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  1. Cecil

    Off Season Deals

    Not the offseason, but Kruger Farms has 20% off the whole site until 11:59 tonight
  2. Cecil

    Fantasy Bass

    OK. Only one more day to sign up. How about this. I will give a prize to top points for each derby as well as the winner for the year. I don't know yet what it will be, but if JPZ can keep track and get me the info, I will send out prizes. Nothing major, probably just some lures and such for each derby and then a rod for the final prize...
  3. Cecil

    Finesse jig setup?

    Use finesse jigs quite a bit. If its a regular wire I will throw it on my 7-3 MH rod with 15-17# line. If its a lite wire, I will use a 7' Medium with 12-14# line. I have thrown it in open water on spinning gear, but I am not as concerned about the line or rod as I am just the slower fall and more compact look
  4. Cecil

    Off Season Deals

    A little birdie told me that krugerfarms is going to have all in-stock rods at 25% off starting tomorrow
  5. Cecil

    Punching in MN

    Nothing says you have to use a punching rig for "punching" either. I use it a lot just around any thick weed edges. The weeds don't have to be at the surface. Like Deitz said, it just comes through weeds a lot better than a jig. I used it last week and the bite was a little tough, but the faster fall made for a bit of a reaction bite.
  6. Cecil

    2014 B.A.S.S Fantasy Fishing Group

    I don't win anything from BASS. I assumed beating you clowns was good for something I was up to 40th after day one of the Bay De Noc derby, but some guys fell.
  7. Cecil

    2014 B.A.S.S Fantasy Fishing Group

    What do I win?????
  8. Cecil

    Need some help!!!!

    Thanks guys! I will be making the decision in the next week or so and let you know what I decide. If you have anymore, feel free to post!!!
  9. Cecil

    Need some help!!!!

    I need your most creative site name for a site that specializes in smallmouth gear and smallmouth fishing tactics, tips and such. Here's the deal. If I use your suggestion and its not listed below. I will personally send you a new rod worth $100. Smalljawinc Smallmouth Warehouse Smallmouth Depot The Smallie Shop Smalljaw Shop Wolfpack bronzeback.com Smallmouthsavvy
  10. Cecil

    Off Season Deals

    Kruger has Veritas Rods for $69
  11. Cecil

    What kind of line for baitcaster?

    I would go with a 12# or a 14# flouro. If for some shallow cranks, go with 14#, if you are trying to get depth out of them, go 12#
  12. Cecil

    Wisconsin Opener

    I guess he's coming with me Bahaha
  13. Cecil

    Wisconsin Opener

    Not getting out this weekend, but next weekend either to Wisconsin or to Mille Lacs (weather pending).
  14. Cecil

    Used Ranger or new Nitro z8,9??

    I am more concerned about getting on pad quicker vs top end.
  15. Cecil

    will be looking for new locator

    You would be able to do it with any Lowrance HDS units. One 3D transducer in back, a traditional 2D up front and you are all set.