1.96

140 Tom Truax BASS WRANGLERS #21 1/1 1.93

141 Michael Dosch WEST METRO BASSMASTERS #16 1/1 1.88

142 Lois Steinbauer BAXTER BASS SNATCHERS #15 1/1 1.84

143 Neil Kelly LAKES AREA BASSMASTERS #18 1/1 1.76

144 Adam Edwards CLASSIC SEVEN BASSMASTERS # 2 0/0 0

144 Dale Peters BASS SEEKERS BASS CLUB # 3 0/0 0

144 Rick Hill SPORTSMEN BASSMASTERS #11 0/0 0

144 John Murphy LAKES AREA BASSMASTERS #18 0/0 0

144 Dan Christopherson ZUMBRO VALLEY BASSMASTERS #25 0/0 0


Total Participants: 149

Total Fish Weighed: 635 Avg. Fish Weight: 2.20

Total Fish Released: 632 Avg. Fish / Participant: 4.3

Total Fish Weight: 1,410.68 Avg. Weight / Participant: 9.47

BIG FISH 1: 4.79 Tom Borkowski - 6948 PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS

BIG FISH 2: 4.54 Andy Nitchals - 7318 WEST CENTRAL BASSMASTERS

BIG FISH 3: 4.24 Brian Skluzacek - 6948 PRIOR LAKE HOOK SETTERS

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Dude, congrats the the 3rd place.. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rich, this is awesome, one of our own FM is going to the next level... Dude, get er done! Take it all the way to the classic..

If I can help in any way.. you let me know! E-mail me!

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A few details for you. Day 1 was a big change in weather compared to the 4 practice days. We saw highs around 90 in almost every practice day with stiff southern winds. On Wed, the cold front blew in, but the sun remained. On Thur (day 1), we had a cloudy, cool day, which left most wondering what the fish would do. It turned out to be a pretty good day fishing wise for most.

Roughly 11 1/2 was leading the tourney on Day 1 (Brian Brown). I believe 12th place (the cut we were all shooting for) was right at 10 lbs. I was sitting in 9th with 10.57 for what is worth (which is NOTHING at this point).

Day 2 brought FOG, FOG and more FOG. A little over a 3 hour fog delay greeted us. The first flight finally left at a little past 10AM with not quite 5 hours to fish. Those in the later flights were blessed with a little bit more time to fish, however for many, the extra time still wasn't the blessing to find the fish. The results do not show a day by day split, but I don't believe there were too many 4 fish limits brought to the scales. Those that were able to find the fish on Friday held there spots in the top 12, or made nice jumps to get there. Kudo's to those guys for taming what turned out to be a tough beast on Day 2.

Congrats to the top 12 and best of luck next year at St Clair!

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Fluker summed things up pretty solid, I have the full details on my Bassin Blog. The no cull detail made it extra tough as well, I threw back a limit of keeper smallies on Friday trying to get solid 2lb fish

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Hey Rich,

Nice to see you're having success at the tourney's! Good luck down the line. It's a blast (but it sounds like you know that already).

I see your Dad didn't get to see your map??? wink Good to see Kenny's still at it too. He taught me ALOT! Two Regionals with him (Winneconne and Praire DuChein).

I just had to check this out, knowing the State Tourney was about now. Many excellent memories.

I spose you're wondering who the heck is this clown??? I haven't seen you since probably your first year in Gopher, near the year or two I was in. Spent most of my time in Vikings.

Good luck in your quests!


Congrats to ALL the top 12! cool

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Hey Tracy, long time!!! Thanks, you still fishing?

Yep, this will be my 4th divisionals, now I just need to find out what Nationals is linke wink

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